I trust Binance more than my hardware wallet

>I trust Binance more than my hardware wallet

said no one ever

same, got all my coins on binance :-)

I unironically do this. My house can burn down, the trezor can get stolen/lost, or malfunction. Binance is rock solid, if Binance goes down/gets gox'ed, the whole crypto goes down with it (we're talking sub 1k BTC).

Binance Chads > Hardware Virgins

Don't do that

Don't do that

Stop. Don't do that.

His logic makes sense

For a paid shill sure

Look at it this way. Would you be more comfortable with having 1m usd locked in a safe in your house, or store in a vault at the largest bank in the world, available at your fingertips within seconds, I know what I'd choose.

>put it on ledger
>go to bank
>put said ledger in a safety deposit box

gee wiz, that sure was hard!

Scenario: Major FUD gets out, BTC in freefall.

>Binance chad notices within seconds, sells at a minor loss of 3% minutes after the FUD gets out.

>Hardware virgin has to travel to the deposit box, connect his hardware wallet to a pc, and wait for the fuckslow BTC transfer (probably will take multiple hours in a crashening), ends up getting joosted beyond belief and sells at a 80% loss

>would you store your life savings on a private vault that only you can access or a public one that's being targeted by hackers everyday

Dude stop you're fucking retarded, if any newfag listens to your paid shilling he's gonna get rekt pretty hard

>he's actually invested in BTC

user, I...

See, the biggest reason why Binance is trustworthy is because the owner does regular youtube videos and his name is out there. He's been on forbes magazine and featured in many articles from various sources. The owner, Changpeng Zhao cannot afford to pull a mt gox and fuck people's wallets over or his head will be on the chopping block in China.

China don't fuck around with corrupted officials like back then. These days, they are dead serious with corruption and baby milk formulas. In China, there is no second chances, no white collar prisons. It's just straight execution for corruption. This is the biggest reason why Binance is more trustworthy than many unnamed exchanges where we don't even know who owns it. Changpeng ain't gonna fuck around with his own government. They are worse than fucking with the IRS in the US.

It's worked for me since 2015

If they get hacked that's not corruption

im 100% positive if something more serious would happen with a fault on their part binance would refund out of their pockets

they are so deep in this and if they can keep it up like this they have a money printing machine anayways

So why does 99.9% of the top 0.1% in the US have their assets stored in secure bank vaults over a safe at home? The answer is obvious.

Are you comparing regulated, real life banks with some chink exchange?

What's this frog called?


I thought that was the smug frog

You also have the 23 word or whatever passphrase in case you lose your hardware wallet.

Are wallets any less hackable than binance?

Ledger and trezor aren't created equal. Trezor is junk and has known security exploits - avoid.

ledger has you physically at the device to verify and sign transactions with a pin.. but if you're trading your stack regularly just fucking trust the exchange short term and skip using the hw wallet.

> People who think binance is unhackable
Lol. fucking deluded

Spread your crypto around so that when a hack happens they don't take all your shit. Welcome to the wild wild west bitches

Not to mention that you can only store ~17 coins on the ledger. So I can't even use the fucking thing to get my coins out of binance even if I wanted to. Waste of money these hw wallets

Just use mew + paper wallet

it's the reddit frog.
it was an attempt at branding away from the alien.
It has origins in the bachelor frog advice animal.
but it didn't work, and now we use it ironically.

>I trust an overpriced flash drive more than a multibillion dollar state of the art exchange

stop stop you're tearing this family apart.
the best approach is not to put all your eggs in one basket.
Anyone who's playing the crypto game knows they should split their stack into a "checking" and "saving" account.
Put your long term holds on your hardware wallet or a paper wallet.
Keep your day trading gambles on the exchange. Use multiple exchanges.
When your shitcoins pump, take profits back into your hardware wallet.
it's that easy.

now please let this thread die

Cant daytrade from hardware wallet hodl cuck

>risking your entire stack for a possible 3% increase (most of the times you will just keep making bad trades and losing what you have)

>sold my trezor at peak
>all in binance


>this is what Chinese people genuinely expect us to believe.

You know anyone can pay to have an article written about them on Forbes it means precisely jack shit. Also there is no rule of law in China. You think the police in China give a shit about laowai getting scammed out of their internet money? He can just pay the right guy and walk away.

Well, my biggest gains were actually by setting buy orders in case of flash crashs/stop loss huntings on popular coins at around -20%. This obviously only worked in the bull market when everything recovered quickly. Made quite some decent money with it.


>regulated, real life banks
I see what you did there.