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cmon kid

join the army

Since I already typed my reply
>but regardless you have to be pretty insulated or ignorant to think this isn't a big fucking issue.
Only in the sense large wealth gaps make the less rich uppity. Actual poor people have bigger fish to fry, but there is a certain level of "lower class" that doesnt understand economics and isnt exactly starving so they can create political problems.
>but only a small percentage of people income has kept up with growth in housing
Correct, but this is skewed by GTA and Vancouver. And while these take up larger chunks of income, Income is still rising against CPI for everyone. and thats before substitution and quality bias. People forget the poorest Canadians have a computer in their pocket more powerful than the richest could get in their homes 30 years ago.

Also to the guy I called a retard, I retract it thought you were attacking from the rightpopulist Jones "I dont understand trade balance" angle rather than the leftwing "I think wealth is zero sum" misconception. you are wrong but not retarded. Look at the economic growth in the third wold shitholes you yourself want to use as an example. Neoliberalism literally cured world hunger.
Alright im done mods 404 this bitch.

Nigger, there's so much work that's available around the GTA, you'd have to be a shit-smeared Mongoloid and dysfunctional autist to not be able to find anything.

Learn to use AutoCad and become a drafter. Make up credentials until you can afford 2 semesters in college.


you'd have to be a shit-smeared Mongoloid and dysfunctional autist to live in the GTA

move to the US before the GOAT builds the wall user.
>hopefully a bunch of our complainer celebs will take your place in canaduh

Unironically this, if you can get in as an officer then you can make $100k/year by the time you're a major. Want it easy mode? Be a chaplain, yes you have to be a priest/minister, but you immediately get the rank of captain and the pay to go with it.

But join the air force or navy, the army is for meat heads.

how do you deal with taking orders from idiots

Normally orders come from higher up than the guy immediately above you, also through basic training and stuff you get discipline and respect for the chain of command. Doesn't matter if you like your CO, he's your fucking CO. But if you're an officer than you get to be the one to order people around, for a lot of trades is basically just an office job most of the time.

>you are wrong but not retarded
closest thing you are going to see to an apology here on Veeky Forums folks


>Recommending a valid career option with huge amounts of support services, perks, and good pay makes me a brainlet


Why are you so needy OP?

Apply at loblaws, theyre always hiring

Club fur seals

>liberalism cured world hunger
You mean capitalism, you head in Obama’s ass clown shoes.

You realize no one is even close to our GDP by a long shot? Inb4 that doesn’t mean anything. Yes, it fucking does.

America doesn't even have capitalism. Men are forced to fight for scraps to make a living. While women are handed money just for having a vagina (single moms going on welfare, white knights throwing money at women, prostitutes, etc.) The system is fucked

Neoliberalism is capitilism you dumb motherfucker. No idea what Obama has to do with anything.

I dont think you know what neoliberalism is....
Spoiler alert America is neolib. Not just Obama. Everyone since Reagan dem or Republican.

>Neoliberalism literally cured world hunger
Curing the problem means that you don't need foreign aid that involves food. Curing the problem means that africans don't need to make and sell dirt cookies just to live.
Shitty bait still made me mad. 7/10

>foreign aid
What is this 1970? educate yourself, we big push now