I deposited 0.3BTC onto this shit and now I have 3.4BTC, not even LARPing...

I deposited 0.3BTC onto this shit and now I have 3.4BTC, not even LARPing, just listened to various tripfags here and some faggots on tradingview. Do I keep going or withdraw?

Continue with 1 btc so u have some profits.


I want to do this, but I can see myself depositing more from previously withdrawn funds to recoup potential losses.

Quick withdraw your profits before you get called.

Don't trade more than 1BTC from now on and you will be good.

What VPN/country are you using?
& protonmail for email?

1BTC, 100x. go.

What margin? How many trades a day?

I have a bot that detect a new Z thread.


So profitable, my whore budget for 2018 is already complete.


help me how. Ive got 0,3 btc and I want 3.

> trying to alter public perception of tripfags
gonna be a no for me dawg. lurk moar

take out initial investment, gamble with the rest

I got just'd today. Shorted my whole stack at 9.7k thinking it was going to hit 9400 support again and got rekd. I'm not a smart bizraeli

Take out 2 BTC ASAP, I have discovered a pretty bad anomaly with Bitmex. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it, hopefully it's just an oversight but I can't say for sure it's not malicious activity either by someone connected to the exchange or outsiders using an exploit.

What is it pajeet

I would unironically pay 10% of my gains if some faggot made a discord and hand held us through this shit

same, because i'm too fucking retarded to grasp meme lines

There has to be someone on the internet who I can just blindly follow right?

I also think I have no business daytrading,you're always up against bots and people that actually know how to do this. I bet there are paid groups out there but IDK how to find them


At best some people have specific a way to trade during outages and overloads. It's unclear if they can cause them on command to prevent others trading. On all the futures contracts they can manipulate the mark price using a certain trick. They can cause mass liquidation on those then buy them while no one else can. Sometimes they even make accounts and do max leverage specifically to liquidate themselves, then wait for the liquidation engine to send the price hundreds of points lower where they buy, the insurance fund is drained to cover the difference.

XBT swap is a little safer because liquidation is based off gdax and bitstamp price however they can still buy liquidations during large movements at a significant discount. If you have any stop losses they can still hunt them often causing you to sell hundreds below your stop price and even further from the actual index price. At least on swap you can set stop limits to trigger based on mark price however it's still possible to lose everything if they can hold bitmex swap price below your liq when your stop loss activates.

It's possible either an employee or the exchange itself is behind it but I have no evidence. Since they store their BTC with a 3rd party they can't directly steal funds but if disguised as normal trading and insurance fund payouts theoretically the exchange could steal a large portion of users funds if you trade.

You are both too lazy to learn, and so you will never make money from it. Literally pick up a TA book about stock markets, read that and understand it, then start looking into forex trading seminars. Backtest, backtest, more backtesting. Congrats, you can now trade.

No you're completely right. I have some material pending and I'm too lazy to read it. I'm gonna kick myself in the ass later and get to it. Thanks.

How much are you earning?
Is it consistent?
Like 1-2% daily from a maximum pool of funds you trade with?
(I know it can't be compounding due to liquidity)

Or are you a position trader/swing trader?
i.e. you wait for opportunities and get semi-guaranteed good gains (5-10%, maybe 20-30% on good trades), but only a few trades per week or so?

I'm trying to be a daytrader with daily earnings, but I've found that a single bad trade can wipe out multiple days worth of earnings.

lol 1% daily is 37x in a year

What leverage do you trade at?

I already said it can't be compounding due to liquidity.

If you daytrade 1min candles, even going higher than 0.2btc on a coin below 1000btc 24hr volume is virtually a wall.

Once you are trading amounts like 1btc, most of the time you'd be in 1hr charts, and those are MUCH slower trades. No longer daytrades, you could be in a trade for days.