Guys I made this animation...

Guys I made this animation. If you feel like supporting me to make more biz-style animations like this feel free to donate. also taking suggestions




Payment Id: aca25c29a213053a06eaeaab136e2a3e5ebc83cdd53c49346f8424a1bebef83a

has the dip really made people this desperate?

fucking pajeet

It's not the real Bizz posting this.

yeah I understand that clearly

what's wrong for asking for some help if i'm creating high quality animations like this? this animation took me 7 hours to make.

saw this 2 months ago

fuck you pajeet

just sent 100k, enjoy

no you didn't because i just made it yesterday...

>I made this thing
>not that I have any explicit evidence of this
>but support (pay) me for more
if you are the original creator of this, you should have used some forethought before fucking up like this

>the absolute state of beg/biz/

i'm not forcing anyone to donate. if you want to see more cool OC like this donate. I was thinking about making a high quality 10 minute short.

beg thread

Wow you really convinced me with all that evidence you have of the fact you made it, good thing you uploaded this to a youtube account, took a couple of screenshots during the creation process, and did this all months ago before this Webm was in circulation around Veeky Forums for anyone to download and repost anonymously.

you didn't make this you fucker
it's from a youtube video

Now it's most certainly a larp to scam reddit newfags

Also, inb4 images of it open in some adobe software with half the frames deleted and a frame onscreen with some of the details cut and pasted into different layers and erased. Too late faggot, I know you're more banking on gullible idiots to pay you as long as you keep up the act but still, too late.

Gosh pajeet you're terrible at this

bath in shit or your stupid SHITRIVER rakesh

noone asked for it retard

I think you should pay me for making me waste my time on this fukin video

i've seen this before

This is ripped from a youtube video posted ages ago. Fuck off

I keked. Solid troll job here. I'm not even mad