Press F if you got SHITTED.jpg by this coin

Press F if you got SHITTED.jpg by this coin.

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Its still going down. There is no release. I' deep I might as well wait for token swap

At first it was funny seeing everyone getting GOOK’D but now I just feel bad



Should I sell

In all seriousness to everyone. Don't fucking panic sell. If anything, at least hold after the token swap because ICX will appreciate a lot in the next bull market.

Still accumulating. Screencap this, look at it in 3 months and kys.

ICX was 60% of my portfolio. I bought half at $8, and the other at $11. I finally couldn't take it anymore and sold at $5, thinking I seriously fucked up. But lo and behold, here we are sub $3. So...good job? Fuck me. And fuck ICON so hard.

Went all in the day it was listed, I'm still up

Same dude. Definitely hard watching my gains come down but still up.

I feel bad cuz I told a friend and family member to buy when it was like $7 - $9

I'm raped. Will the gods ever stop pissing on us?

I lost 10 of my 170 ICX daytrading yesterday

Nice, i lost all of it and now I have VIA

I'm down 110k USD on this coin so far. And I'm just a lowly 23 year old NEET. Fuck me. And fuck those gooks

didya go all in?

They swapped ur VIA for BTC you lying faggot

I went 50-50 VEN/ICX back in december. Regret not going 100% VEN so hard.

how the fuck did a 'lowly neet' get a few hundred k to invest at 23?

I put my life savings (about 3k) into eth exactly one year ago. Didn't know what it was, just had coinbase and saw it going up lol. Been flipping shitcoins since June

lol. newfag. you realise most bizbros already made it in 2017 right?

Can anyone shill me on this?

It's some kind of kimchi-nigger coin. Not sure what it does though, nobody knows yet.

This piece of shit is ruining me, I bought thousands at $9.55


Maybe you'll finally learn not to touch gook scamcoins

This is back to pre-pump January levels.. no way it’s going lower, r-right, user? I should go all in now? You fucking guys were shilling the everliving fuck out of this coin a month ago.