You must pick 1

You must pick 1

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Cardano. It goes:

1. Cardano
2. Ethereum
3. EOS

EOS easily

I already got finished with Cardano months ago. Ethereum is my main bitch now.

Chainlink ftw

eh, tezos

As to why, it's simply that Cardano's basis looks to be more solid. Ethereum has a huge lead, but is having a hard time resolving some of the current issues. And EOS is basically vaporware with paid shills, so I doubt once the hype dies it goes too far.

then Eth and EOS
loading up now as its pretty fucking cheap and gonna sell when its at 9000 sats


Garbanzo isn’t vaporware? Wtf kind of drugs are you plugging?

DCA (dollar cost average) 40% ADA
40% ETH (70% of that at the dip starting 0.6 BTC, rest DCA)
20% EOS (all at once, crypto chad style, sell immediately at peak of hype moon)

terrible opinion, Dan has a track record for creating actual working products unlike Charles who's leeches off autism.

hard pass

That's easy. ETH because that's the only one that actually has any fucking real world value out of those 3 ATM.



All in since .13 and hodling comfy for Q2

Short cardano into the ground. Overvalued shit

ETH. The other two say they are so great, but would like to see if they can deliver before ethereum scales, and if they are still as fast when they are the one with biggest transaction volume

How is EOS vaporwave anyways? There's already a testnet out and people creating dapps on it already, actual useful DAPPS instead of cryptokittie shit.

You niggers calling EOS vaporwave can go fuck yourselves

Steem already processes more transactions than BTC and ETH combined, I'm not worried about EOS capability to scale on mass demand

also bitshares...these niggas does not know much about eos. its success brings blockchain to next level. these retards buying ADA which deos not have working wallet for yrs

I want a gen 3 platform coin to round out my portfolio. Right now I am between
I think NAS has the most potential, but ADA is a non-chink coin. I remember looking at ETH with a $3 billion marketcap and not thinking it could go up much, and now I realize marketcap means nothing and ADA can still grow. Leaning towards ADA but someone fully shill me.

My children, do you not know?

Yeah centralised databases are incredibly fast.

Blockchains however, have certain requirements which do not allow for such speed. Until ethereum implements sharding and shows everyone the way.

Bugman hoskinson btfo
Dan scammer btfo

EOS, Cardano is far too behind and working on the same issues that ETH is doing just with a different philosophy behind it all meanwhile Dan the chad already figured out the scaling problem.

Hoskinson strikes me as a huge faggot so I'm going with EOS.

dan's just going to abandon eos when it doesnt see the immediate traction he's hoping for, or he'll just get bored like he has with everything else.

cardano will be too little too late, 2019 before anything remotely close to ethereum, by which point ethereum's 3-4 year lead during the high growth period of crypto cements it.

ETH is centralized as shit with miners and POS is a rip-off of DPOS.

Eth-Cucks scared of Dan the Chad.

Enjoy your trash solidity garbage

>late adopters actually think like this

How did he abandon STEEM and Bitshares? They work normally, what the fuck is he supposed to do with it. The point of EOS is to build a platform so he can build future applications like STEEM and Bitshares without creating a seperate blockchain for it you fucking brainlet.

Hahaha. Do you know anyone can write a programming language for ETH? If you don’t like solidity you can write your own language!

The Turing complete global Singleton always wins. You can’t stop it.

Out of these three I have ETH and EOS. Eth is the only one that's currently a working product and EOS because I recognize the potential upsides. I think Steemit is a brilliant proof of concept and shows a rough sketch of what the next Facebook will look like; EOS seems like the platform it will be built on.

I am looking at Lisk though and the user-interface is undeniably inviting and polished. Anyone here actually a Lisk owner? Any reason to write it off completely or is it worth watching? I'm curious why it's seemingly under the radar.

Put it this way, cucks: Larimer built a site in Steemit that is actually used as a platform and will continue to grow. Ethereum is used for nothing besides ponzi schemes and has inferior technology

Cardano is made by a team of certifiable faggots who have no product and a bunch of memewords

Get in while you can before summer hits because EOS is going parabolic and, at the very least, 20x by end of year

EOS is a centralized pos


CARDANO is a pipe dream.
ETH has network effect, but for investment, I would go EOS for multipliers

Nah. eos is a bag of shit and no dev is going to want to build anything on top of a centralised censored piece of shit like eos.

