Anyone gives better tips than me?

Anyone gives better tips than me?

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on one hand tipping is a distinctly burger tradition, on the other you're a faggot


Nice job op, tipping is for retarded burgers, this culture needs to end fucking asap


You should have said chainlink, that tip might actually be worth something

Hold your horses buddy, the service wasn't thaaaaat great.

Tipping is such a fucking weird american tradition. Why do you pay someone extra to do the job the are being paid to do lol. Why not go and pay farmers for producing good milk that they are already being paid to produce. Is it simply instant gratification for the tipper so they can feel like god for a second. Would you still tip if you couldnt watch the persons reaction when they recieve the tip? I dont fucking get amerifats.

New version of the penny tip. Thanks for that suggestion.

This inspired me never to tip again. Thanks OP

We do it because waiters don't get a full minimum wage in a lot of places. We'd be fucking them over not to do it. I don't like the system either, but it exists.

Not only is tipping retarded, but the whole process is so fucking needlessly overcomplicated. Like I need to whip out a calculator just to pay for my meal.

Fuck that. So glad I live in the 1st world instead.

corecucks needs to be GASSED

it makes sense in burgerland. it makes little sense in leaf land, and no sense in other places.

You don't see their reaction when you tip. You leave it on the table and they collect once you're gone. They won't collect until you leave. I'm from Australia but I noticed this when I was there

Thats really fucked up. So your saying its almost counted as a part of their wages. Wouldnt all the less attractive people basicaly be recieving less then minimum wage while attractive people would be creaming it?

That's why I don't tip. It'll never change if people continue doing it.

Thinly-veiled corecuck shilling.

Saged, faggot.


P sure the employer has to pay the difference if they don't make the minimum wage for the state

farmers don't make milk, cows do...

and cow tipping is illegal

My nigga

Absolutely not true. That is supposed to happen. In practice, it doesn't in many cases.

Fun fact: you can sue the shit out of restos if their employees harass you for not tipping

Well maybe not the shit, but Ive settled twice for $5000 each.

T. Jew

You didn't even read the article you posted you absolute dolt, congratulations

Who cares. If workers dont demand for their rights, then they sure as fuck shouldnt demand for their tips.

If they do not believe the wage is fair they should seek another job. 95% of waiters are in it for the easy money from virtue signalling retards providing charity.

No shit? I'm gonna look into this next time it happens for sure

I put half of my tips last year into crypto. You cucks literally paid me to invest.

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Ask that to your empty wallet nigger

>le tipcuck

Most people know what they're going to tip before they place a delivery order or they do a percentage of whatever the bill was at a retaurant
If we didn't have so many spics and niggers willing to work for pennies nobody would be putting up with this bullshit

Because restaurant owners want you to pay their workers so they don't have to.

What's the special today?

Fuck them, free market. No one made them wait tables. If they don't like their wages, they should negotiate with their boss or learn a skill. The fuck should I subsidise their laziness?

Fixed it for you

I don't know what to tell you. We've probably got different ideas on things at a base level and aren't going to agree.

Like I said, I will tell them to buy Link only if I get the best service in the world.

Burherland restaurant owners are big kikes so the customers has to foot the bill and waiter cucks instead of being butthurt at restaurant owners lash out on us.

best post in the whole thread.


Obviously. You are a communist faggot millenial. Your brain is damaged from decades of flouride and estrogen and indoctrination in liberal re-education camps. I dont expect you to ever see things the same way. You are incapable of it on a physical level.

shouldn't it be "buy XMR"?

I found it hard not to tip people in Europe. Sometimes I just had to anyway

Because tips are considered income, you are supposed to pay tax on them as well, and this is worked out on an estimate of the amount of tips that you should have garnered in the time that you have worked - even if you didnt actually get those tips. If you work in a busy place it can be good because you end up earning more than minimum wage, but for people who work in slow dive bars and things, it is pretty dire. But not tipping someone is fucking them over twice, because they still have to pay tax on the tip that you didnt give them!
If you haven't worked hospitality before, i'd say probably keep quiet in this one.. Hospitality is a predominantly cash business and the people who run the restaurants and bars will often fuck their staff over because they know they wont complain because they need a job

i made 200 a night cash waiting tables that shit was dank and i was selling hella dank, good times nigger

Well you just sound like a stingy Jew or a poorfag. Nothing wrong will being generous. I'd rather choose who I give my money too then be taxed 50% like some Eurofag

>this guy cant calculate 10% in his head

man you're wicked dumb, the positive side of tipping is that their pay structure is almost "decentralized" in a sense. Their pay comes from a greater number of people based upon their performance, rather than one solitary source, so waiting tables/bartending can be a very lucrative profession. However if tipping did not exist restaurants/bars simply can not afford to pay the equivalent wage that tips bring it. For example lets say a waiter would make 35k a year, thats being real generous, if tipping didnt exist but they have the possibility to make 40-50k, some in major cities make a fuck ton i know a few bartenders that make 100k+ and are sought after similar to executives. Without tipping you have an industry based upon service where your performance does not at all dictate/effect your wage, only your ability to make the boss think you are doing a good job. so tipping isnt quite the evil/retarded system you may think, because guess what either way the customer is paying those servers wages, whether it be built into the price of the food/bev or via tipping is merely a formality.

Thread. Basically tip the good ones fuck the lazy ones.

