A-Am I gonna make it Veeky Forums?

I went from being too diversified to feeling like I'm too consolidated. What do you guys think? How fucked am I?

If you had any recommendations to make, what would you suggest? Ive considered selling some of both GVT and AMB and putting in BTC as a hedge, but I dont even know if I care to do that.

I've also wanted to get into other projects but I just dont know if they will produce as well as these 2 POTENTIALLY could.

I sold out of OMG and most of my Nano to get where I am now. Thoughts?

Also, portfolio rate thread?

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I remember you portfolio buddy! Really wanna go all in on GVT this nano and amb is bleeding so much

Thats hilarious, I saw your thread and was just about to comment in it. I say HOLD man, but I dont know. I have real good feelings about AMB and GVT both but I feel like im too focused. But at the same time, I dont want to take anything out of either of those.

AMB just pumped in sats earlier today. Means good interest and if BTC doesn't shit the bed, AMB is a good hold.

Also, I think patience is key with AMB. Right now, sure, it sucks. But I got a good feeling its just a matter of time before it starts to kick in and take off.

But really, I am not thinking of exiting the market, but whether or not I should diversify a little more. I just hate the idea of taking money out of GTV. So that leaves AMB and a little bit of Nano. But I really like AMB and think its got big upside, but I also wana get into the following projects:

NAS/RLC and maybe ITC. Honestly, I liked holding Nano and OMG as well but I just felt GVT and AMB were more important.

Fuck Crypto can be tough to decide what to do.

Yeah I'm HODL'ing gonna sell all my nano at a $50 loss and buy more GVT won't get any lower than it is now

Probably right. GVT may dip lower, but its been just going steady up lately if not breaking ATHs recently.

I really think getting some Bitcoin could be a wise idea. Other than that your portfolio is pretty L I T senpai

genesis vision is an unregistered security. SEC shutting it down soon

gvt is due for a correction

Rlc is going to have a crazy next 2 months.

I've seen this mentioned a few times now. Not sure if true, or top tier FUD.

I need to get in on that...

And I've been thinking the same thing, but I cant decide how much to sell of what to pickup some BTC.

Yeah I don't know what to make of that sec thing but you can read this thread for some insight and their response just scroll up twitter.com/GVTBull/status/971489035389677568

You're either not a neet and know this project well enough to know it will bring much needed solutions in an industry that has inherent complexities, inefficiencies, and high costs. Or you are lucky enough to be in this early.

I've done due diligence on this but I'm curious to know why you think it would be successful. FYI I personally am not invested in this and never will.

You're better off holding anything else. ETH imo will even grow faster than NANO.

I've done my research on AMB and GVT both and feel strongly about them. I dont know if people who dont read into this shit casually dump 95% of their money into 2 projects.

As far as GVT goes, I think its the more wild card of the two but could have massive potential. As far as why, I think people will want to start handing over the workload to others to try to churn out a profit and I think it makes some sense. Could be very valuable.

Nano.... Oh Nano... What to do about Nano. I like Nano but then at the same time I wonder sometimes about offloading it into something else. Not sure what to pick instead.

Someone shill me on what I should sell my Nano for?

Enjin Coin, check it out, invest if you believe it in the long term.

I'd suggest PRL or ICX. Both hit what I feel is their absolute bottom, and should see a nice run through April with their mainnets releasing. Buy low sell high. Obviously more of a gamble than some other options.

I've seen people talk about this often. It looks interesting but also.... it seems kinda silly. Maybe I just need to delve into it a bit more.

When you say long term, how long you thinking?

Enjin coin will be highly disruptive in the online gaming industry. I'd start with reading their blogs. The team does a bang on job explaining everything.

Though if you're a skeptic then dive deeper into research

In that case I'd recommend reading third party resources on online gaming industry research (consulting firms or business research firms have reports all over the net). Then compare to Enjin's solution.

FYI I highly recommend looking into Enjin's current accomplishment (start with minecraft, and the partnerships with some of the most known gaming conglomerates)

I'm holding my ENJ over the years. I expect really good growth this year. I was fortunate enough to meet Pat Labine through a work gig, and it is no surprise why he is a leader in the industry. The rest of the team are just as brilliant.

Put some time into research, this is one of the few projects that I believe will truly have real work adoption in their respective industry (I mentioned AMB earlier)

>invest in BAT, DBC, and TEL
>everyday all three get a new notification of hitting all time low

Fuck Veeky Forums

Thanks for the info man, I'll take a deeper look into it. Thanks!