Why is everything Crashing?

So what's the story?

Usually some coins go up while others go down. As of now, it looks like everything is crashing.

What's the back story?

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Because you don't own any XLM you faggot

Sorry, wrong image. These are the "top tier" coins. Same problem.

Hacks, FUD, the usual.

everything's going on sale before the moon missions.

It's not Fudding, it's the chart. It's not like I'm making this up. It's a serious question.

Usually some will be up while others are down. Then, when the first one goes down the second one goes up.

I'm asking if there was larger news that is causing them all to crash.

People are selling because of fear, uncertainty and doubt, caused in part by misunderstandings - or not - surrounding what happened to some users on Binance (who entered their credentials in a third party app, and then got surprised when their accounts got hijacked). So, hacks and FUD.

This probably. People sell chunks of their riches to depress the price and set off stop losses, which depresses the price further. Then they buy back more coins for less money. Accumulating. Their power only grows at your expense, user.

Ya but wasn't the Binance problem a few weeks ago? Or was that another Binance problem?

mtgox caused the entire crash market selling hundreds of billions of dollars worth of bitcoin over the course of a little over a month.

No, about 18 hours ago.

yep, same old story. and interesting that XLM has held up best today of the top coins

Damn. MtGox is the gift that keeps on giving. Didn't they fuck you all a few years back?

Another problem. This time it was a real one. A hack. Once they got wise to it, Binance corrected all irregular trades and shit resumed as usual. Didn't stop more retards speculating with shorts. This and possibly news about Mt Gox faggot dumping 4 gorrillion buttcoin over the past 2 months, plus faggots being faggots played well into the hands of whales and institutional investors taking advantage, accumulating off normies who blindly follow meme charts expecting a rally.

Why Cardano?? whyyyyy

shhhhhh, the smart money is still accumulating

tether is holding up pretty well

Trying to post why, but I keep getting "Error: Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again." Starts with MT, ending rhymes with box. Google it.


The bankruptcy estate as of still has 166,344.35 coins leftover after dumping 40,000

Wtf is wrong with biz?
No one heard about the SEC fucking all exchanges?

My exchange is chinese

>No one heard about the SEC fucking all exchanges?
didn't happen. all they did was put out a warning for investors

Binance ceo said they will comply with all regulations at some conference a few weeks ago
USA finna get blocked

No body understand the fukng question!? Why has to be a correlation, it only means that the same crypto whales own the whole show and us

You have to crouch first to make a big jump

Doesn't matter if it didn't happen, that's the reasoning everyone is reporting cause it to go below 10k


>some people using bots on binance got fucked in the ass and fudders equated it to binance getting hacked
>mtgox hearing revealed that they dumped a shit ton btc over the past couple months which line up with significant drops in price, and the fact that they still hold a shit ton makes people think future dumps are going to happen
>sec report about exchanges makes people think exchanges are about to get fucked in the ass (except polo because they got a deal cause they were bought by circle)

There was a bear break yesterday too, so everything just shit the bed at once. Fuck it man, I'm just not going to look at crypto for a week at least.

Best answer to my question so far.

Crypto's over.

>some people using bots on binance got fucked in the ass and fudders equated it to binance getting hacked
What does this mean?

People were using computer programs to make their buys and sells.

I kid you not, they were letting some script trade their real money.

Works great until it doesn't. And when it doesn't, you're wiped out pretty quick.

this is so easy. you buy in the 9s sell in the 11s. theyve done this like 10 times. your all retarded.


Crypto is realizing its true value. Its nowhere near the speculated.

Mommy they posted it again

>People were using computer programs to make their buys and sells.
I mean, I know that much. I'm a ProfitTrailer user myself. I was asking more about the getting fucked in the ass part. Sure I've got some bags, but don't we all right now?