>can't do elementary level math
maybe you don't deserve to live in the first world lol

You are giving someone money for no reason other than someone, somewhen decided people "should" do this. I like my contracts to be explicit, formed of offer and acceptance, and not to include unwritten expecations based on unenforceable societal norms. I give more to two local charities in a year than I would give by tipping, the difference is I'm choosing what to do with my money.

t. mega brainlet

Sure buddy, I'm the dumb one. You're being robbed and you don't even know it. Go and lick a window.

/thread the service industry is a pride of the capitalist system

take a minute here, for real no larping no Veeky Forums bullshit. take a real moment and reflect, do you actually know anything about why tipping is good or bad, or are you just a cheap cunt who wants to feel intellectually superior by spouting other peoples opinions. be really honest with yourself now, you have no self formed opinion on it beyond you dont like it because you believe it costs you more when in reality it actually subsidizes labor and incentivizes better service.


The only exception is if they can fully recite the fourteen words when I ask them. If they are able to do so, I give them $14.88

Tipping is pointless because the employer must pay the employee enough to cover them if said employee doesn't receive enough money from their tips

bring better bait next time fgt

Servers can actually owe the restaurant money at the end of the night if they don’t get tipped enough, because hey still have to tip out the bidders, hosts, kitchen crew, and bar crew based on a percentage of their sales

>know anything about why tipping is good or bad
Fuck off faggot, I don't eat out as a vehicle for social change, it's because I want food. Don't moralize it, it's a transaction
>No self formed opinion
Except the opinion I gave and backed up with my own reasoning
>Believe it costs me more
I don't give a fuck about the cost, read my reasoning idiot. It's not part of the contract, I have a contract for x at price y, I pay y+0%
>Subsidises labour incentivises better service
Don't care as long as I get my food.

Bullshit it has gone beyond this. Another user just said most people fucking work out the tip before they arive or do a % of the bill. It sounds like your basicaly pressured into it because its the norm. The general idea is good but it has transformed into another wierd murican tradition.

That's not true you retard. I make 4.05 an hour technically

What I said is true. If you are not intelligent enough to do your own research, fear not for I have you covered:
Page 2
>If an employee's tips combined with the employer's direct (or cash) wages of at least $2.13 per hour do not
equal the minimum hourly wage of $7.25 per hour, the employer must make up the difference.

I highly advise for you to do your own research next time, lest you form your appearance to that of a complete fool

never mind im sorry, i didn't mean to pick on a retard. seriously though, thats really shitty fucking logic you might want to take a look at how you think about things cause damn man...

That's not my problem, buddy. Increase your IQ by 30 points and get a job in finance.

i wasnt disputing that servers must be paid at least minimum wage, i just didnt actually think you were that dumb that you believed for some odd reason that that makes tipping pointless. as i said earlier, customer is going to pay that wage one way or another, tipping incentivizes better service and spreads the cost of service around allowing more niche restaurants to survive their necessarily large staff in order to provide good service to customer. but what youre saying is that you believe servers should make minimum wage, thats cool too i guess man...if youre a total piece of shit.

I can get a job in finance with a 90 IQ? I'll try to get those last 30 points.

>Found the commie.
Say hi to Heather Heyer for me.

An exquisite strawman you have set up there, for I have never stated that servers must be paid minimum wage. Thus the rest of your post has been disregarded as the fools whom use strawmen have no argument since they rely on fallacies. Due to this, I highly recommend you read up on logical fallacies and avoid them at all costs from this point forward as this is the second strike you've committed

>the employer must make up the difference.

i mean you literally fucking typed it man...but sure go ahead and feel all smug, i assure you you are oh so intelligent friendo. i genuinely hope for your sake you're still young and have time to turn your life around.

tipping goes away, food price increases to compensate. yea ok real commie there pal, you're paying for it one way or the other, tipping is the more beneficial way for all involved

What the fuck makes food servers special? Why do factory workers deserve minimum wage or any unskilled labour. Its all hard work mate.

The employer making up the difference is a fact of the matter which is stated in page 2 of the following .pdf:

Please for your sake learn the difference between facts and opinions. It is quite embarrassing for you that we have learned facts vs. opinions in grade school, yet you are still confusing the two

You are correct, tipping is the most beneficial for those that do not tip. I get to enjoy cheaper food without being forced to pay any extra. Sometimes I do question the country of the United States of America, but I am okay with it since it allows me to prosper

Turn his life around how? By tipping? It's not a pyramid scheme, you don't get to cash out when you've signed people up.

I use
Dont bet in a horse with 3 legs

So minimum wage isnt enforced by the government?

And respond to my last post about tipping being an american tradition rather then a way to incentivise hard work you swine

He was too busy getting rekt.

Lobbying restraunts to be exempt, local city councils along with franchisees want special treatment, frankly min wage should be gotten rid of entirely and let the market dictate what the pay and price of goods and services are. Eventually an equilibrium would be reached where shit would be affordable and people could work and get paid enough to afford the shit they need. But with min wage laws it throws everything out of whack and creates a whole depts that need govt funds and it is in their financial interests to keep people unemployed and needing govt assistance in exchange for votes

No because i live in a first world country where serving staff actually gets paid by the employer

I get where your coming from, but wouldnt they just start paying people $1 an hour and poor cunts would have no choice but to accept it because its the new norm?

But is it really a tip? What if OP is trying to create a bubble and will dump his BTC when the price reaches its target sell point? Just seems suspicious and counterintuitive that OP would give a tip to someone he doesn't know when the profit from keeping it a secret is much higher.......

>euros bragging about being jew cunts
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>go into sandwich shop
>recieve sandwich, pay advertised price
'But wait sir, would you like to give OUR employee extra money because they work for us?'