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Just an off topic post to take your mind off all the link posts out there.
Whats your favourite alcoholic drink for when with women?

Whatever gets THEM drunk the fastest.

you're one of those rapists who takes advantage of drunk women, aren't you?

if they're adults who want to get drunk and want to have sex it's not rape

Shots: Vodka, redbull, oj shooters
Showing off with a non pleb - scotch / decent bourbon
Showing off with a pleb - Hennesey ( I live in San Jose )
If they like red wine, get a pino noir, if they like white then get a bourbon
If they are 22 get a rose

Find a drink you like and order that. For me that is whisky. Ive found that women like when you know what you want.

super strength beer was a favourite in college. I'd swig away and then tease the girl for being too weak to drink her can. I'd then give her a girl drink and continue flirting.

>Find a drink you like and order that
Diet orange crush for me.

>Whats your favourite alcoholic drink
> for when with women?

>orange crush
Sometimes I weep for Americans. Shit beer and worse orange pop. I smuggle proper fanta back to NA everytime I go to europe.


Sometimes wine if I'm feeling lovey dovey

Vodka Pineapples, it's also my go to when clubbing.

I almost died from getting drunk with something simillar to vodka and now I cant drink anything stronger than a beer anymore. However, I really liked to mix vodka and red bull back then.

jack and coke

Scotch, on the rocks.

Daiquiri is God tier

Not according to UK law. Burden of proof now on the defendant to prove 1.) sex was consensual and 2.) the accuser was sound of mind enough to be able to consent to 1.). Therefore if you fuck a girl and she can't remember it the next day, you better call her when you say you will.


Usually start with a whiskey sour (bourbon) and move on to gin and sodas for the rest of the night.

This is with women or alone

Quiet bar: Peaty scotch, neat, with water on the side
Loud: beer, whatever is a good local brew

Yeahhhh buddy

Bourbon, viagra, and coke(aine)

Favorite drink is captain and coke. Never with women though so that part doesn't apply