The Real Economy (non-coin thread)

Let's talk about the actual economy

The Stock Market
>stalled out due to fear over political bs
>swinging and crashing due to any potential change
>likely won't see DOW over 26000 for a year or two
>2020 could result in a huge crash depending on who wins

Interest Rates
>taking Elon Musk's rocket upwards
>up 0.5% in 1-2 months
>most people are now shut out of being able to refinance due to increased rates
>lowered taxes have caused interest rates to explode

Housing Market
>house prices up 10-20% in the last 6 months
>mortgage loans going up
>supply going down
>tax incentives removed
>lack of houses near job centers
>houses that would have sold for 400k-500k a year ago are selling day 1 on the market for 600k-700k
>rent prices going up
>huge divide between "you get shot neighborhood/you drive 2 hours to work" homes and "you don't get shot/you drive

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It's all going to come crashing down and crypto is their exit scam

Screen cap this. I'll be back in 6 months

how are house prices going up if fewer people are able top buy them?

For real, here's what I think may end up happening
>ownership of land, houses, and other expensive tangible things will become too high cost
>only the richest will be able to afford not to live in apartments
>apartments will cost 50-70% of a 6 digit salaries take home pay
>they will be in violent areas with crime as government puts section 8 people on your tax money into your neighboring apartment rooms
>taxes will continue to rise to pay for all the poor people being imported into the country

>jobs will all move into megacities as megacorps destroy competition

and finally if we're lucky
>one tech company will crash for some reason and the whole market will fall apart on itself

Want to make it? Build something - or die

2 reasons
>1) Less stock, higher costs, higher rates, but a massive number of people trying to get in. As the prices go up, more and more people get backlogged trying to get in, who then take out riskier and riskier loans to buy - and they have to compete against house flippers and foriegn investors. A house that goes on the market cheap is rocketed up 20% over asking easily if not more
>2) Foreign investment - chinese mainland invasion through capital

It's like a self fulfilling prophecy of people trying to get a home to start families and scalpers/china pumping huge capital to blow everything up.
Ironically this also drives rent up since everyone who can't get a house goes to rent

not really worried, there's a bias towards bad news in the media.

Goddamn it i fucking hate section 8 so fucking much


chinks, saudis, and private equity jews with direct fed connects such as blackstone

they are turning USA into a renter serf nation with their (((currency)))

is there a lot of chinese money in the us housing market? I though that was more of a problem for leafs and roos

If you guys wanna be shilled on a serious solution to the issue of housing and rent read Henry George. He literally was years ahead and it's fucking criminal that he isn't more popular. His land value tax is the most efficient and ethical tax there is, unlike income and corporate tax.

Here's the wiki page is you guys are interested:

Biggest pump and dumps of history

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you're probably retarded if you're not getting this

Rich international investors

In response to OP
>The Stock Market
far away from fundamentals imho.

>Interest Rates
Worrisome. what will happen to other modes of investment?

>Housing Market
looking worrisome, feels like 2005. it won't play out the same way, i think, but it will be bad. Rent prices are absurd and worrisome. luckily housing prices aren't super terrible where I am. definitely at least 20-25% inflated list price imho.

everything we hear about jobs is bullshit. jobs are absolutely in the gutter.

I might be biased with a labor econ perspective, but the jobs are shit and people won't be able to rent
Everyone is looking for housing because no one wants bonds and renting out properties is the only thing that short sighted people see with an ROI above 3%. The shitstorm of buying high and then needing to sell low will restart 2008. that's my gut reaction at the moment - have not read enough at all.

>they are turning USA into a renter serf nation
I'm in canada, they don't even rent them out. they just wave the tax loss and reduce the supply of housing.

Understanding the property market 101
>(you get it)

We are headed towards a new feudal age, I'm focusing on getting specialised in my career so I can have a business and nice property and my family line will be in the aristocratic part of society rather than serfs in the future

Dfen long

Yeah that's what gonna happen. It's gonna be those who own land and those who don't. American dream is dead and anyone who thinks we can bring back our glory days by electing a reality TV star is deluded.

Manufacturing is fucken dead. Every mid/small shops that doesn't have connections to goverment contracts, fortune 500 or china connection are bleeding out.
The manufacturing sector is usually the leading indicator for future economic conditions, about 6 months. This year has been total shit. Things started going south rapidly and it starting around December, the conditions akin to that of 2008. Shits going to get ugly.

yes and the aristocrats will be fair skinned, tall, strong, intelligent and asthetic (a few elite niggers will be absorbed in this group) and the peasants will be short, ugly, dark skinned, low IQ (a few white trash will be absorbed in this group)

just as i get crypto rich, nice

It's a problem in most west-coast metropolitan areas, like San Fran and Denver

Fucking Chinese grandma who was 60 paid for a house we were looking at in fucking cash. 2m house in cash. It's not foreign investors it's Chinese corrupt officials moving their capital out of China so it can't be touched

I am convinced LVT is the best way to solve the problems in the housing market + it encourages productivity over useless rent seeking.