what is going on with this coin biz?

my knees are getting weak

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you still have this jew shitcoin? lol what an idiot

Guess you could say it's purpose is....an enigma...

Feel like xlm and nigmer coin were shilled by the same pajeet group. Very good shilling

just got 500 more, sitting comfy on a stack of 1.7K of them

q2-q3 shit's gonna go intergalactic, $40 EOY screencap this

Was a top 100 ENG wallet holder, but sold half my stack to get in on Endor. Pretty sure I'm still going to get Masternodes with my remaining stack. But fuck's sake, this shit is doing nothing for a long time.

> no product
> shitty code
> shit team
> has no use , other coins can make their own privacy

hmmm i wonder why its dropping..........

Buy the dip :)

enigma is RSA for Internet 3.0 big boy sam hyde lovers know this and hodl despite APPARENT losses. play the day trade buy high sell low get the meme? hodl this poop shit and let me take you on a wild ride. This baby will pump unbelievably just you wait

Hodling patiently for the green dildo party

Has anyone with a strong understanding of the subject assessed their plan for secret smart contracts?

The PhD guy Computer.Sci guy I know said it was complete horseshit. What they're proposing isn't feasible.

they MIT folks thats gotta be worth something

Sure does. It means all the people that don't do more due diligence than looking at what university people have gone in will blindly trust what they say and throw money at them.

Crypto gonna crypto

Dumbed this shit after their code got audited by MIT/GCA and they gave it a rating of 3/10. Im smart enough to understand that these guys know more now that i ever will. If they say Enigmas code is filled with amateur mistakes, i believe them.

Loved the project, thought this was my way out. But everything went to shit, i guess people are finding out same thing i did and thats why it's dumping.

Their plan for smart contract is copy pasta from ethereum with same security flaw.

At this point even TRTL is better, ENG worth 2$ because:

> muh MIT

more info?

>We can make secure, private smart contracts on experimental tech that is blockchain!

Also, CEO hacked.


that's old FUD - not applicable to the current project.

more old FUD - has nothing to do with the current project. ETH got hacked once upon a time. brainlet.jpg

PhD in Computer Science here - the ENG project is very doable. not sure what your friend's major malfunction is.