This is a serious page

This is a serious page.

those fucking comments

>I take my job as a pump and dump conductor very seriously
>this is serious business page
>if u don lik unsubscib

Sir! Why didn‘t he mention crack addiction sirs?

you know this nigger shits in his mouth

that was powerful, not sure what im supposed to buy tho

>be mcafee
>lose a big chunk of his fortune in the first global financial crisis
>live on an island, lose island house due to murder accusation
>marry a disgusting ugly ex-whore
>have no children
>wastes time shitposting on twatter
>claims to be a serious page/serious investor


based on a quick glance of the people who interact with him, his follower basis is 100% dumbfuck normiecucks, nigs, pajeets, etc.

He sounds like your standard garden variety Veeky Forums user. Except the fortune, and having a house.

here's a mcafee meymey, enjoy

look all I'm saying is that its really hard to find a chick who is both a decent human being, and willing to eat about 10 taco bell lava burritos and then take a greasy liquid shit on your face

mcafee found his dream girl and I am happy for him

nigger chicks take some really nasty fucking dumps, so I'm not surprised at all he married one

>single mom
That's a keeper right there.

Can this guy possibly not reply to every comment in his tweets

he's unironically right
young autists on Veeky Forums with no real life experience assume humans can be neatly personality boxed based on things like "she was a prostitute", or project the insecure shame they would feel in thinking others would judge them if they were together with her onto mcafee as if he's a loser.

mcafee doesn't give a fuck and he is with the woman he wants. that's how you win. you get what you want and you don't let things like judgemental people in a vegetarian couscous restaurant like biz stop you from that because they make you feel insecure about it.

None of you know her.

That said, mcafee is a shameless paid pump and dump piece of shit lmao.

>the state of cucks
Fuck off, John.

I admire him for being with the woman he wants.

I feel massive contempt for him because the woman he wants is a nigger single mother ex-prostitute.

Jesus hung out with prostitutes. We are all broken.

He forgave them, he didn't fucking marry them

Where can i buy this

Prostitutes and strippers are soulless, shameless money grabbers. I'm saying this as someone here who doesn't hate women.

he's just an old rich fuck having fun in crypto

good for him

lel, i didn't even know this ex-prostie is a single mom. does he have an actual "my wife's son" or is it the lesser worrisome "my wife's daughter". either way he's a dumbass for marrying someone so old and disgusting for "love" reasons when he could've found a better looking, young, white, beautiful & perhaps pure woman age 19-22 to have kids with. when he dies, who is he going to pass his fortune, estate and name to? shit like mcafee is very nihilistic even though he makes the "love" claim.

p.s. this is relevant to Veeky Forums because mcafee is seen as some sort of genius who we should be taking crypto/financial advice from, but he still comes off more like a moron without sound decision making ability. also the decision to get married to a fat single mom who has no fucking skills or power to her name is a big financial misstep, he's basically bagholding deadweight at this point.

>does he have an actual "my wife's son"
McAfee is a living meme user

it really makes you think about how crazy mcafee really is if he has all of that money and still has to settle for a washed up single mother ex-prostitute negress

>this is a serious page

He could have had any white woman he wanted, yet he settled for this.

Once a whore, always a whore.

>billions of females to choose from in your lifetime
>choose a literal ex prostitute
Yeah yeah it's 2018 and finding a virgin in the west is hard. But there's always better than someone who has been nutted in and on by 100s if not 1000s of men.

Fat fucks here still believe they will be banging 10/10 models when they make a few million.

>implying those two whores are anything but 7/10 cumdumpsters

i'm a twink but ok

i found it on redbubble. up to my eyeballs in pussy now.

I’m not going to be paying any prosts, but yea, sure they can. Many 10/10 models would bang jabba the hutt for enough money.

>either way he's a dumbass for marrying someone so old and disgusting for "love" reasons when he could've found a better looking, young, white, beautiful & perhaps pure woman age 19-22 to have kids with.
You want to be stuck with kids with some woman you don't even love or really vibe with because she ticks your check boxes?

You really don't know shit about life or happiness or feeling trapped in a dead relationship, do you.

Fucking / casual sex with people you don't love or vibe with beyond just mutual attracting and lust, that can be rational.
Choosing to not be together with someone you love because she is an ex prostitute with a host of problems you just can't deal with that make it better for you to just not be with her, that can also be rational.
Being with someone in some fake-ass "breeding and trophy wife" arrangement? It's better to just play an mmorpg as a hobby. Irrational as fuck way to invest your time and energy.

It's almost as if there were women you CAN love without them being filthy nigger whores. Nice straw man, faggot. Is your wife a whore as well?