>no dev is going to want to build anything
but devs already are building on it

Larimer is a joke. Watch him make a fool out of himself
EOS is a centralized shitcoin. The only way they achieve speed is by sacrificing decentralization - there will be 21 validators controlling the network. This is worse than Lisk which is currently controller by a staking cartel hoarding all the staking rewards and voting for one another.
ANYONE can achieve EOS's speed claim with that few nodes. The technology isn't that amazing when you dig into it. They have great web designers for their ICO website, it looks all new and futuristic gotta give them that.

The block producers will be elected, known and monitored for performance by EOS token holders.

As a steemit user I have to say that its been the best investment in a crypto I actually use in existence. Like I actually use steem and SBD every fucking day for upvoting people I follow and promoting content I like to see.

Its weird too because I have always used steemit as this sort of side thing. I ignored steem when it was 10 cents each and just posted content / blogs talking about Bitcoin.

It never dawned on me that steem and SBD are the only to cryptos I actually do shit with. ANd steem keeps going up in value. I cannot imagine what EOS will be like, I hold a nice chunk of EOS right now.

On that note, I don't think that steem power is taxable like cryptocurrency. In other words its not a crypto. So its a way to store value without it being an actual cryptocurrency, and on top of that even if it was taxed after having an account for over a year it would be 10% indefinitely because its a long term hold period.

Its a major tax loophole right now.

Nah. Only ones who get paid by the main scammer

I'm a dev and I do plan to make indie games on it.

As are Lisk delegates. How is that working out?
This is how it's going to play out from a game theoretic perspective: delegates will slowly acquire an overwhelming stake into the network and become essentially unimpeachable

why? serious

40% EOS 35% ETH, fuck Card(anus)


Just like Steemit, am I right? ETH will run inside EOS as a smartcontract this year.

When I look at other cryptos I don't see the same potential. ETH works pretty well for game dev but the cost for gas and transaction times is out of control. EOS is first time I am looking at something where its basically a barebones platform where integration into the unreal 4 engine is probably not a huge hurdle.

How is it working out for lisk? Serious question. I am intrigued by the polish and ease-of-use they seem to provide to newcomers wanting to develop on blockchains.

In regards to to EOS (and Lisk/NEO for that matter):

The way I see it, some amount of centralization with known entities is exactly what enterprises would want in a platform. At least, at first. Maybe we get to utopian-decentralization where the small peasants at the bottom of the pyramid can diversify the reigns of power but we've got a long way to go.

In the status quo, large corporations are becoming increasingly consolidated and antitrust laws have become less enforced. Conglomerates and cartels are the norm.

If institutional money is to funnel into a platform to develop on, a small pool of trusted node-holders (or whatever they're called) provide a much safer space to build on.

As many drawbacks as a relatively-centralized platform seem to have to small-time investors, those same reasons could be seen as positive for big business.

>or (probably) idk wtf I'm talking about and I'm just spectating wildly

EOS, by brute force. How can you all not see it?

three more months before Shelley (staking). After that price will increase and I suspect that many people will be sorry for not buying right now.

>The way I see it, some amount of centralization with known entities is exactly what enterprises would want in a platform.

I can tell you right now without a shadow of a doubt. Gaming will always be centralized. Unless someone can provide a decentralized method to prevent cheating we will never see decentralized gaming.

EOS and every other token that 100m or over in supply will never get you the returns like ETH. Don't you idiots realise why all this new shit ICO's wanna do such a large supply ... it's economics... they can't control the price fluctuations (FREE MONEY for smart asses) like what's happening with BTC, LTC, XMR and every other small supply coins.

I will never buy oversupplied, overpriced shit like... EOS, ADA, XLM. ...

Okay. I guess I'm retarded but why would you want to build a game on a blockchain period?

ADA... alllll day.

Eos, easy choice. Ethereum will be left in the dust by the time sharding and pos are ready, and cardano will never be a working product because it's being built by academics who care more about aesthetics and theory than functionality and real world adoption. Its already technically inferior to eos. Who the fuck writes networking code and a vm in haskell, goddamn phdfags

> The way I see it, some amount of centralization with known entities is exactly what enterprises would want in a platform
But then what is even the point of crypto? Why are we here?

