Made a fortune in crypto

>Made a fortune in crypto
>Still only tip 10% at restaurants

>tipping 10%
that's still generous as fuck


Don't tell me what to do with my money reeeeeeeeeeee

I tip 20 percent but I don't eat at restaurants

I dont do handouts.

I worked in service industry for years. 10% isnt that big of a deal. You probably dont goto that nice of places anyways so they expect it.

i tip 7% tops and shit
fuck out of here wit that shit
if they white they luxky if they get a fucking penny

Wait seriously? Where I live if you tip less than 15% than people think you're an asshole. Lots of people are even stupid enough to tip 20% on a regular basis, regardless of where they go. NJ here.

Tips aren't handouts you fucking 14 year old. They make less than half of minimum wage to cater to your every fucking need and listen to you bitch about you pancakes. I hope you die and are reincarnated as a lifetime waiter at Longhorn Steakhouse. Tip you fucking nigger.

top cuck

What's with all the tipping threads tonight? Fuck off

Server here.
White people always tip. Beaners and Mexicans don’t. I immediately Judge if you’re going to tip me or not by your skin color.
90% success rate.
So, all you faggots claim you’re shitskins ?
This isn’t the Veeky Forums I signed up for

Sometimes I superglue two coins together and tip with that. The rest of the time, tipping is fake and gay.

Move to Australia, dont need tip here


Found the faggot waiter. You are the type of little prick I get fired when he starts shit once he sees the zero.00 on the recipt. I am 35 years old and have been getting waiters fired since I was 25 and had my epiphany about tipping parasite culture.

I am your worst fucking nightmare kiddo. 1 stinkeye, 1 frown, 1 hesitation and meaningful look at the recipt and its to the manager we go. Oh and I will lie to get you fired too. I despise little pricks like you who think they deserve money from my pocket for WAITING TABLES. A zero skill job that literal children are able to do.

>tfw rich
>tfw no one to go to restaurants with so just order grub hub

>cater to your every fucking need and listen to you bitch
thats your fucking job you brainlet
as if its a random persons responsibility to provide you welfare because you're too much of a retard to get a job with a decent income

what is it with the food industry and brainlets thinking they are entitled to extra just because they have to smile or write down orders?
What the fuck did you think the job was when you signed up, brainlet?

You sound like the kind of sadistic cunt who got fingered by his mom

LOL fuck you're 35 and arguing with a 19 y/o waiter on Veeky Forums. How's it feel to have a wife you hate and 16 LINK in your portfolio?

You have for sure never waited on niggers.

Yeah this as well.
This guy is a 35 year old basement dweller living at home with his mom who hates life.

Tbh we cant really blame them. They are brainlets, after all. If they knew better they wouldnt be brainlets.

>im being a newfag and noone can stop me

yeah great work brainlet

Tipping is fucking stupid.
>I'm paying you to do the job you signed up for

>Fuck he must be a newfag.
>"uhh..uh....brainlet! That'll get him!"

Like I give a fuck you retard, if you dont want to deal with them get a better job

1. Don't wait anymore.
2. Own a 300,000 condo and still have common sense to throw a college kid or mom a few extra bucks when they do something nice for me.

Have fun investing your $250 check on bitcoin.


Did u get rich during the crypto rush?

What did you do to escape waiting

Very typical liberal millenial, always fantasizing about child abuse. Its just there in the forefront of his brain every waking moment.
Literal newfag, kill yourself.

do something nice for you? Bringing your meals and refilling your water and shit like that is literally their job!

Put $5000 into ETH in 2015.


Don't fucking tip. What the fuck?

I'm as far fucking right as you can get dickhead. Once you've studied pyschology it's surprising what you can dig out from the way a person interacts. You should just end yourself because there's nothing we can do for sad guys like you.

Also, I never mentioned anything about children. So who's the one now with that at the forefront of their minds huh? You need to be sectioned mate.

>"studied" psychology psuedoscience
>casually jokes about sodomizing children
>claims to be "right"

You are a faggot millenial liberal.

>Not getting comped

No I said you're a 35 year old basement dweller who still lived with their mom.You keep bringing up children now which is quite concerning.

I'm fat right conservative.

You are a mentally ill sick fuck.

>BBbbut i never mentioned kids specifically...!!!

Recoil and backpedal harder, faggot millenial liberal. Little pieces of shit like you are always projecting their insecurities on others.

Bantering and throwing shit at people over tipping, and you bring up child abuse? You are so transparent. Your poor fucking brain is damaged beyond repair.

literally said you are 35 and live with your mom and u get fingered by her.
Stop talking about kids because you're self projecting so fucking much right now it's beyond obvious.

No joke I'm legitimately concerned for you. It's rare to see someone this bitter and resentful and full of uncertainty. Fucking chill, dude. You're on a website arguing angrily with someone you don't know.

You know we have ids here, right?

Thats you, faggot millenial liberal. Joking about sodomizing children, since that is what you just happen to be thinking about for some reason.

You arent "far right". You are a brain damaged leftist and you are frantic at being called out.

but that's the exact purpose of this website

Fuck you're not wrong.

Another newfag detected. The purpose of Veeky Forums is to post images and argue.

Here is an image, scroll up for the arguement.


Shut up retard I was in here before rage comics were considered cringe. Go to bed.

You realize that these women are elite-level ACTORS... right?

Jesus fucking Christ I've never seen this type of sperge from someone of your age. It's scary how much this has triggered you.

Go check my I'd posts you'll see exactly what I said in my 2 posts before you even replied and started getting so defensive, you bringing up children is just you reaching or something white more sinister.

Stop using liberal as an insult on a conservative, it's embarrassing for you mate.

Not surprised you have images of your idol Weinstein saved on your HDD.


Neck yourself bitch, this type of conversation is Veeky Forums tier.

Whenever I go out to eat, I tip assuming others do too. I take note of the total number of tables my waitress is tending to while I'm there and divide that number from minimum wage of the area. I tip one dollar less than the resulting answer because a patron shouldn't be forced to do math to avoid overpaying an entry level position.

you're obviously talking out of your ass
and even if you werent
you're not special ;)

>he only eats at Dennys


>still living in america after making a fortune

I had sushi at the only legit sushi place in my city where actual Pearl Harbor bombing Japs run the place. The master chef trained in Japan under some famous guy who owns eight restaurants in Tokyo. I let him serve my gf and I what ever he wanted until we were full. It cost over $170 and we were there 30 minutes past closing time. I left no tip out of respect because supposedly people don't tip in Japan.

But it's ok to not tip if you are black

>35 years old
>Still posts on Veeky Forums to argue with teenage service industry workers
>doesnt tip

>tipping at all
that's generous as fuck

America is the best place to live post fortune and the worst place pre fortune.
I mean, it’s not Somalia bad but at least they have free healthcare for when they get shot in school.

kek, saved in my pasta folder

niggers and beaners never tip.

asians and whites always tip.

I really don't get it. Why is it so difficult for Americans just to raise the prices for food and pay staff appropriately? I don't want to be calculating and judging quality of service when I'm out to eat. There's peer pressure, people showing off or some being uncomfortable, it's just terrible and easily avoidable.

I just want to fucking eat. Imagine you had to rate service quality of all trades all the time and were expected to tip your postman, garbageman or doctors.

>They make less than half of minimum wage

Reasons why this is my problem:


thats cause theyre too busy tipping your women