Take note

So desperate, they’ve resorted to posting a thousand threads as they struggle to survive. Biggest sign ever. Anyone holding: SELL THIS SHIT IMMEDIATELY!




I'm getting so sick of seeing this blue turd everywhere I genuinely wish it dies a quick and painful death so we never have to hear about it agani.

>having Internet to shitpost from India

thanks just sold 100k

Kys nolinky

That's the point dude. This is the next level of FUD. Someone paid $10 to that fat kid... now someone is spending a couple grand (?how much do shills cost?) as either:
A. A joke
B. Grabbing the last pre-SXSW coins

That's the point of OP. He's oversaturating the board to elicit a chainlink ban

It's to illegitimize the coin.
It'll be seen as a joke to investors
It already is.

they even use "sir"
pretty transparent

dat moment when you realize chainlink has become a living parasite and your a part of it

iron hands baby....20k link holder sir!

There's been no major pumps though, it's actually just a tiny bit undersold. I know what you mean though, always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says, but be real. No meaningful changes have occurred, any pajeet manipulation will soon pass. I think it has potential in the long run so I'll weather these designated shitposts.

Link is literally DGB 2.0 lmao


Obvious attempt to get link threads banned. You must be a brainlet to think this is genuine shilling

Its a token not a coin

Honestly if there's 28 posts about it at one time, you should avoid it like the fucking plague

Anyone buying link is a brainlet virgin living in mommy and daddies basement

>avoid a project just because of some on some irrelevant japanese imageboard

you gonna make it user

can confirm. am holder

At least you are honest user. Thats a good thing to be

My good god. Any more pics like this user?

How much are you willing to pay for those? Will make couple for you exclusively

Every thread is made by the same autist, lmao.