ppl buying coins on credit card loans, and im here still mining turtlecoin for free!
why ppl buy coins when u can mine them for free? any real coin like btc was able to be mined freely. anyone remember the days your gpus can mine you .15 btc per day?
i do!
here mine some next new coin wait for 5 years and youll be rich, or maybe not but u didnt buy anything u mined for free!


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everyone take a minute to picture op's financial future


How much do you pay for electricity? What's the depreciation rate of the hardware? How much time is spent managing the mining farm?

slow and steady wins the race, i like the way you think op


How come everyone just ignores that the trtl.mine2gether.com pool constantly has more than 51% of the network? If you're mining to this pool, you're just helping the owner be able to double spend and change transactions. This has been happening since the start of trtl, this same pool has been getting over 51% because they are the only ones who explain how to use nicehash. Some days the network is more spread out, but today this pool has had over 51% all day.

*Change past transactions
And now it's almost over 60% wtf


Where do they explain how to use nice hash? I'd like to learn what it's about.

The devs are fucking autists. We should make a fork and call it TurtleCash

the dead coin

he can start ip ban other pools and ignore hes blocks, for lower difficulty.
then he remove ip ban, hes longest chain will be accepted and all transactions maked by other pools wil be discarded

I thought that was a good thing

They are the only ones to mention how to use static diff (even tho it works on all the forknote pools unless it's intentionally disabled). You have to use the static diff for nicehash to work right, otherwise the difficulty gets lowered below the minimum nice hash allows after a while (which was 400000 last I checked, so you need to do a static diff of around 415000-420000). Use any pool besides trtl.mine2gether.com if you nicehash, it works on every pool, don't know if it's still profitable for turtlecoin since it's impossible to sell at even 2 satoshis now.

Main dev dropped out of fucking high school.

Lots of very successful people dropped out of HS

Thanks user.

You can buy at 2sat still

name 5 that aren't athletes/actors/singers

>Main dev dropped out of high school

FUCK, REALLY? Not sure if good or bad desu. hopefully the right kind of tism

Yep, he mentioned it in the block zero podcast interview while he's explaining the max supply and why he chose to only have 2 decimal places: blockzero.simplecast.fm/7ffca55a

Yea but nobody is buying at 3, tradeogre trtl volume is only 0.23423692btc a day and theres a 2 btc buy wall at 2 satoshi, so it would take around 10 days to sell at 2 satoshi (if you're lucky, and the entire 0.23 volume is people buying at 2 saotshi, probably much longer since part of that 0.23 daily volume is people buying in at 1 saotshi). Tradesatoshi has even less volume.

do read avalable information:
as it:
total supply
current supply
mining schedule
with price 1sat PAGEET-PANSUN market cap is 1000000BTC, its to many!
the logic: coin for money laundring but you can buy it for 2sat and sell only for 1sat
it will be denominated or delisted

Chancoin is better.

Here's the TurtleCoin link rundown for potential newturtlecoiners:

>TurtleCoin's homepage

>TurtleCoin community on discord

>TurtleCoin subreddit

>TurtleCoin thread on bitcointalk.org

>Get Shells (TurtleCoins) for free

>Where to buy TRTL for BTC


>Play Turtle Trouble

>Further TurtleCoin links

(Anything else to add?)

>Tip me, please

Yeah, listen to the Blockzero interview and leave 5 stars on the Blockzero itunes page, please.

steve jobs, bill gates

>The coin was initially announced on Veeky Forums/biz/ back in December
so thats why this is spammed so hard here

What is the total supply of trtl coin?

1 trillion

Why are the retards on discord recommending new miners use mine2gether when it has over 51% of the hash power...

There's a raindance party this Friday in the Discord channel. Join and collect fuckloads of shells.

pic related

Well this coins never going to a dollar lol

Well,that’s the finite supply,if they don’t fuck up (devs) it can go pretty high,there is a possible scenario where it can go over a dollar but highly unlikely

Never say never.

The coins total supply is 1 trillion, but that's over the next 100 years. If I remember correctly the coin hits 200billion around 2025 or something like that.
Anyway long story short, a dollar isn't impossible. Unlikely, but not impossible.

I did some research on the coin, and forgot I had posted in this thread

>high school dropouts