- Mt. Gox dumped 18k BTC, Market immediately crashed from 16k to 6k in a few weeks

- Mt. Gox dumped 18k BTC, Market immediately crashed from 16k to 6k in a few weeks.

- There is roughly another 200.000 BTC are waiting for the dump, which bought at 2014 price, less than 1k.

- My friends, I just sold all my BTC, see you at 1k in a few weeks or months

I hope this is not the End of Crypto

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You're knowing about this is the best evidence that the dumping is over.

he started dumping at 20k, and the market absorbed it.

He said he will consult the court the next time he wants to sell. He will probably sell OTC (off exchanges).

Someone needs to do something about this guy

When I see that fat cunts smiling face I just want to cave it in with a bat for fuck sakes, I don't wanna see this cunts face anymore, please biz don't post this fat cunts imagine on here

I'm sure he received many death threats. Almost sure he will sell OTC. Safer for him + gets a better deal for the customers.

we're seeing $100,000 this year



Put a bullet in between his fucking eyes, that's what

Are you telling me that if it wasn't for him we would have continued the bull market past 20k?


(before anyone else does it)

after a correction, yes. The motherfucker kept dumping each time the market started to recover. He scared everyone, even old bitcoiners. Now that the reason is known, I hope people will buy again.

hard to say, i think not. we need to try to learn what caused such rapid growth to begin with, I am leaning on tether pumping. So if anything, mt gox dumping is taking the spotlight, much better than tether continuing to pump the shit up to 30-40k and then BAM literally zero day.

So many salty bag holding fags.

Let go faggots sell now or cry later

by the way, the arrows point to the time of bitcoin transactions, not selling, you can asusme the selling of each batch happened before the next arrow.

the market recovered to 17k after the first two dumps, the motherfucker dumped again. He triggered panic selling all the way down.

*after the first dump


what's your reddit name so I can give you gold, sir?


the fat fagot confirmed. there will be no more selling.

>"unless the court eventually orders it"
>"unless the court eventually orders it"
>"unless the court eventually orders it"
>"unless the court eventually orders it"
>"unless the court eventually orders it"

don't the market making entities have a fairly accurate idea who their competing against? wouldn't they know roughly how many btc they're trading against and when certain wallets are moving funds? this doesn't seem like something that could be done secretly.

>implying in it for the gainz

But I want this shit to dip further.

I fucking hate you bag holding fucks

1) court ruling would be public and we would know

2) they will choose OTC this time

>tether pumping
100% this

sold yesterday everything as well. good luck

you’re going to tell me this motherfucker NEEDED THAT MUCH MONEY IN A SHORT TIME that he thought he should crash a fucking fledgeling entirely new type of economy into the ground causing actual suicides across the globe and triggering the crash of the global economy was justifiable ?????

1) Court ruling will probably say to redistribute the funds

2) This will cause even more dumping because people know once those old Gox'd faggots get their money then a bunch of fresh $400 btc will be re-entering the market. See you retarded fucks in triple digits


He market sold hundreds of millions of dollars in BTC. Fuck this guy. It's terrifying to think that the Satoshi wallets may be lurking out there somewhere

do you understand what OTC means, retard?

anyone that killed themselves over this was due for it anyway desu. anyone that entered anywhere over $1k is not an investor and anyone that hasnt already taken profit will do so once the market wakes the fuck up... dear god so many stupid children, hopefully they off themselves or recede back into NEETdom

over the counter at an auction, unlinked from the actual market at that time ?

Clearly you fucking don't have reading comprehension. Read the first point you fucking idiot. That means they will give the btc back to the people who lost them not sell them on the market either OTC or on exchanges. i swear to fucking god you god damn 18 year cock suckers need your hands held for everything

you think they're going to dump the btc they've been waiting 5 years to get back?

Why don't you want people to be happy? What the fuck is wrong with you?

you think theyre going to hold it at 25x the price they bought it with after writing it off as a loss? You think they're going to hop back on the emotional rollercoaster instead of get out at a reasonable time? God damn mate, youre so stupid your fucking grandparents shouldve offed themselves

nigger this destabilized the economies of the entire planet

retarded nigger, the people have been compensated.The rest of creditors will either get Bitcoin and sell them OTC or in the exchanges responsibly. They are already rich, they aren't desperate for the money like the users.

how does it feel to be poor little faggot? cry more

pretty sure they're going to hold.

Is anyone even getting bitcoin back? I thought it was just market value of whatever they held at the time.

because fools who make bad decisions out of greed should be punished, and the delusion is hilarious

>Veeky Forums has been saying we'd need another mt. gox for the market to continue crashing
>we literally get another mt. gox

you clearly have utterly zero understanding of the mt.gox scenario, keep reading if you can muster up the comprehension (you really can't). Like i said, you god damn children need your hands held through everything. Find someone else to walk you through it, maybe theres a video on youtube after you finish the newest pewdiepie upload.

i wish that was the case, but crypto isnt even a a drop in the bucket of global finance. it might be nice if these things were linked but it simply wont be the case until crypto grows up and moves off of reddit/Veeky Forums threads full of circlejerking retards who spit in the face of logic and reasoning and who literally cannot muster up enough attention span and reading comprehension to make it through a single document that lays out everything for them

is it his fault people got caught up in a pyramid scheme?

Possibly but not much more. Speculative got hit very hard starting mid January through February (weed, battery metals, blockchain companies). Those speculative sectors also received a secondary hit from the DOW drop in February. It is likely that crypto would have hit correction around the same time. However, this guy dumping his BTC exacerbated the correction causing it to go much lower than it would have without his involvement, especially with the 18000 btc dump near the bottom.

Is he the George Soros of the Crypto world?

No more selling, for now.

There are still lawsuits and creditors pending.

1) It took two months for the news of the previous sales to make it into the public's awareness. You will not be privy to decisions of the court unless you fly to Tokyo and sit in the courtroom.

2) there is no guarantee they'll choose OTC. They have no responsibility to the "market", they have a responsibility to pay their creditors - and if selling on exchanges gets them a higher price, they are expected to do that, or the court will remove them as a trustee. The trustee has a fiduciary responsibility to the creditors, and the person/entity declaring bankruptcy. How it effects you or anyone else isn't their problem.

The 800k coins stolen from Mt. Gox are also lurking out there.

the creditors saw what happen to the price, they will choose to sell OTC. It's not about the market, OTC gets them a better deal.

They will either do it through the court or appoint someone to do it.

Nope, they still have 166,344.35 more bitcoins:

And also that same amount in bitcoin cash, bitcoin private, bitcoin gold, and the 40 other forks.

>only 21 million btc

Bitcoin decoupling when!?

What’s your problem man?


I hope this is a wake up call to all exchanges. The threat is still there. If another great crash happens soon they will be out of business. They must switch to USD or USDT or TUSD pairs soon. Bitcoin is a fucking curse.

Well time for ethereum take control

Huobi has USDT pairing and it gets me fully torqued.