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You're welcome Veeky Forums


Can this get a sticky?

Just need to add
Thank me later
Don't you like money
Bollinger line

add lambo to the list.

Thanks just hid 57 threads

I won't have any threads left if I do that

lol faggots this is how you filter. Didn't add link and chainlink until just now because I'm a stinky, but this spam is unbearable.

How to be boring and antisocial 101

>i love to scroll through a shitload of awful threads that i dont want to click on

Gold Standard

How many threads are left after this

About 66.


just wait, soon enough its going to become a banned word literally thanks to all these shitskins

Good luck filtering images! You can kill a word but you cannot kill a meme.

$0.08 EOY

precisely why I say "how much xlm for"

Add Vechain, ICON and Walton too.
Chink shills are the worst.

Then I'll still be poor, but the difference is I'll be able to buy a shitload more. Cryptocurrency is dead, the future of blockchain is Chainlink.

kek, I invented chancoin AMA

i'm not trolling im sorry to ask, how exactly do i set up a filter? sorry for asking. explain like im really dumb if possible

hey andy/gossamer/charles why are you a larping faggot who paid people to spam this board

Feels great knowing that no one filters my JUST threads

thx for the reminder

in one line/entry:

ChainLINK | linkies | nolinker | nolinkies | nolinkers | chainlink | sergey | IOTA | litecoin | ICO| UFR | LISK | NANO | XRB | BAT | PFR | BNTY | VRG | BURST | XVG | TRX | LGD | bazingacoin | STRAT | STRATIS | Robinhood you see like three threads a day? Veeky Forums must be very boring to you.

>no one using regex
Not gonna make it

BraĆ aaaaaaaaap

Why don't you guys have that extra column... btw my filters aren't working for some reason.