Just bought 10k of this what is it?

Just bought 10k of this what is it?

The best thing what happened to you in your entire life.

you got scammed. congrats on this. also sage

a mistake.

I've been living on 5$ a day for months now trying to get to 10k and you don't even know what it is

LOL dude it’s just a json parser I can’t believe you fell for the $1000 meme

its just a meme

please tell me you're larping

*breathes in ...*

I own 8k of them

Doubt it'll be worth anything

Good buy. It's the road to riches. $1000 EOY.

In honesty I bought my first 10k w out really checking the product. Now I have close to 100k and study this shit...link going to be fucking big.

Let me explain. I know of the private repo. I know beta on on the ropsten eth network will come this month. I know during this beta big names will be testing. In other words, link bout to pop off.

give us something juicy. no one will believe u anyway might as well spit it out

I own 3mil of them... :))))


Fake and gay.

proof or ur a filthy larper

It solves Sergeys Big Mac problem, right now for every 12.5 LINK you buy, sergey can dump your contributions for a Big Mac meal at McDonald's.

At current conversion rates you've bought Mr. Sergey Nazarov 800 Big Mac meals, at his current rate of consumption that will sustain him for approximately 6 hours (8 hours if he takes a nap in between).

For the longest time Sergey couldn't find a financial system to sustain his ravenous appetite for low end fast food burgers, then he invented ChainLink and shilled it on biz because he needed an army of autists to shill for him. He couldn't bare to hire a marketing director because at $50k USD a year that would cost him about $10k Big Macs over the course of the year. Sergey would have to take a break from eating Big Macs for nearly 6 days to compensate for a marketing director; that's a sacrifice Sergey cannot make, and we stinky linkies don't blame him for it.

its bear you fucking retard

You will get there. And through your suffering you will have gained the iron hands required to hold until 1000

Thanks brother

Guess I'll sell then

Holding is literally doing nothing, how is that suffering lol