Good morning Veeky Forums

Good morning Veeky Forums.

Kimchi have diligent proteges, diligent proteges benefit from Kimchi knowledge. Kimchi also learn from proteges.

Today, protege has a story for Veeky Forums:


This is a story about Noah and the Ark, but, I have always feel like the creatures of the land get all the attention, and very little is mentioned about the animals of the Sky and the Oceans. It is little known that Yahweh actually commanded Noah to bring THREE of every Sky creature onto the boat, as he believed that they had paid their dues by EXCHANGING Earthly forces for Sky. There is a particular bird, known only by the Hebrew letters Qof-Tav-Tet-Mem that occupied a special place atop the highest place on the Ark.

The waters of course were teeming with life, and could not be restricted to just two of each. Yaweh, however, did choose two whales to help guide the boat away from dangerous waters.

The story of three is a story that may take an era to come to age, but what a story it may be.

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Well he was right about the Ambrosus coffee thing so obviously he has some sort of inside connection. MAKE ME RICH BASED WHALE.




I see at least two obvious coin references in here - ARK and SKY. Going to try and look at the bird thing...

Hi kimchi.

The riddle is kinda confusing but the picture of Sky and the all the mentions of sky makes me think of Skycoin? Or Ark??

Kek. Say what you will but at least he's got some kind of inside info, he called the ambrosus coffee partnership a few days ago and it got announced today

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Two whales= kimchi and swiss bro? Maybe a third whale incoming since "the story of three"? Three and exchange are capitalized. Three exchanges listing a certain coin maybe? Amb got listed on idex today, maybe coming to two more exchanges soon?

Assblaster made me 30% profit with his confirmation of huge stakeholders buying LINK post bitcoin superconference.

If there are LARPers who are credible, I'm going to follow their advice you stupid fuck. Not everybody is out to get you.

Okay, I think the Hebrew bits are QTUM. I'm guessing that he's using the first letter of the name of each letter, except for Tet, which looks like a U (and there is no Hebrew letter that starts with U)

So we have Sky, Ark, and QTUM?

Tfw too poor to afford QTUM if it is . feels bad man

three could refer to another coin ontop of the supposed ARK and SKY

I feel like Sky and Ark are too on the nose but havent been following Kimchi for too long to know his ways.. QTUM seems reasonable maybe but THREE and EXCHANGING are most prominent imo


seems the spaces didnt register


noah released a raven from the ark

Mike Doty, the ARK founder, started his hardware incubator bitseed to design skywire nodes.

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RavenCoin confirmed


fuck yeah I knew it, ALL IN BOYS!

Will you tell us if we’re rigjt?

Whale coin, raven coin, and idk the last one

it is def not either of those

sky ark and qtum are all led by friends, Brandon Mike and Patrick

I was mostly reaching but rvn would definitely take an era... could be big though

nice evidence you've got there. skycoin is one of the only coins with a solid tech foundation. with 1000 times more effort put into development than PR . . . that's the worst scam I've ever heard of. if that weren't true your pathetic attack articles wouldn't even get 2 hits other than your own.

Hi Kimichi. You had mentioned HPB in an earlier thread. Are you aware of their partner Banyan Network? I would love to hear your thoughts. Kelvin Long is the co founder and their advisory board is made up of ex VP of Alibaba and Unicom executives. Current market cap is estimated at $6 million. Have you grabbed any?

Also what is your price target for AMB?

Literally one of the rare coins that isn't a scam erc20 token

in market of 3000 literal scam coins, only the 30 that are legit can get called scams. buy high sell low!

Isnt like 90% of sky premined and owned by devs?

there is no mining of skycoin. period. distribution is timelocked to prevent whales from being able to corner the market at low prices. up to 70 million can still be burned, but is withheld on a 15-25 year timeframe to incentivize the meshnet. release of each block of coins requires consensus of like 12 developers, most of which are also involved in other coins, and none of which need the money.

how else can coins be created on a blockchain with no PoW or PoS? trusting skycoin devs not to destroy their own project isn't a bigger leap of faith than trusting any coin developer not to fuck up their project in any of 100000 different ways. all the coins are on the block explorer, you can monitor for yourself.

Earth ocean sky = eos

I just bought the AMB dip. Good choise?

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For fuck sake i had to deal with the coca cola cuck when i was in Ven dont tell me amb has a shill too?

Talking gibberish and no steganography in posts. Pls stop.

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