Who here living off crypto?

Who here living off crypto?

trying to but the jews cancelled all the crypto debit cards

more like living for crypto

I did last year, but now eth is 10x so I decided to stop paying rent and be homeless until I buy a house

you're gonna make it

I have officially reached Chad level and know I never have to "work" another day in my life. I'm starting my own business and have my first presentation with a client on Friday.


you quit being a nigger jew in the jew system, so that you can now be a super jew in the jew system
congrats on this, seriously

I'm going super saiyan jew level.

x600 my initial investment and been living off my gains for months now

Which business?

tfw 19, bought 1BTC at 1200, today im 20 and cashed out at 15k so ill be spending my 21st getting fried off my ass.

i bought $2000 worth of bitcoin 2011 and i have been living off crypto full time for the past 3 years

Bought about 160k BTC on Mt. Gox in 2012. In the process of cashing out right now.

Can't believe people are dumb enough to buy this shit at 10k, lmao.

been off work for two months just took a break and living off my Initial investment. 2k left and then back to work. thanks chain link!!

enjoy it, user
youth is wasted on the young

how do you deal with the taxes?

how much fiat did you end up with

he's got ~1.6 mil if im not wrong

I do but I also live rent free at parents beach rental house.
I ended in December with $50k off $2000 in June.. I plan on cashing out $13k and sending to to the IRS and letting them figure out the right amount and send me whatever is too much.

Not me, but it is taking up a lot of time getting owned this hard

hopefully in 2 months. might go to part time for work though since i'm still young but working 20 hours a week won't be bad.

I am a legit NEET hikikomori who lives off crypto trading and crypto hodling

Good Goy give the Jew his pound of flesh like an obedient slave.

I'm actually too Pretty for jail. I could probably be a trap if I wanted to. My bubble but wouldn't last long in fed prison.

Me I think some boomers are stalking me

You should GTFO Amerikkka. Only in America or some other cucked country would you be jailed for dodging taxes. Worst case scenario if I get caught (I'm not an Amerikkkuck) they will fine me and charge me back-taxes along with back-interest. They will not put me in jail

post brapper

Cash out your BTC at an exchange and then buy what you need. Just don't cash out at Cuckbase/GDAX because they issue a 1099 Form. Or cash out your BTC on localbitcoins. You won't get a good return on LBC though if you sell to a Pro Trader. I advise not selling to n00bs because there is a good chance you'll be scammed. Take a good look at their feedback history and trade stats. Some scammers pad their stats and then exit scam using PayPal/Venmo/e-transfer/etc. Watch out for that

I bought fidget Spinners.
Have about 700000 of them and will try to export it to europe and US

More like staking my life on crypto

I will unironically commit suicide if mcafee bet doesnt come true

Do it now, he won't eat his dick even if it hits $5m