Frugal thread

How do you guys cut corners and save money? Any tips?

>grab fruit and veggies from neighbors’ gardens at night
>sneak into movies, theater hop
>walk into McDonalds with old cup and get free refills
>grab out of tip jars while cashiers aren’t looking
>pocket small items from Walmart aisles without cameras
>get free stuff off craigslist and re-sell them
>take people’s pets and return them when they start posting ‘Have You Seen This Dog?’ rewards

>>take people’s pets and return them when they start posting ‘Have You Seen This Dog?’ rewards

i wipe with my hand and wash it in the sink.
but only before i shower.

id checks out

I burst out laughing from the very first one, bravo OP.

You ask about saving money, but almost all of your points are just stealing from other people.

You want to start saving money.... try donating $100 to a charity and watch the magic happen.

You're basically a Gypsy?

>save money
>by giving it away

really makes me think

It works, most people are just too blind to understand it.

I decided one year to donate 10% to charity each year.

Every year I gave, the amount I earned went up.

That increased the amount I gave, which increased what I earned again.

In one 5 year period of time I wound up donating 50k to my favorite charity. Which means I also kept the other 450k

I shit in the street instead of paying to use a public toilet.


I used to be a stingy fuck and never had luck when it came to anything. Over the years I have been not giving a fuck and I have become more of a giving person

I’ve received a lot back in return. It’s a trip

Top kek, at you op, worst I do is take napkins from fast food joins to avoid buying toilet paper.

>steal wine bottles from parties
>take the leftover uncooked meat from BBQ gatherings
>ring up the most expensive nuts, fruits and veggies as peanuts and bananas as the self checkout
>Bike everywhere
>Replace dollar can barcodes on the most expensive paint at walmart and use self-checkout
These are all things I actually do.

This desu, I used to constantly be running out of money and spending like crazy, when I started doing charity I started wasting less and making a lot more.

You sound like a friend of mine.
He'll either come over and ask 'is there anything to eat?' and then go raid my kitchen, or if he sees a pizza box in the fridge he'll just grab the leftovers like I wasn't planning on eating it later..
He also is super stingy on things, if a group of us are planning on going somewhere his first thought is 'ahhh I that's too expensive, I don't wanna spend the money' and try to get the group to do something for free like 'Let's got the park and play bocce ball instead!'
Then he'll crash at my place after a night out, wake up in the morning, grab hydrating drinks like coconut water gatorade out of my fridge without asking, then grab a few 'road beers' on his way home.

He's a friend, but he's still stingy as fuck. I've learned to avoid him when he's 'in the neighborhood' or if he suggests getting a group together, not hosting.

Take people’s bones from after they finished eating wings and kfc

Intermittent fasting. I don't eat until 5pm, I only drink black coffee and water for most of the day. So I save money on food and toilet paper since I shit less. Also, I don't have to buy new clothes, because as I get skinnier I can start fitting into my old shit.

Also, taking quarters from my dad's change jar when I visit his house.

Can a NEET do this?
I used to earn a lot but now I’m unemployed. I’m living off my savings and I haven’t earned anything from crypto yet. There’s a hospital I’m dead certain I want to donate to when I /makeit/ but I’d feel lousy just giving them $100 or something.

I'm not an asshole about it though. If friends insist on eating out at an expensive restaurant, I just don't order any entrees and they understand because I'm poor. Fuck stealing from your friends. That crosses a line between rational frugality and shitty behavior.

lel you guys are animals, and i mean that in a good way. here's some stuff i've done that hasn't already been listed:

>only use free wi-fi for internet, you can walk in with an empty starbucks cup and they won't know, but some places are strict and will notice or kick out squatters if you look like a dirty hobo
>recycle everything, or find alternative uses for common items.
>sleep on couch or spare room of friends/family if they allow it without contributing to rent/mortgage
>sleep in car if you have a car
>stop drinking coffee, and only drink it when it's free. you can find it free in some places but it's the shitty coffee
>never buy napkins, always get them for free, i know you've mentioned this already
>never buy plastic trash bags, just use the thin ones they give out for free (fruit ones or the standard ones)
>get free food from food banks
>never buy new shit, look for it listed for free, or get it at goodwill/salvation army stores
>never live in the expensive part of town, but if you live in the nig/spic slums you'll need to come up with creative ways to keep yourself and your "valuables" safe.
>never get involved in "long-term relationship" with wimmenz, only fuck and chuck them.

i spend over 25% of my monthly pay on car fuel

Sounds like a parasitic friend. People like him usually won't help their friends back in any manner or are very reluctant to help people in general.

This one made me lose it well done user

>find Starbucks cup
>fill it with brown mud water
>walk inside and complain they made my drink wrong
>get free coffee

best answer, hands down

What is the difference?

niceu baito desu

Awesome just gave away $100k