How far are you down right now?

24.55% right here.

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Jesus. Assuming you aren't mentally retarded, how is that even possible?

like 50% 60%


ive accepted the fact i will be a neet living with mommy for most if not all my 20s. My only hope at an adult lifestyle is if i get a job in japan.
Too bad i will still have to live like a poorfag there though

Got in late Nov.
up like 40%

im still above my initial investment but for how much longer reeee

What gives?

down -150%

75% down from initial more or less. Like 95% from ATH. Feels good.

How shit are your coins?

Similar story. I never sold a single alt since the bullrun.

635% of my initial. At less than half of ATH. Would have been a too good to be true success story had I cashed half out for Christmas.

I am down 94%.

Down 80% from initial investment. Don't really have anything left.

I'm up about 22% this year because I invested in an index fund run by jews and because of drumpferdoodly tax cuts.

You’re genuinely not supposed to keep investments that are up by 1000%. That’s so fucking retarded of you.
You’ll be kicking yourself even harder when your unrealized gains drop to 300% this summer.

lol what did you buy you fucking idiots

-7.4% from initial. And I thought I was a terrible trader. Sheesh.

About 20% up. Before the crash I was about 100% up, but pulled out of DRGN, KCS, and partially XLM in time. I'm down from 100% now only because of listening to retards on my discord, now I'm bagholding their shitty suggestions eg ENJ, DNT, AION.

Over 50% from ATH now. It's all ICX's fault, I should have bought XMR at the bottom.


Yeah this one fucked me hard too. I got over diversified and took my eye off too many balls.

-19% but I started trading 3 weeks ago. Picked a bad time to enter the market but better to get babies first bear run out of the way then to be spoiled by a bull market right off the bat.. r-right

No more bull markets! Only regulation and 5% gains per year.

ICX and NULS. Pretty much everything is getting obliterated from when I bought. Early December. I originally bought ICX at $2.70. Then I dumped 10k into it at $6. Diversified some into NULS which just recently saved me from completely being destroyed by the fall today.

Assuming you're white and not completely socially inept, learn Mandarin and move to China to teach English. Don't need any quals and you'll be earning like $60k a year which let's you live like a king over there

Down 45%

85% on this FUCKING SHITCOIN BBT that was shilled to death here, i wrote off that 4k investment already so its numb to me.

$1500 initially currently at $500. I don't want to talk about it. 127 IQ btw

English teachers are regarded with contempt in most of the world. They know we're just sending our NEETs over there to teach English. So be aware of that.

Started with 1k, cashed 4k, have 11k. Next time remember ti take profit retards

65% of unrealized profits

1 btc = 1 btc
I ain't loosing anything nigga