Gartner Hype

Are we on the top ? :(

>4D printing

>5D printing

"smart dust"

>4D printing

This emerging technology will allow us to print objects that then reshape themselves or self-assemble over time.

It's the space dimensions + time timension, material evolve over time, if 'm not wrong

>"brain-computer interfaces"

Dumb dustlet spotted

Yes. Possibly past it. Don't assume that relates to prices across the whole market, though. The main thing that's going to happen when the hype dies for good is a mass slaughter of alts. All your precious shitcoins will permanently die once speculation ends and real world usage begins.

>digital feminism
you missed one

Yup it just mean that most normies will hear about blockchain (not BTC, it's important to note that most people knows bitcoin as a "numeric currency" but ignore what is the blockchain, the real deal) in the next few years

Lmao some dump tech journalist with no actual background in tech makes this chart and people act like it has any meaning. If this guy could actually call the peak, valley, and plateau even 10% of the time he would be a fucking billionaire hedge fund manager. But no hes just guy waging at Gartner.

That's actually a thing that's actively researched

More of these please

its actually terrifying if you look into it.
mind control is a real thing. and there's less than a dozen people who understand it

> including you

cant believe they left out crypto this year... worthless pajeets

I don't see sexbots and waifus
Am I reading this wrong?

zoom out retard

It's going to be fucking sick. Right now we can consume information as fast as we read and type. The smartest humans will be made exponentially more powerful with the brain connection

sure, but a simple delve into research papers & wikipedia can be very eye opening

What it is, exactly ? Control computers through brain signals ? Does that means that our brain will be able to access / use the computation power of a quantum computer ?


Don't think the brain can be enhanced. I was thinking it is the step beyond a graphical user interface, access the internet and peruse results as fast as your subconscious brain can handle.
Like if you're looking at charts, and your brain is understanding the trends, you would just fully understand the trends without seeing the chart

Not saying brain will be enhanced, but just imagine, I'm asking for a good position to buy BTC or if I should invest in a new ICO so I ask a quantum computer to download / process ALL the data it can gather and analyze them with neural network then it send me back the response in seconds