What is /biz eating? Hope you guys keep it healthy. Here’s my pasta salad from last night

What is /biz eating? Hope you guys keep it healthy. Here’s my pasta salad from last night.

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low on fat, high proteine.

steak & asparagus

Looks good user.

just ate pic related

Every morning

Do I want to know what's on the plate

Bacon and walnuts. What?

You realize you're supposed to cook bacon, yes? The fat hasn't even rendered on that. I can hear it oinking through the screen.

This is a great meal.


But it is cured bacon, you don't really NEED to cook that. I'm tired of wasting the fat also I'm too busy. You should try it some time it's pretty nice.

All bacon is cured by definition. Also 30 seconds of Googling would tell you that it is not safe to eat raw.

And you eat 7 hardboiled eggs with that pile of raw disease, too, every day. Jesus christ. Is this bait?

Raw cured bacon is safe. Do you even into gains?



Aren't you guys omnivores? Just eat the shit raw and stop being pussies.

I go to Whole Foods every single day, get 1.5 pounds of salad + meat, and eat it. $15 a day is worth the convenience.

I'm having the 'McAfee's breakfast'
but jokes aside I'm eating so shitty I gained 15kg,
junk all the time

Please explain. Is that a bowl of soft-cooked bacon, walnuts, and brown sugar? You eat that along with 7 boiled eggs every morning? Please explain.

constipated much?

Salmon stake and a glass of whine, with the safe knowledge of investing in skycoin

No, it is just bacon and walnuts. The powder is just from the bag of walnut pieces.

This is a healthy way to gain weight but only if you are working out a lot.

> healthy

Go soy somewhere else

I eat exclusively chicken nuggets (OCD/mania problems)

Hey man I'm just posting that cuz I care about you user brother. Scientific community is reaching a consensus about cancer causing properties of processed/red meats, once in a while isn't too bad but every day is probably a little excessive. Also not to mention the saturated fats. You can significantly lower your risk of cancer and heart disease by limiting your consumption of that type of dish to once or twice a week.

>T. Low t soyboy

You fucking need saturated fats for testosterone production polyunsaturated fats are what kill test production which is probably why you are a spineless soyboy

Also research cholesterol and its role in the endocrine system or stay a worthless cuck

already ate dinner and didnt take a picture. you're only slightly healthier than me.

brown rice, salmon, and green beans.. just read through the thread and felt the need to clarify

Herrr herr derrr I have a higher risk of cancer and heart disease so I have high testosterone and bitches wanna fuck me more *sips rockstar*.

Idiot I eat meat also but stick to unprocessed chicken and turkey. I have no clue why you think you are smarter than the worlds best doctors

just eat some nice fatty fish or red meat once a week... you're good as far as free test goes.

If you're not on a whole foods plant based diet you're commiting a slow suicide

when you look at red/fatty meat on a weekly scale rather than daily it breaks down a lot easier. you only need 25-100g of sat fat from meat per week to get the most out of your natural test. i can easily eat 100g of fatty meat in one day and abstain for six days

Herr herr herr i hate my life and wanna suicide because i have low t and dont understand the importance of hormonal balance in a human male and how devastating the effects of and unbalanced system are

Typical cuck that fell for propaganda
Oh well atleast you wont be able to breed with your subpar sperm then

if your heart is beating and lungs are breathing, you're committing a slow suicide XD

>t. Bezos

constant pump n dump with the endocrine system

>Plant based diet
So i can commit actual suicide from low t induced depression

Let me guess you recommend grains?

Fucking retarded motherfucker

Okay I will take the bait. Do you really think that eating processed/red meats (more than just occasionally) is the only way to maintain healthy testosterone levels? Do you think it is possible for someone who consumes mostly chicken vs. red/processed meats but lifts 3/4 times a week has a "devastatingly" low amount of testosterone?

Going for a couple of these badboys.

green pasta?

time to google.

Looks like you left the plate next to an open window and neighbor was cutting grass

No but most of you retarded majority plant eaters turn to something like grains as the bottom of the pyramid

Yes a majorily plant based diet and good t levels are possible but it is a strict fucking diet no grains no motherfucking brown rice or legumes or soy no fucking peanuts etc

Numale meal

Not eating
>Breakfast oats and black coffee
>Lunch multiple slices of bread with cheese or meat
>More coffee
>2 pieces of fruit, because your mother is always right
>Dinner : potatoes, meat, vegetables
>Snack : black coffee and a bisquit

Oh and forgot most important no water from the tap or plastic bottles

Interested about the tap part. What kind of compounds are unhealthy in tap water?

The anti baby pill that the fucking sluts piss into the water supply on top of all the medicaments which act xenoestrogenic

soy doesn't reduce t levels you ingrate, fuck off back to /pol/

Vegans have higher testosterone.
What's wrong with grains?

Nice diet. Fruits arent good here do i just eat vitamiinit pills.

nae bother, this neanderthal mongoloid probably saw PJW and pol rag on shit they hadn't looked up and now thinks a mostly arbitrary t number is the key numerical indicator of his whole lifes potential

kind of sad, honestly

It’s made from peas


Not even a health fag and that makes my stomach turn.

That risk is only if you eat that type of stuff your whole life. If you're bulking temporarily then it's not really that risky

Skipped the beans

yeah it wasn't that great

Everything in that picture looks so damn comfy

Pills are fine, do you live in a cold country ?