I’m about to get fired from my job as an erosion control consultant. AMA

I’m about to get fired from my job as an erosion control consultant. AMA.

Make it rain bitches


I don’t know for sure, but they have posted an ad online for my position and we do not have enough work to hire someone else on.

rip, is the pic from your job?
What's the pay like?

m-maybe they're opening a new location

nice I used to love playing Mx unleashed on my old xbox

You should flood the job posting with fake people to prolong your job as long ss you can. Maybe mame then so bad it makes you look good.

No, the pic is from Atlanta’s new Mercedes Benz stadium this past weekend. Pay is around 43k a year.
Nope, I’m 99% sure I’m getting replaced.

So do you autisticly stalk your compamy website? Never thought of that.

Well either guilt trip them by just mentioning to management how much you're enjoying work at the company or confront them directly saying you got a notification from your old application account.

How long have you been with them? Does loyalty mean anything these days or do companies not give a shit? Because I don't see the point in switching jobs every 2/3 years if I'm happy.

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that's it? I thought it would've been more

Sadly. There is no hope for you after this friday when they let you go.

Saturday will be one of the hardest days of your life.

Post here saturday night so we can see how horrible you are feeling. Maby it will be more interesting than this post

Shit getting rusty isn't it?

Well actually I do still get notifications for certain job postings and this was how I found out. Friday will mark 6 months, I have over 3 years experience in this industry and I’ve had 3 sites audited since I’ve been there and I passed all 3 with flying colors so I’m not sure why they’re getting rid of me. I think Friday I’m going to go to my supervisor and ask for feedback on my job performance and ask how I’m doing just to see what she says.

>Reason for Termination: Failure to control erosion
you had one job

>my supervisor

found your problem

That's the best course of action.

Also consider thise in the meantime.


this! but use pajeet names and sir in the resume...then post please

you fucked up working for a woman. seriously. a woman who'd try to get you emotionally invested in her if you were her boss is the same woman who'd throw you under a bus to get ahead herself.

yep looks like rain, better close the roof

*pats dust off hands*

Here is how it actually is going down op.

Your boss has someone they know who they want to take your job. So they act like they are hiring, meanwhile the only application they are going to look at is their friend.

She found someone that she wants to fuck who is qualified enough to replace you.


another slide thread.