Why is it so hard to make fiat pairings for alts?

why is it so hard to make fiat pairings for alts?

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Good question op. I would also like to know


because most altcoins are illegal, and only legal in the 3rd world countries in which they are made from

government regulations

because bitcoin is digital gold, everything else is trash

You can buy altcoins from next.exchange with fiat soon.

Because they are backed by nothing, differently from bitcoin

Because Fairx is a meme.

Its not


ask the guys at jibrel

Because it will make BTC useless.

I'm fairly sure the exchanges I've used to go fiat -> altcoin, have actually gone fiat -> BTC -> altcoin
But the answer is probably really simple, like most exchanges don't feel like there's demand to open up fiat/altcoin markets or something like that.

because (((they))) want you to buy (((their))) (((coin))) and run it through their (((lightning nodes))) so they can track the goy before they do anything with their new (((coin)))
in short:

Look into Lykke, they have just added a lot of new alts.

It works in the UK,

It isn't. CoinMetro is going to do just that.


Hahaha what? What shithole country do you live in?

This is the current snapshot of some of the alts on the platform.

Because alts get their price from bitcoin. When bitcoin falls alt fall as well because their price is sats. If alts can be traded against Fiat then we'll need to keep track of so much that it's not possible right now for any exchange

It’s not difficult, it’s just that the market is illiquid: there’s no one wanting day in day out stand the other side of El Shitico trades like USDETH

neat. link's missing though


can't wait to see how this turns out. feels pretty good desu