The Bizarre Thing About Link

One of the aspects of ChainLink that perplexes is that it is shilled so heavily on here, but it's only really talked about on this website.

You don't see Link being talked about this much anywhere Reddit and Twitter. (The Reddit linktrader sub only has 8k followers)

If you were going to run a shill group to pump and dump coins, wouldn't you want to cast your net as wide as possible to try and catch as many braindead idiot normies as you could?

Then why would you only chose to shill on biz, that gets

what if, and hear me out here, Veeky Forums just likes LINK?

Niggers gonna nig. Slants gonna slant. Neet gonna neet. Weapons grade autism gonna rule the world


Why, though?

It's autistic logo? As easily memeable as it is, the forks were only really a thing a few weeks ago.

The fact that it's a good product?

The fact that the company's PR is nonexistent outside of a slack?

The fact that were in too deep in the link meme and it's forever embedded in the subconscious fabric of biz?

Or something else?

only dumb marxist Veeky Forumstards invest in link.

Chad redditors invest in IOTA like real men.

what if, big if here, collectively Veeky Forums sees potential in this thing?

The Link shilling is a satanic curse being put upon Veeky Forums by Grand Wizard Sergey the Chequered.


Yeah whatever you say roomcleaner

Dumb communist Veeky Forumstard lol
I bet you don't invest in etarum over bitcoin LOL

>wallet threads
>partnership threads
>eoty price threads
all the discussions in those threads is pointless, unproductive and has no impact on the price. just look at volume and price history. endless chainlink threads and what progress been made over the past 4 months?

That's what I'm leaning toward, and the prospect is thrilling.
Link seems to have been vetted mercilessly for its entire existence by this website and it hasn't faded away like all of the other ones.

The interesting thing about biz, and Veeky Forums in general, is that it's a type of decentralized community, in which everyone's say is equally able to be seen by everyone, instead of coming from figureheads, like on Twitter.
A while back, I saw a post on /pol/ (escaped from that godforsaken place, thank the heavens) about that topic and it mentioned how that dynamic lended itself to form Veeky Forums into a crucible in which all new ideas were on equal footing and only the truly solid ones remain after everyone is able to voice their own opinions about it, or something to that effect.

I feel pretty positive about link, but it seems too good to be true.
Something just seems... off.

what if, are you still with me here, you are, indeed, a faggot?

its just a meme

I think you’re spot on with the Veeky Forums analysis. This board as a whole is like the decentralized oracles we talk about, and how it basically filters out the bullshit. As cringey and autistic as that comparison sounds, usually people here come to terms overall about which projects are good and which are shit. It feels weird but I think the fact that collectively so many people like LINK it may actually blow up.

Not only has no progress been made, but the entire dev team is dead silent outside of the slack. (Normies dare not venture onto slack)

"Oh but those companies that are all hype (*cough* tron *cough*) are all worthless!"
Well, clearly it works because tron has the 14th largest mcap.

Why wouldn't you advertise your coin or at least build a small community (biz doesnt count) after having a product that you think is important enough to have a 300ETH buywall on the ICO?

Ah, thank you, that seems to be the problem.


Veeky Forums likes the idea of decentralized oracles so much because it is itself a decentralized oracle...

This is some next-level meta analysis, user.


Fuck off pajeet I'm not buying your shitcoin
The only reason it's shilled here is because threads get pruned.

>its just a meme
The phrase "Biz's greatest meme was convincing Biz that ChainLink is a meme" fucked me up fr

It's a great meme for convergent, possibly obscure, reasons - in the same way things like the dark knight airplane scene can capture the collective energy of an entire board despite constant criticism. LINK has succeeded as a joke in ways nothing else on Veeky Forums has ever even come close, it'll go down in our lore.

Honestly cant tell if its legit/shit so I just bought a small stack.. even after dmor biz contantly talking about it has somewhat blinded me from seeing it clearly

Biz is either really right or really wrong on this

Weaponized autism. Most powerful force in the universe

They already said they are planning to hire a marketing team when mainnet drops. Most people got burned by tron regardless of its high ranking on the marketcap. Link is a long hold, and will grow steadily and won't be pumped and dumped into oblivion. It's not something to dump after the first 50x, it is an early retirement fund.

>filters out the bullshit

It'll go up or down

the ambiguity of it all fuels hopes and fears

I hold a lot of link just so I can experience whatever happens to it with the rest of Veeky Forums.

For what it's worth, there was a similar level of autistic enthusiasm on /biz for ethereum at $10 and antshares at $2.

impressive filter

I'm curious what threads do you even see with such a filter

You just filtered out all of biz

Leave biz already

> Veeky Forums into a crucible in which all new ideas were on equal footing
you give credit to /pol?/b/tards were saying in at least 2006, probably earlier
that's what a fucking meme is
survival of the fittest ideas

>there was a similar level of autistic enthusiasm on /biz for ethereum at $10 and antshares at $2
There absolutely was not. Antshares was the flavor of the month coin yes, but nothing compared to the months long link shilling we've been having.

>I'm getting antshares vibes

>decentralised shilling, they can never shut us down. LINK will live in for all eternity
>just like......DGB

This is what makes me believe link. I hold 0 of it btw.

Do not pursue this. You have been warned.

Here's the thing. LINK is an autistic coin. Just to be interested in a decentralized blockchain solution to the Oracle problem in Smart contracts, you have to be a little autistic. And it will never be a token used by consumers. So they don't care about marketing to plebs. Biz self-FUDded the coin in order to keep the price low, but then pretty much all the new fags realized that it actually has potendial to be the next Ethereum so there is no one left to FUD except a stray normies who wanders in and doesn't know that Sergey is 400 lbs.


i don't think either of those compared to LINK

kek, what a promising-looking team

Only brap posts.

what coin is this, i would say 100% pajeet nigger scam