Can someone here explain to me why the hell restaurants need servers?

Can someone here explain to me why the hell restaurants need servers?

When i go to a restaurant all i care about is the food i could not care less about the service or any of that trash, i would be happy to go to the front order my food and then pick it up when it is done, why should i pay a guy a tip just for the sake of having someone give me "good service " that i could not care less about?

If you want to pick it up yourself, go to McDonalds, user.

you eat at pleb restaurants

Go to a cafeteria if that's what you want. Or order the food to go and then sit down to eat it.

it's called counter service, just choose the restaurant you go to.

If you don't want service eat at home or go to some dank salmonella pit when nobody gives a fuck about you. Do you basement dwelling autists seriously need a walkthrough of every aspect of life?

don't worry, you're not alone, although there are a couple vocal restaurateurfags on this board who act all entitled to the benefits they get out of this retarded backwards tipping culture. They act like it's either fast food or the fucking Dorsia. No in-between. Guess what fags, there is a big huge niche in-between and it's going to get filled and eat up your business the moment the economy is in a slump (ps don't look at the DOW and don't long the american markets on Friday March the 16th)

ok since i like to go to restaurants i will just not tip since i do not need the service

U live in a world where even in the lower middle class you can have people literally serve you food and drinks. It’s awesome, and tipping isn’t even mandatory it’s just a thank you to your fellow man / woman


My hypothesis: Restaurants and tipping used to be for the rich. The middle class got richer, and many cheaper restaurants emerged. Rich people traditions remained.

tipping is virtue signaling. thats all it is.

there's nothing special about the 16th. the market will probably go up.

Just be careful user.

>Or order the food to go and then sit down to eat it.
Can you do that?

You wouldn't need to tip all the time if you had a proper minimum wage. Tipping is pretty much a Seppo thing.

so spooky and mysterious. definitely taking your advice because you went out of your way to upload a meme also.

This. And it can end right, all we need to do is stop tipping

Come on faggets let's start a movement, we can do this
Enough with the fucking tipping

What else do we do with single moms

Go right ahead! Just be aware that every time you go back there's a risk that word spread about you and there's a chance that you'll be eating something someone smeared with a finger they touched their asshole with.


In some states the waiters/waitresses are not actually paid salaries. So you woukd just end up paying more for your food.

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It's like welfare for women and gay dudes...sort of like HR departments

There are restaurants like this, it’s called counter service. Just go to those user. It’s a free world - you can go the restaurant you enjoy

what the fuck, why tip $446? he should have tipped 444.03 so the total was $450 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

What's the context for that $446 tip? Probably some blue pilled white knight cuck tipping some roastie waitress. If you are tipping a waitress $446, she better be letting you hit that raw in the back. Fucking idiot vagina worshipers. Go MGTOW

Move to Australia. No tips required

> i would be happy to go to the front order my food and then pick it up when it is done,

They're called fast-food places user. You should try them.

Exactly. It's called "takeout" or "pickup". You don't have to get wait service.

lol poorfag. I live well within my means and don't mind giving money to losers. As long as it is my choice to do so

And I think in the UK they're called take-aways.

now i it seems personally to me that you non-tippers aren't truely doing it as righteous crusaders for a liveable regular wage for servers, in reality they are just cheap and/or they are jealous that servers make a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time. i myself believe instead of tipping we should just have better wages but i tip cause im not an autistic weirdo. even if you are cheap just give them a couple bucks for fucks sake.

Why wouldn't he add 3 cents to even it out


not singling you out but youre the only one who said it so far, please explain what happens if tomorrow every restaurant pays its servers the exact same wages they make from tipping. how much do you think that would increase the cost of food/bev? better believe one way or the other the customer is going to pay the servers wages, tipping is the better way for everyone. servers make more, can work more flexible hours, restaurants can attract better staff without massive overhead.

no seriously what are you hinting at faggot, just say it
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That's why I said to cease longs on Friday.

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Nah, tipping ensures better service. In Europe most restaurants that aren't super expensive have servers that are rude, uninterested in your meal, and act like petty tyrants if you get them angry. Think DMV workers but with food. Heaven forbid you ask your server for a few extra minutes to read your menu or you want to ask questions about your food... you'll be waiting half an hour until the waiter feels you've "learned your lesson".

Even with it's faults, even cheap hole-in-the-wall places in the US have servers that actually care that you get fed, American tipping culture is great.

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enjoy getting bodily fluids in your food

is there anything else you can post with more information? your frequent use of memes and having them readily available to you makes me think you're just a trolling, larping 4channer.