I can set up a ledger/smart contract VM running on my aws server with some super light API running on nginx calling a SQLite database. I can give you 5000tps if you want and brand it as the world's fastest cryptocurrency. Only catch is that I can shut down the server at any time or give priority to my buddies' transactions or double spend once in a while to pay for my vacations in the Bahamas.

What does the EOS network provide that the web as it is today does not?

What is thinking in terms of percent, what is metcalfe's law

Its cheaper and less complex than having to maintain massive databases for every player account. Its an indie devs dream if it can be pulled off.

The only catch then will be to find a method to prevent cheating and then you can get a team of like 5 people to make a voxel based warframe clone on a budget of 10k.

No single entity, government or organization can control the network. They will all be fighting over influence and keeping each other on check, and moreover the network as a while can remove bad actors. Its a far superior system to mining and casper pos where self appointed whales call all the shots

I feel like ADA is too ambitious for its own good. They have the most elegant and beautiful codebase out of any crypto I have studied (cardano-sl and daedalus). However, this is a cut-throat winner-takes-most market and their development cycle is currently too slow
Out of the three I will have to go with ETH, which has a proven track record and network effects, but who knows? Maybe in the future ETH will be like Linux and Cardano like Mac OS X

Yes, 11 delegates colluding together can weak havoc on the network. Delegates are like mega-whales

That would require possession of more than 50% of the eos coin supply. Good luck with that.

Why is ICX not an option?

I'm not arguing in favor of a somewhat-centralized system, just speculating that big businesses might see that as a safe way to test the waters in this emerging tech space.

To be fair, there's a difference between 101, 21 or even just 7 node-holders and you as one single entity providing the server/database.

There is a scale of relative centralization, on one end a million block producers, and on the other just a single entity. Maybe the thought of a smaller cartel, while not as decentralized as possible, seems more palatable to big businesses.

Either way, I'm just trying to offer another point of view.

Also, why is lisk received so negatively? Again, just curious what the general consensus is. You seem to know way more about this shit than I do and I'm just trying to get more perspective.

Komodo obviously, no match against EOS or Cardano at current stage.
Undervalued if you put it against ETH, not better but in a different class.

No, you're thinking of PoS. EOS is not PoS, but delegation.
That will 50% of the top 21 delegates for which EOS tokens vote to collude. It requires far less than 50% of the supply.

Aeternity & UBIQ

Eos is delegated pos. Token holders vote on delegates. 1 token = 1 vote. Anyone who wants to control 11 of the 21 nodes will need to convince more than half of all token holders to vote for them.

Wrong. Because

1) A big proportion of the tokens will not vote
2) Consider this simplified system with 7 delegates and this distribution of votes:

Del 1: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Del 2: |||||||||||
Del 3: |||||||
Del 4: ||||
Del 5: ||
Del 6: |
Del 7: |
Del 8: |
Del 9: |

Delegates 6,7,8,9 have far less votes than delegates 1,2,3,4,5. Yet, they can collude and take over the network

Eth. The other 2 could crash and die and nobody would notice, while eth is used by most of the projects that count. The scaling is not an issue, they are on track and it will be ready way before crypto goes mainstream.

Why do you think token holders would be incapable of recognizing this disproportionate voting pattern and correct for it? If someone is acting maliciously everyone with a vested interest in the network will be hugely incentivised to vote in such a way that their power is removed. It's not very complicated.

Wait, so cardano that just started developing and has nothing is not vaporware and EOS that has already a testnet and is releasing the mainnet in a few months is a vaporware? Are you retarted, sir?

I think this is a great article:

> why is lisk received so negatively?
Because some delegates have formed a cartel voting for one another and hoarding most of the coin rewards to the point that it's virtually impossible to boot them from the delegates pool
It's not yet to the point that they can control 51% of the hashrate, but users are upset



Nice roi user

So far Cardano has been on point for every milestone.

In 6 to 12 Months time, Cardano will be pound for pound better than Ethereum, in every technical aspect.

