is there some things you anons do (frugal or not) that saves you money that people usually don't do?


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Also im an electrician so i installed a 32 panel seperated into 2 arrays with 2 inverters, i just need to either get a battery when they get cheaper or source one (so you can use your electricity at night)

I save some money walking instead of using a bus sometimes.

Buy gas with cash so you dont pay CC fee.

CC fee

I barely bring my own lunch to work ever
I live and work in a fly in fly out mine site and pretty much live off the dudes i work with lunches. They always bring in extra stuff for locals like myself.

I also buy reduced meat, generally with 1 day till expiry and then freeze it.

nice i approve i do the same

Americans have tobpay royalty to the jews everytime they pay with a card

transaction fee tard

apparently on a keto diet you only have to eat once per day

Don't smoke. If you smoke, roll em.

Don't drink. If you do, don't drink beer.

Always take lunch to work.

LED lightbulbs really are worth the up-front investment. Unless you live in some tiny little shithole apartment.

ty for your time

>barely bring my own lunch to work
How exactly does that save you money? Do you just skip lunch entirely or leech off others?

when I pay your mom for the sex I tell her I'll pay when I'm done then I cum in her asshole and run for it. she falls for it every time.

I drain all of the empty oil bottles left in front of Oreillys. Sometimes get half a quart.


nice man

i always drink my first urine in the morning when i wake up becaues it is full of vitamins and minerals and that way i save money on multivatmins

never expected to see another pee drinker on Veeky Forums

pack lunch everyday, ride bike to work, sweat it out rather than use air-con

I did this when I lived in a flat of 4 people cause of social anxiety. I'd piss in jugs (and dump them out the window), and shit in the garden at night and bury it.

ya it is ancient ayurvedic practice called amaroli. very good

I make my own bitcoin. It's a slow process but pays off in the end.

I also make meals for the coming week all at once. Storage containers are like 20 for $10 and you can make a big batch of stuff all at once. This is a common thing, but helps a lot

No heating. A brisk 17*C is healthy, put on a jumper and have a cup of tea if you get chilly. Cold showers- saves hot water because you don't waste time just standing there, you get in, get clean, and get out.

>-20 degrees outside
>don‘t use any heating
>sitting in my underwear in front of PC with balls that try to hide in my body and hard nipples
>can‘t feel legs at some point and then go to bed while windows are open
>PC blows cold air on my naked legs when I‘m in front of the PC

>and shit in the garden at night and bury it.