Just Cliff High tier autism, sorry. My data points to it, so it's meaningless. Feel free to take any position you want.

"data" makes it sound like you're going off TA, but you have news data that points to a specific day for political happenings?

Then I'll sue the restaurant and collect some very easy money

better have randomly decided to save that meal as evidence, otherwise fucking lol

Voluntary welfare. If you don't want to pay the 15%+ to tip the waitress, there is something called takeout/takeaways. I haven't had wait service in 1 1/2 years because I'm a literal NEET hikikomori (I trade crypto for income) who doesn't hang out with friends or anything like that. It would look awkward for me to go to a sit-down restaurant on my own I always order takeout. No tip. No delivery fee. No bullshit. If you don't own a car, the delivery fee and tip is offset by not having to pay for auto insurance, gas, maintenance, etc. Cars are a money pit.

Wait service is not even really worth it anyways so as long as the place has takeout. I would rather order my meal to eat at my own convenience at home away from all the normalfags. And hit up at liquor store to get the drinks that I like. Alcohol is far cheaper at the liquor store than at the bar too.

so because you're a fucking autist people shouldnt tip? ok then friendo, good luck with the rest of your life with logic like that you're going to fucking need it

I never said people shouldn't tip. I was arguing the exact opposite. If you don't want to tip the waitress, then don't go for wait service. I don't want to tip so I don't get wait staff or delivery, I get takeout. If I didn't own a car, I'd do delivery and you are supposed to tip for that as well. You normalfag cucks lack reading comprehension

Food and beverage costs go up 10-15% at minimum and you will get shittier service as the server has less incentive to be attentive. Go to San Francisco sometime and tell me about your experience. Auto gratuity plus a state surcharge and you won't even be greeted at your table in under 5 mins.

ding ding ding, ask europe how their service industry is. anything below a 4 star restaurant and woo boy...good luck.

Just order from Uber Eats. Tipping your delivery driver is optional and there's no awkwardness if you stiff the driver since you'll never see or have to deal with that person ever again.

ITT: poorfags

In most jobs they don't even pay people for performance, let alone "tips". They're paid a wage/salary and expected to just do their fucking job. I'm not a fan of the practice of tipping. But liquor servers have a lower minimum wage than everyone else in my province. So I have no choice but to tip if I don't want them to spit/jack off in my food. And since they earn less than minimum wage, they deserve at least a little something extra anyways (15+% is excessive though IMO. But that is what they are used to and I'm not going to fuck with the people who handle my food).

Ideally liquor servers should have the same minimum wage as everyone else. And restaurants/bars/etc. should voluntarily pay the staff more seeing as how servers are used to making far more than minimum wage

Exactly. Wait service is a luxury. You are not entitled to wait service. If you want to eat on a budget, learn how to cook and prepare your own meals. That is how you will get the best bang for your buck. If you are on food stamps, you probably won't even be able to afford TV dinners ffs. The budget they give you for food stamps is very small.

Wait service is a classist thing. You are having the help prepare and serve food to you because your time is more valuable than theirs. If your time isn't more valuable than theirs, then you shouldn't be getting wait service.

so what you're saying, is that they should be paid more on top of tipping? just trying to get that straight. and also every job pays for performance, its called raises, and bonuses.

Ideally I think restaurant staff should be paid more in lieu of tipping. Since I don't like the practice of tipping. We are forced into it by social convention and because liquor servers have a lower minimum wage

When I was a wage cuck, I was working temp contract after temp contract. Feeling absolutely no motivation. I never felt appreciated working for Mr. Shekelstein. Getting into crypto trading was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel like my effort actually matters in the crypto world. The days of being with one company for your whole life are over. That's a boomer thing.

Sounds great. Suck it up you entitled snob

I don't think you realize the kind of people who work in restaurants. These typically aren't very qualified individuals, nor do they have higher education; some of whom have not even finished primary schooling. It's incredibly difficult for them to just "do their fucking job" unless the tipping carrot is dangled in front of them. Even with the tipping culture, the turnover rate for servers in most restaurants is astoundingly high.

It's either formally tip and cultivate an environment where you get good service, or pay that anyways on the bill for higher operational costs/wages and go hit or miss with lackluster service.

Literally paying protection money so people don't spit in your food and then defending the practice. Is there anyone more cucked than Americans?

Also, as far as liquor servers go, good tippers eventually get taken care of as far as rounds/shots go. Bartenders have comp tabs and are given a freedom to give out drinks here and there. So there is that benefit as well.