Never trust them

VeChain said their BMW "partnership" was under NDA to make their token holders think it was some big important BMW Group partnership

BMW's international communications director shares details, making it clear its not under any NDA. Should have been clear it wasn't under NDA because obviously they would have voided any NDA by presenting the logo. I don't know why I didn't consider this

What's more, its a shitty partnership that any start up can get just from filling out a google docs form successfully

I sold the last of my VEN because of this, so I'm spreading awareness. VEN isn't what we thought it is. CCK, X nodes, paid shills and now this fake NDA and paid/fake partnership are evidence of this

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stay salty, walty

fucking retard why should bmw partner with some shiity eth coin . they are rich as fuck. they can build their own blockchain coin

Someone wants cheap ven to get x node by 20 march... Faggog


Why even build blockchain token? Blockchain is inefficient as shit and only saving grace is the fact that its decentralized. And how much does B M fcking W care about "muh decentralization"? As much as they care about Chevrolete sales.

The partnership is with the BMW Brilliance manufacturing plant in Shenyang, China.

They made it seem like the Vechain logo was gonna be plastered on the interior of every 3 series on the road.

I have no idea why you guys trust this scam coin


So someone brought this up in one of the VEN chats and I guess it's true because they're all burying their heads in the sand. Two people have received emails from BMW to confirm. It's funny, they were saying WTC did this exact same thing and said they just partnered with alicloud by using their cloud service.. this shit isn't that far from it, and you're right about the fake NDA

I'm completely done with VEN, their community is fucking weird too. It will still make money because of it. They're indoctrinated

Color me unsurprised. I was the same.

Both VEN and WTC are scam coins. Pretty much every chink coin is a scam coin so just dont touch that.

ONLY thing that matters in crypto is DECENTRALIZED, fast and secure currency. Everything else is literally scam, making glorifies decentralized excel spreadsheet into something its not.

Someone put in sirgay's email

I love how the coin lockup and X nodes made zero fucking difference on the price. Practically no run up. Just shows how little faith people actually have in VEN.

lol, i take it your in nano?
absolute poor beta

lockup is on 20th
watch it rise till then and whale manipulation will fade

You have been chinked fag. There is literally no use of 3rd party, decentralized blockchain (actually ERC20 token kek) for any big enterprise. None. There is no use for blockchain there. Decentralization is bad for them because they want entire control over their own processes and assets.

Again, you have been chinked heavily.

lol all your so called whale manipulation was literally Vechain dumping their bags.

I rode that trash from 1 dollar to 8 and got the fuck out.

Only non scam chink coins are Zilliqa and probably NEO

Link to BMW statement or salty walty

This is true. Current enterprise businesses have little use for decentralized public chains. Their value will come from new entities created using these technologies but 99% of the shit out there is BS. The currency coins are the only overwhelming successful application of blockchain so far.

Decentralized Oracles may be big though too.

holy jesus would spit at ur faggotness

Kek for me it's fairly simple
>Rule 1 never invest in chink coins
>Rule 2 never invest in shill CEO, that needs megalomaniac conferences with plastic swords and hammers

hahahaha screencapped, thanks for the keks guys, keep an eye out as ill post the screencap in a few months

If you're really curious, email them.

They are sending the email to everyone, I just checked myself actually and have received it.

Vechain lied about NDA. Most probably lying about all the others too

It is literally fact that the "whales" were the VeChain foundation. They admitted to this. Again, VEN holders don't question it or care. If you do not consider yourself a sheep, please start to ask these questions, for yourself

Jesus christ, the fact that some of you morons actually fell for YET ANOTHER fake ass """""partnership""""" makes me seriously concerned about the future of mankind.

So show me an email

they literally wrote that off as FUD in telegram, did you miss the last few days? this is week old FUD now
all this has been dispelled by sunny himself
thank you, try again

This man speaks the truth

Buy these coins:


And any coin not infected with yellow fever.

he didnt get one, i actually laugh at these people trying to fud to 20 people on a cantononian basket weaving forum thinking its gonna have any effect on the price

From another telegram user, dated a week ago. People have known about it for a while and have been trying to bury it.

Oh, the holders wrote it off as FUD, I guess it is. I saw what Sunny said, he said "its ok, don't worry we are figuring out a way to make companies buy from exchanges soon, oh and I trade VEN btw, so everything is ok"

He nowhere said that the foundation wasn't the whale. There are literally details about their sells in the report, you are lying.

How does that chinese cock feel up your ass?

He probably can't feel it

>typo in BMWs reply.

Nice just sold 100 cars


Contact them, see what you get back. Become redpilled on this fucking scam

kek you don't answered his question, but by the way you got angry like a little babby I can tell that you are in nano

cope harder, salty waltys

Shouldn’t you be working for your 3 dollars right now stinky linkie?

Heh, the only thing I've learned since having frequently visited Veeky Forums for a few months is that I'll never trust any of you fucking faggots again. Every coin that has been heavily shilled as the "Veeky Forums favorite" that's gonna "moon and change the world" has turned out to be a pump and dump or scam and has lost its value. You pajeets just don't know shit.

Seems like the new Veeky Forums favorite is chainlink and perhaps some sky shit or whatever, so I'll know to stay the fuck away from those fucking scam cancers as well.

So long, fuckers, and may your bags stay heavy.

>do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says

Learn to write faggot. NANO is 30% of my holdings because :

A) it is actual crypto currency
B) it fucking works right now
C) you can actually look at entire code which cannot be said about chink ERC20 scam coins without a line of code but with shittone of fake partnerships

In any case, NANO does not have to succeed, but fast and decentralized currency is only usecase for blockchain. Full stop. Everything else is a scam because blockchain is inefficient pos tech for enterprise. But please, believe BMW with hundered thousand on their payroll need chink ERC20 coin to track their parts. Holy kek you people are dumb

Yep, from now on I'll come here only to find signals on what NOT to do. Veeky Forums and investment tips, gahhh wtf was I thinking xD This place is cancer filled with 20 IQ losers


Thanks just sold 100k, moving into wtc as we speak, i hope they can keep doing the great work


This is WTC for you:

>Waltonchain is giving all sorts of red flags:

>The team holds 70% of the coin supply, in only 4 accounts on the blockchain explorer. That's rarely a good sign.

>Virtually nothing in the repo. There’s nothing to actually show that they're making software development progress.

>The website is very poorly developed. If they can't even design a professional website, that's a red flag.

>Poorly written whitepaper. Some of may be a language issue (but then again a professional company that is serious would have hired a native English writer to translate), but even the formatting and text alignment is messed up. Not to mention the vague descriptions and meaningless marketing jargon.

>For the co-founder who is supposed to be the VP of supply chain of Septwolves, there’s no record of him at all working there ever. People called the company and they said they never heard of him. Apparently they released this photo to the media, which doesn't prove anything but that he went there and took a photo in front of the building. They initially had Septwolves as a "partner" on their site, but have since taken it down.

>The fact they lied about partnerships and even something silly like a Twitter giveaway contest should be very troubling to every holder.

>At best they're deeply unprofessional and incompetent, and at worst a scam. The way its conducted its operations so far is not indicative of good qualities for long term success when trying to disrupt a well entrenched industry like supply chain logistics.

Both VEN and WTC are the most obvious fucking scamcoins since Tron.

Never buy chink hypecoins.

>the new Veeky Forums favorite is chainlink

You dumb nigger newfag. LINK has been the Veeky Forums favorite since September. VEN and every other scamcoin are pushed by newfags like yourself and/or discord groups.

Yeah i thought it was different. It's not. Sunny is Justin Sun's twin brother

Hong Kong detected fuck off back to China