Veeky Forums I'm running out of ideas

Veeky Forums I'm running out of ideas.
What are you making to eat for tomorrow?

An alert crypto trader must eat!

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when Im thirsty, nothing quenches my thirst Like a Pepsi can

I can give you some ideas...


Quinoa shrimp with kidney beans, corn, onions and vegetable stock. 10/10 healthy and quick.



Is this that guy Veeky Forums always mocks the YouTube videos of?

Fasting all day for brain gains

I am addicted to eating cabbage and cucumbers with homemade Asian dressing as of lately... Gotta slice the cab up reallll fine though or it comes out shitty. Pic related

Rice/chicken/broccoli on training days. Salmon/chicken/nuts on rest days. No exceptions.

Oh, it is.

baked cabbage actually tastes really good. You could make a stir-fry with some rice, that's always easy to make and cheap. Could also eat oat-meal for breakfast since that shit's healthy and cheap. Soup is also easy to make, I like making ramen too.



That's why you are obese?



Worlds soggiest, most disgusting "nachos". Good job



Pasta with chicken, don't think anything could be better.

Fry onions with sweet pepper, put it away, then fry chicken. Use chicken legs and hips, they are more juicy than breasts.

Then mix veggies and chicken, pour some soy sauce and boil it out a bit. Make pasta. Or if you tired of pasta, soba will work nicely. Bon appetit

That cabbage is coarse as fuck lol

Mexico and USA the fattest countries on the planet

Demon peppers I hear thy.


that is a bottle for fucks sakes

If you follow those recepies, there is pretty big chance you die around 30,lol

this thread sure made me want to pick up a glass of Pepsi and Frito Lays!

jalad and darmok at tanagra

Those instant mashed potatoes are fucking awesome.


Shaka when the walls fell


That looks good as hell no joke.

Dude why do you even have a collection of all these webm's lol

I think it's Brain Gang Good Guy. He doesn't have any DBC threads to post in right now :(

Ja/ck/ is a miracle of the universe.


Drink water you diabetus fuck

This is it.

Or wait...


why drink water when pepsi is cheaper you faggot? economics 101


Enjoy paying for diabetes meds and treatment you fat cunt

Croissants and coffee, with a lovely view of the Eifel Tower

diabetes isnt real

Eating cholesterol, oil, and saturated fats is much like investing in the most shitcoin you can possibly find, but instead of actually puts your health into debt.

user did you stick your sauce-covered hand in the ranch? I can make out the shape of a hand.
Also stop being a console peasant.

Trips dont lie cunt

That looks fucking gross

Because its raw

Just LOL @ all you Paleo-Game Cult healthfags eating bland ass food. There is only so much steak you can eat without going insane. Have fun with your heart disease thinking that a high-fat high-protein diet is healthy.

If you develop diabetes, go on a vegan juicing fast and you can reverse diabetes rather quickly. The calorie deficit from a vegan diet is going to lead to drastic weight loss and your blood sugar levels will return to normal

If I ever got desperate to lose weight and reverse diabetes, I would rather down home-made vegan juices rather than eat nothing but meat, nuts and veggies like you Paleofags. And I would lose weight and reverse my blood sugar a lot faster than you idiots. lol.