Where did all the Chainlink FUD go?

Where did all the Chainlink FUD go?
The overshilling is making me uncomfortable.

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People are filtering out the threads.

As if the FUD was ever real

its just getting tiring to explain over and over where the weaknesses of chainlink are.

also if you are getting paid to shill but not to FUD, guess what. you cant compete against 1 billion pajeets that are paid 0.01 USD a day to shill chainlink when sergey has 32 million USD at hands.

Don't you know they are the same people?


The only threads I ever see where every fundamental aspect of a coin gets absolutely dissected is with ChainLink. Think about it have you ever seen someone bust out an excel spreadsheet in ICX/VEN/EOS/ADA threads? No. So ask yourself what about ChainLink attracts the unrelenting focus and obsession of all the autists, could it be:
A) ChainLink is a garbage coin like the other 99% of coins that get shilled here
B) A bunch of autists are absolutely convinced LINK is the real deal but also cannot believe that they would ever be lucky enough to actually buy early so they spend their days relentlessly attacking it to see if it really is too good to be true.

See autists are like the polar opposites of normies, when a normie buys something he spends all day convincing himself it was the best decision ever and filling himself with optimism. An autist must attack their decision from every conceivable angle thousands of teams before feeling remotely comfortable.

I've never read any legit weakness of Chainlink.
Except the complete absence of marketing, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

please explain one last time what these weaknesses are
>inb4 Oraclize already exists
>inb4 2 man team
>inb4 swift partnership isn't real
>inb4 token mechanics and node payments

i'm genuinly curious, please explain the weaknesses. I am not an emotional investor; if there is a fatal flaw which i have overlooked or am not aware, i will sell my stack.

The funny thing is, we won’t know what Link’s real weaknesses are until it’s widely adopted in crypto. It’s like people debating ethereum’s scalability back when it was worth 8 bucks. We didn’t see that problem realized untill eth was over $800.

So link got 777777 with $1000 EOY, right? To bad it was for market cap and not coin price. MY LINKIE STAYES SUPER STINKY.
relax, i thought i was going to sleep but after shifting in my bed for an hour i just realised i need to shitpost a little more, so here you go

standing ovation

the answer is A

Sergey said he was hiring PR... not quite what I imagined either.

A legit weakness would be how many pajeets are backing it. And its never going to hit "muh 1k" when all the pajeets dump on 2$ because of their impatience

>hiring PR
they dont need PR, they need decontamination. Veeky Forums has literally killed this coin's chances of being taken seriously in the real business world, not that it had much of a shot anyway, but any coin with this many desperate losers clinging onto it is destined for failure.

no coin has seen this much exclusive shilling on Veeky Forums and gone on to be a successful project.


This is what people were saying to me about ETH when I shilled it so hard all the normies and nocoiner s ragequit the board

Eth actually got some media attention outside of Veeky Forums in its early days. I have never heard about link except from exclusively Veeky Forums basement dwellers

Link was just on tv and sergey is giving talks
It's just not on ((leddit)) aka where you go for all your crypto news

>having tv in India
what station was it on? Source?


ever heard of DYOR? here comes the airplane Jimmy, eat the whole spoon!


Sir it was on the bangalore local news station #6 briefy with ripple and xrb

Then it doesn't fucking matter? I'll still make a shitload of money

The intentionally shit shills are the FUD.

>See autists are like the polar opposites of normies, when a normie buys something he spends all day convincing himself it was the best decision ever and filling himself with optimism.
There is a lot of blind optimism for link as well, lots of memes, meme magic etc. People here definitely spend a lot of time convincing themselves link is good. But it is good.

its most likely one guy just shilling out of bordom.
its probably the only guy that actually holds this shitcoin

At least 34 threads on the catalog right now. Imagine how many threads there will be when the singularity comes

The FUDers are the ones spamming LINK threads with broken english.

Anyone who doesn't realize that is fucking retarded.