I have no doubt they will match this.

In a world where most "Ethereum Competitor's" are ERC-20 (which is fucking laughable)

Cardano stands out massively


Ada development is going at a snales pace. Its github is about 1/4 as active as eos and most of the major elements haven't even hit the test net. And toe to toe it won't be able to come close to competong with eos in terms of speed. Haskell is about 10 times slower than c++. The fact that they chose an aesthetic project language like that is proof enough to me that they never intended for it to reach the masses.

I'm not going to say it's better than EOS.

Fact is I don't know. There are some concerns I have with EOS - number one being there is no live blockchain yet, and all the claims of it are purely words.

However if those words turn out to substance, then EOS would also be a fantastic one to invest in.

It seems to be targeting a different use than ADA // ETH however, in being more functionally centralised, to allow for faster throughput.

Really I'd be throwing money into ADA and EOS, and expect both to do very well

EOS is vaporware

ADA is overbought

ETH is a marketleader with a working product and undeniably the only platform that will survive

tough choice

>number one being there is no live blockchain yet, and all the claims of it are purely words.
Yes there is. I just started messing around on it this week.

Thanks for the article non, reading it now. I'm fascinated by the philosophy behind this tech and the meta-culture surrounding the various platforms. I think we're living in a really interesting time/space and the debates between these figureheads like Buterin, Larimer, and Hoskinson, etc. is really intriguing. Excited to see where we go next.
>I'm actually writing a paper for school about some of these concepts and it's nice to get more resources too, so kudos.
>the exceedingly rare, intelligent and cordial conversations like this on Veeky Forums restore my faith in humanity and provide an actual reason to come back: I actually learn some things new here from time to time.

As for lisk, is the state of their delegate system a warning sign of what's to come for (seemingly similar) systems like EOS? Or are they dissimilar enough? Is there a solution to their problems besides hardforking or some other systematic restructuring?

Even if there is a cartel controlling the creation of blocks on their platform, I could still see some businesses adopting it for the simple fact that they want to hoard the benefits and know the (apparently) flawed system is easy to rig. For the same reason that monopolies/oligopolies are the trend in international corporations, consolidation of power is probably a compelling entry point for large corporations that want to get involved in this new wave of technology.

Like ripple for instance: I have friends that don't want to get involved investing in cryptocurrencies/assets generally, but see the centralized, big-bank bank-backed characteristic of ripple as a comforting.

As sad as it may seem to you (and me) a lot of people actually want to be ruled by a small group of all-power cartels/corporations/banks because that's what they're used to and the uncertainty of a decentralized anarchic financial world scares them.



EOS is the most impressive blockchain project in history.

Anyone who *actually* understands EOS and *still* fuds it are doing so out of intellectual dishonesty.

If you’re genuinely curious, ask the smartest programmer you know to compare Ethereum, Cardano and EOS.

EOS wins every time. There’s no competition.

Well done, user. I’m hodling but I got all my ADA for .04 cents so I’m not sweating it.

Cardano = probably the most high tech of them all
EOS = most pragmatic approach
Ethereum = only one with an actual ecosystem

If Ethereum doesn't release upgrades before July they are in deep shit, EOS has a crazy warchest to shill its project.

That's the opposite retard, Cardano is nothing but paper right now.

Cardano then ETH.
EOS is a piece of shitcoin.

Found the retard

I have positions in all of them, but I like Cardano the most. Ethereum has the first mover advantage, but Cardano once released will be a steamroller.


as of today and the exact inverse in 7 years >:)

Dan has always said he'll walk away when it's live to avoid any conflicts of interest. He's also hints he'll make dapps for it

All in
to the fuckin moon

Tell that to bitfinex

Eos needs to be staked for the site/dapp to run. Plus it's dpos for normal holders. At any one time alot of supply will be locked up.

salty EOS bagholder located

so a centralized exchange wants to build on centralized network?
well, that changes everything, all in

Steemit has no business model. It's a pyramid scheme by which everyone gets paid in new steem made from nothing with zero reasons to actually buy steem.
There are only two business models for content: subscriptions and advertising. None is applicable to steemit.

As for scaling, steemit has no smart contracts. Eth could process millions of simple transfers daily.