#1 by end of March

How retarded would you have to be at this point not to see that? Right now ETH is 44% of the BTC market cap, yet the ratio has been climbing all day since the MtGox news spilt.

85%+ of coinmarketcap is made up of projects being built on or using Ethereum.

With sharding, plasma, and casper all in the pipeline for coming out THIS year and the amount of people actually benefiting from USING Ethereum there is something seriously to be said here.

The truth always catches up with us.

It's pretty obvious.. I agree it will happen


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It's true though. Normies /boomers who only know BTC will disagree. But the marking is on the wall. At this point only ETH can solve the scalability problem and with it, it's valuation and the valuation of all the projects built on top of it will rise.

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Everything you said is true OP.

Bitcoin is obsolete. Ethereum won crypto. Neo is a chinese scam

It will probably happen this year, but not March. Eth is almost the only crypto that isn’t used for trading only right now

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>At this point only ETH can solve the scalability problem



Ethereum will never scale. It was crippled in minutes by fucking Cryptokitties. It is a den of thieves and scammers. It is switching to proof-of-stake, which is a failed consensus mechanism and simply awards the rich for sitting on capital and doing nothing. The Nakamoto Proof-of-Work consensus is the only decentralized consensus solution. Ethereum was never even supposed to be its own blockchain - it was meant to run on top of Bitcoin, but (((Blockstream))) kicked them out. Bitcoin Cash is re-opening smart contract op-code functionality this year. Graphene and gigabyte blocks are coming. Millions of transactions per second are coming. Entire operating systems and AI's running as smart contracts on top of Bitcoin are coming. The singularity is coming, and its going to be powered by Bitcoin.

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>muh blockstream
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want to know how i know you're a late adopter?

I think in the short term (the next month, maybe a little longer) it's going to continue to either tank or stagnate. But in the long term, it's going to revolutionize the entire crypto space along with finance and other random use cases. It's hard to imagine that if you buy Ethereum now and just hang onto it for a few years, you would lose. I'm on the fence about whether it would ever flip Bitcoin. Logic says that it SHOULD, but then again, people still eat shit like McDonalds more than they eat smaller, more high quality burgers due to name recognition.

Every time it gets close to flippening, it tanks. This tells me that there are lots of whales out there that are resisting the flip. If things keep going the way they are though, there may be no stopping it in the long run. Even so called "Ethereum Killer"s are ERC20 tokens, which is ironic as fuck to me.

This, it's just a matter of time. Hoping my stack of 110 will be enough to make it in two years

>the ratio has been climbing all day
>up 0.2% since yesterday's open

I only recently started gathering up eth using faucets and various sites along with buying it on the dip. I want a few eth coins in a few years as a small lil nest egg.

My only problem atm is my initial investments in coins have dropped over 100$ so im down to 90$ total value but im slowly getting more and more aqquired. Faucethub has been helpful as fuck getting pieces of coins so i'll do that while I put money into it.

Slow going but 1 yr from now I hope ive turned my investments around instead of being down like I am atm. I was up quite high but I bought a bad coin to sit on and oops it dropped enough I lost out.

Recovering and back to investments. I started on Eth cuz my eidoo wallet needs it (lame) and after digging deeper into eth I see it's being held down by greedy whales and autists so getting in now.

My biggest issues are the sit on good coins for a year. I cant break my shitty day trading mindset and that's where I keep fucking up. Hopefully some of these telemate groups im in can help me boost my money once I untie my funds in bad coins


I don't care if it's #1 or #100, it will be >1500 eom. Screencap.

With Russia confirming they are a crypto friendly country you'd have to be retarded to not go at least 50% ETH in your portfolio.

Putin will happily embrace ETH and push it as the top crypto if only for national pride while burgers still try to decide if they want to regulate and come too late to the party.

Ethereum fags should be preoccupied about itself being useable before EOS release something (and then Cardano) instead of thinking about flippening.
The first mover advantage can only lead you so far.

People will use ETH as their trading pairs to avoid the volatility of another trustee dump. If that doesn't make sense to people then I don't know what you're doing in crypto.

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>Putin will happily embrace ETH and push it as the top crypto
Or you know, he'll create his own crypto that's bound the value of ordinary RUB

Mt Gox can't dump on us if we forget about btc and go in eth.

Tezos was never an ERC20 :^)

Here's the deal: if btc crashes, ALL cryptos crash with it, including Ethereum. It will not decouple from Bitcoin - Bitcoin is the main point of entry into the crypto world and arbitrage bots are making sure everything stays tethered to it.
EVERY alt has a trading paid against Bitcoin but not every alt can be traded against Ethereum.
Bitcoin is here to stay and Ethereum is NOT a hedge against Bitcoin. If we move, we move together.

The Flippening


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Don't forget about this...

this is correct.

I agree but that doesn't mean that BTC is impervious to any altcoin surpassing it's market cap, whether that be Ethereum to Digibyte to BitBeans. Anything can happen.