Which exchanges let you short the White race?

Which exchanges let you short the White race?

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go all in on an SP500 short

>STRONG support at 56%

Good job faggot I laughed

Ftfy OP

long IOTA


This but 2021

120% white EOD

Do have to have a ginormous brain tumor to care about this shit?


I wonder if the gene that allowed whites to take over the world will trigger like a sleeper cell if the levels get low enough.

Long on ils

Ask the south africans how that gene is going..

It will whether libshits want it or not. They think they are the savior of these animals they let I to the country. They seriously fail to understand that their team has already been chosen thanks to their skin color. They will be killed by non-whites for it and killed by whites for being race traitors. I low key pine for this day. It’ll be the biggest I told you so in history and the mud people will kick off the culling of these libs, allowing the ones who give a damn about survival to fight for our right to secure an existence for our people and a future for white children.

Funny how the less whites you have the shittier a place becomes.

its your fault 1939 was our chance to prevail



>not factoring in the GENOCIDAL TERROR that will kick in once enough feel cornered
go long

la creatura...

Yes, but it will take everything down with us. Total extinction level event.

They're currently moving their money to bitcoin it seems. So the survival instinct is kicking in.

bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0

Isnt this the negro that cries about "whiteness" of crypto and complains about "pattern recognisers that cant recognise white privilege"?

are you also the user that has been calling it tulip mania for years now, negating any money you could have made?


It's going to happen either way. If whites go extinct who the hell will maintain and innovate all the infrastructure required for sustained population growth? Maybe the far east asians, but those will be too insignificant as well.

Nope. It was religion and you’ve allowed yours to be diminished to a running joke. Think of the group that adheres to religion with absolute faith

Within 20 years, crypto will destroy the welfare state and all the gibs will end.

Private city-states will flourish, but you’ll need at least 1k LINK equivalent in collateral as a security bond to even be allowed to enter (though this can be provided by your slavemaster or holding corporation).

Wow niggs gonna keep almost the same


it isn't even live yet but this shit will let us dominate


No, religion was just an instrument of power which took power during the dark ages. Fin.

Power and the struggle to control and increase it is what drove euro nations to strive and succeed. That competition and historical factors.

All civilizations have had their golden ages. The next prolific race will most likely be the asians.

>tfw you know the jew is committing BLACK GENOCIDE by encouraging our pure race to mix with impure devils and mongrels
Just dumped my girl, she got 23andme and I found out she's 25% white. NOPE. AMA

>prefers asuka to rei


How did you even find this?
>religion was just an instrument of power which took power during the dark ages

include me in the screencap

Okay, that was funny as fuck.



>do have to have
user, I...

Much better.