U jealous

u jealous



$1300 consumerism in a nutshell phone and $200 earbuds. Congrats on being a literal retard. You nor your shitty phone will make it

Umm no sweetie my nextel works just fine

Holy fuck what a waste of money for a product that doesn't even allow you to do what you want.

Absolutely normie.

200 dollar cuck tax for headphones on top of over priced garbage that will break easily

>he can afford only one

My first thought

no. I could buy one if i wanted too but the
>value = perf/$
is poor.

if you were getting a pixel 2 i'd be jealous

I'm convinced a lot of normies buy iPhones for the same reason they buy Supreme, to show off to everyone that they're rich and to look cool

>b-b-bait? whats that user?

>he unironically buys apple products

not really. this isn't controversial enough to be a troll thread.

interestingly enough, high fashion has always been associated with luxury. if one were to consider fashion an artform, the one thing unique is that material value is strongly tied to artistic value.

>i have a net worth of half a million and still use this 8 year old android phone

never reply to me again

I was just saying I'd prefer a pixel 2 over an iphone, i know this could just be bait

You forgot to order knee pads ;)

Rich clothes are brandless, tailored and comfy. Brands are cheap and feel terrible.

Congratulations for being nigga rich

>NSA take as much data as you like

Pffft wanker

lmao good god no

>AirPods alone cost more than a recent mid-range 64 gig Xiaomi phone with SD-slot, 3.5mm jack, 4 gigs of ram, and non-notch display
how do they keep getting away with this?

your have to be retard for buying iphone

>how do they keep getting away with this?

The entire point of business is to brand your commodity to sell above 0 margin.

I'm a millionaire that spent $300 on his phone and I still thought it was too expensive.

Sheep buy it because they see shiny ads on TV and the shameless overdone product placement in movies.

They invest all the money in marketing and almost 0% on product quality.

Only retarded fucks that have no idea about technology are buying Apple products.

That wrenched so much empathetic hurt out of me, Jesus Christ. What the Hell is wrong with you?
If you're rich, then fine. If you're not already rich, then things like this are why you will never be rich.


Fucking poorfag, can't even afford the 256GB
Btw FaceID will get on your nerves pretty bad, picking up the S9+ today, literally because of ShitID

>he could have invested $1737.94 in LINK, making him a millionaire by EOY
>he bought icrap