I am extremely interested in any/all mysteries, conspiracies, rumors, crimes, theories, scams, cons, cheats, hacks, glitches, false-flags, lies and anomalies related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or cryptography in general. Subterfuge, trolling and deception are encouraged, as long as you'll start a conversation with me.

I find the idea of crypto being used for mischevious or deceptive purposes to be inevitable and fascinating, and I think there are a lot of deeply weird and possibly dark stories that haven't been told yet.

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Today I've been reading some Mt. Gox stuff that someone sent me on Reddit. Apparently all of the wallet addy's haven't been released yet, and I've read several posts, including one by Karpeles himself, implicating Jed McCaleb in the theft.

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I think one of the most interesting speculations is that Satoshi wanted Bitcoin to be a bubble asset by design. There are forum records from the early days where nearly everyone was telling him that the monetary policy of BTC would lead to massive asset bubbles but he pushed ahead anyway. Making this more suspicious is the fact that Satoshi disappeared right after Mt. Gox was opened and BTC had a fiat pair, knowing his work was done.

Lacking the resources to advertise his new creation, I think he wanted BTC to be a self-advertising system, where the massive price accumulation would grab headlines. And it worked. How many people here can honestly say that the first time they heard of BTC was in relation to the price?

Also, studying the source-code of BTC, many people think Satoshi was involved in writing torrent software before he created it. He was probably responsible for one of the big torrent clients that was popular in the 2000s.

Wow, very interesting. Do you have any thoughts on the Silk Road-Bitcoin connection? Is there any conspiracy or was it just good timing?

Also, source on the Satoshi-Torrenting thing? That is exactly the type of stuff I've been looking for.

Satoshi was working for the NSA, they want a tool to exert economic damage by having the power to crash markets at their fingertips. And now they have it.

Why would the NSA want to do that?

Interesting, thanks!

Satoshis real name is nick szabo. He has since said that ethereum is more close to his original vision than btc.

I've never been sold on Szabo myself, or at least Szabo doing it alone. He is certainly brilliant but there just isn't enough evidence--- he got close with Bitgold but couldn't quite crack it. I do believe he may have consulted with Satoshi in some manner.

Yeah well that just shows how unaware you are.

Satoshi, Wei Dai and Hal Finney wrote the bitcoin white paper.

The only person who was an associate of both of those known people is nick szabo one of Hal Finneys oldest friends.

Also whenever nick szabo speaks at conferences the room is always packed to the brim. Don’t you think these insiders might know something you don’t?

And why are the ETH denominations called szabos, finneys and Wei?

It’s an open secret within the crypto community that szabo is Satoshi. But because they respect his wish not to be unmasked they sidestep every time you make this claim.

Try saying this on bitcointalk. You will get shut down because the bitcoin bagholders would rather have everyone believe Satoshi is an alien or a secret NSA team because they think if everyone could see that Satoshi is a flesh and blood person it will make people lose the faith.

Interesting. So what's the deal with Gavin then? Or Craig Wright in general?

Are you involved in the crypto scene at all?

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What do you mean what’s the deal?

Craig Wright is a bullshitter clearly.
Gavin handed over everything to the CIA in 2013

I remember the threads on bitcointalk where all this was openly going on. Gavin was like I’m going to go meet the CFR in London today and then like a few days later it transpired that...

Economic war against China. That’s why after gavin handed over everything to the CIA the commies were like OSHIT and started mining as much of it as possible. Notice how they allow lots of mining and trading and then now ban it giving them the power to seize btc. Anyway they are fucking themselves in the ass if they think they can do this. They cannot centralise decentralised currency. It will melt out of their hands as people divest of their controlled coin into a new uncontrolled coin.

> (You)
>What do you mean what’s the deal?
>Craig Wright is a bullshitter clearly.
>Gavin handed over everything to the CIA in 2013

I'm referring to Gavin believing Wright being Satoshi.

>The least likely explanation by far is that Satoshi was one guy .
>the second least likely explanation is that Satoshi was a group of random people .
>one of the most likely explanations is that Satoshi is (((Them))) and that the Bitcoin blockchain is a tool to bring about the New World Order ( in a number of ways).
>Another likely explanation is that Satoshi is an A.I agent which designed the Bitcoin Blockchain ( to perfection ) in order to acquire computing and financial power .
>Both of the likely explanations cited above can coexist in a number of ways.

>To me all of the above are rather obvious .

also go dig for bitfinex and tether stuff. they r laundering money on high scale. it is including italian mafia. i have a very interesting article about it but it is in polish and polish if fuckin retarded

Gavin either doesn’t care or is just trying to mislead people.

Anyway gavin is irrelevant since 2013

That’s because you have a brain with a smooth outer surface

There was a eth address that sent a transaction every 5 minutes with some type of strange code that hasn't been decyphered so far. Sorry I don't remember the address, but some people on biz speculated it might be a very smart way of storing data forever and it is cheaper than other options.

Post it, google translate ftw.

I do not know what you meant by that. In any case, a truly well educated person knows, as it is well documented, that one truly global world currency has been on the plans for over a century .
>May or may not be Bitcoin itself, however, it has become evident that blockchain is the underlying tech under which It will operate.

What is it about (You) that makes you want to believe these wildly inaccurate theories, over the perfectly sensible explanations laid out here:

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the internet is the underlying technology you barbarian reject. blockchain isn't all that great. anyone with a half cocked understanding of technology thinks its neat, and the total lack of understanding around it + ideological hype + high degree of financial involvement has created a space where retards like yourself can get cleaned for your money by the people who can play money games. At least your kind drank the kool-aid like you were supposed to so the competent can feed off your labor

There is a number of fallacies in your response as follows :
>I do not wish to believe anything for it is the greatest fallacie there is.
>You actually wish to believe in the explanations you cited. It can be noted by looking at the way you phased it, “ perfectly reasonable explanations” in addition to not refuting any points made by me directly and the utilisation of subtle ad-hominem.
Do not get offended as this is not an attack in any way but rather constructive criticism.

Your claims are completely invalid as shown bellow:
>You made several assumptions as to who I am and my philosophical view on the subject based on a few affirmations which do not reveal my position in any manner.
>Blockchain functionality relies on internet. This is not an argument in the same way as a screw and a drill driver both compliment each other.
>To dismiss the Bitcoin blockchain and it’s technology is an enormous act of ignorance. One of its accomplishments is to exist openly in the internet carrying over a hundred billion dollars and it is yet to be hacked.
Your tone of anger intrigues me.

I do not have any financial involvement.

By the way, it is evident that you have a very negative view on the matter in addition to very little knowledge. What brings you here ?
Just out of curiosity.

I never wanted it to be a bubble asset. This was not my intention. I wanted to change the world. To remove banks and elites. I am very disappointed.

S. N.

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