Our Army is growing bigger Veeky Forums, we are getting the first results from yesterday shilling on reddit/discord/telegram. The volume on Etherdelta has been incredible, considering it started from nothing and in the next days we will make it even brighter.

> What is NintendoCoin?
It's Veeky Forums new coin, made by Veeky Forumstards, airdropped occasionally to Veeky Forumstard so that all of us can be part of this. We want to prove that blockchain technology can keep us free from any form of tyranny and censorship, including the motherfucking IP.We are against everybody.

> What's NintendoCoin benefits?
Like most of the Crypto, all the holders will benefit from the coming speculation and FOMO from normies and brainlets. We are also aiming to "force" Nintendo to buy back all those coins, since there is no way they can remove from the exchanges. Target price will be 2$ per NintendoCoin.

> Where to get NintendoCoin?
The Airdrop on biz and Etherdelta has been closed, but keep posting your address and some member of the army might airdrop some additional coins. It can be purchased for cents on Etherdelta at this link:

> Next Steps
- We are working to get it listed on Yobit (paid listing) and HitBTC.
- We inquired 3 Chinese exchanges for paid listing and so far the process is going: COINBENE, EXX and BIBOX. Thanks to one golden user in China for this, it’s supposed to get listed asap.

> Why it’s not a SCAM?
We are totally transparent with Veeky Forums. It’s not Scam, just a pure speculation and we want Veeky Forums be part of this. Any inquiry, partnership proposal and additional ideas are welcome so feel free to write here or to contact us at [email protected].

> I already own some NintendoCoin, how can I help?
Spam, shill, and confuse normie audience. We benefit of both, positive and negative exposure, so let’s be sure to share the word as hard as you can in any discord/telegram/forum/reddit.

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Here some material you can use for shill.




Post address and get some NintendoCoin for free!


Sent, welcome to the family.

Where do I get a nintendocoin wallet?

You better hope their lawyers can't reach you fuckface

It's an ERC20 token. You need an ERC20 compatible wallet (for example myetherwallet).

We took all the possible consequences into consideration. Anyway thanks for the support.


Really appreciate it user



pls mr. nintendo

Sent. Welcome to the family guys.

Thanks bro



Looking forward to see how this shitcoin goes, saved the shill material.


Sent, I like your ID.

Welcome to the family bro!



Please sir Nintendo!


pls sir

Yes sir



thx sir

can I get some to join the shilling

Would be nice to have some new shilling material.

More coins will be airdropped to people creating nice material.

sent first sir.


Please good sir

For all the indians in the thread, you guys need to work really hard before getting some free coins.

I'm not in rush, but better ask to your hundreds of siblings to get into this job immediately.

Hey guys, I would really like to participate in this project! I sadly missed the airdrop, maybe anyone got some spare coins?

fuck off lol
the masses make the coin

Pls sir nintendo 0x2f7B2Cc80F7a7331fB4AC5d7A98ed22FA1542A88

german btw HAHA xD i love iota


lol who proves us that you didnt send all your tokens to your shitty discord group cold wallets
not doing shit unless i see the tokens

Here's the logo with a transparent background at least.


thank u mr. satoru iwata

Shilling to be as rich as Mario


yesss amazing idea


This is not related to this erc20 scam nice try pajeet

Pay with NintendoCoins in Super Mario Run guise

0x0a3FF6209ebcd7401fBA0ED5AFE56FAD353EF7b7 nintendo user

I never got it


In. I'll start shilling straight away.

Strange you should have received if you gave correct address.

I gotta go out now guys, keep the thread alive and happy to see there is some volume also today on ED.

Reminds me of Yoshi Coin