What is the best coin

and why is it skycoin?

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Funny how this coin has been around for like 5 years and only now BIZ is realizing how great it is.
Everyone is to busy memeing Link.

it's not to late

Plan to pick some up when with my stinky gains

as a friendly advice I wouldn't wait to get gains from the stinky

Drop that stinky and get that synth approved tech

I know, right ? Better late than never.

What's to debate bro ???

isnt this the coin that doesnt work properly and devs ban you if you ask them

it's the coin that works properly and the devs ban you if you spread lies, I've posted harsh arguments against their pr strategy and I didn't get banned

No. You’re thinking of a different coin. This one works properly and tolerates different opinions

This coin is so great the only thing left to debate IS the PR strategy. Everything else is pretty much going to plan

lol, at this poor quality FUD, go post some more link memes and let the adults talk.

I've done my summer plans early this year.

you're thinking of IOTA

may actually be the #1 project happening in crypto right now


can someone debunk this or is this coin literally selling mining rigs for a pre-mined coin for 1 bitcoin. If nobody can prove this wrong im afraid ya'll might get exit scammed.

This, SPHTX and RVT all business based blockchains with real world use and none have really started to market to the public yet.


there you go friend, it's really great that you are inquisitive. the devs got blackmailed they would be fudded unless they paid and they refused

ow I see, you are part of the blackmailers, good for you

lol i'm not a blackmailer I just googled the coin.
I see the article I linked had a misunderstanding about how the mining works. The guy who wrote it is probably retarded. Who the hell is blackmailing these guys? Or are you just schizoposting.

op is not a faggot. skycoin actually looks like something that is feasible. plus the whole concept of the skywire should be an incentive to get into. Free internet, up your fcc

Lol this is the weakest FUD I’ve seen.

If you want to buy a skyminer you obviously support skycoin so what’s the problem? If you want a skyminer you have to buy it along with 1btc worth of skycoin. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. But if you like skycoin it’s a really good deal.

If you buy an ETH miner it costs thousands of dollars and you don’t get shit with it

sorry if you weren't, but they were blackmailed, there was an entire shitstorm just a while with several articles that were posted only to try and label them as a scam, the devs are well known in the space and the project has been around since 2013, why would they exit scam now, especially after they already delivered so much


jesus christ, do any of these retarded writers even have a basic understanding of block-chain technology? the miner is the hardware you will use to close of blocks and verify transactions. So instead of having a few big "miners" processing and signing off the blocks they will have a wide network of "Miners" doing it. You get rewarded for closing a block, that is how you make money from this.

These reporters need to be held accountable for their stupidity. This is why women should not be in this industry.

i was just asking some questions chill.
I read the other article and I'm still fucking confused what he's trying to get at. Does this guy think it's a scam because the miners aren't minting new coins?


Please give this retard a piece of your mind for writing about tech he does not understand and causing unnecessary FUD.

Im not talking about you, I am talking about the guy who wrote that article.

And yes he thinks because it is called a miner its only purpose is to mine new coins. He is just retarded.

Look, it's fine these kinds of attacks happen, in the end it will only make the project stronger as it withstood a large image attack. To quote a great man of our times shhh breathe

it's interesting how smug these guys are. Like who the fuck wouldn't use a fake name in crypto?

people who want to appear legitimate and make "a name" for themselves

Trust Skycoin shill to make the stalest, most inorganic propaganda thread, so low quality only brainlets will fall for it. Fuck you and your scamcoin.

heavy bags eh

What the fuck does this coin do that hundreds of others don't? I've just come back to biz after a few months and its still the same shill pit it was, tell me why this coin isn't just another pajeet dosh maker.

ow yeah all the coins have this "Skywire is being developed to be the new internet. The entire network runs peer-to-peer and is completely decentralized, meaning that the users maintain and own the entire ecosystem.

With zero-fee transactions confirming in seconds, Skycoin has already proven it can scale as an asset and created the basis for Skywire. In the year ahead they will continue to bring the Skywire network online and attempt to make Skycoin a day-to-day currency with developments such as mobile wallets." please accept my apolagy for not posting about the stinkiest of linkies

This coin is the start of a decentralised internet infrastructure without isps. True internet decentralisation that most cryptos can only dream of.

This is the vision

please go back to the link threads. Only real discussion here. You can do some basic research, as you have an internet connection.

Skycoin is so great, I heard the original Bitcoin devs started Skycoin to solve Bitcoin's problems. It's got nfinite scalability and zero fees too while decentralizing the internet, how can you not be all in? I know I am.

Yeah I know probably the #1 project right now in crypto

Skycoin is so great, I heard the original Bitcoin devs started Skycoin to solve Bitcoin's problems. It's got nfinite scalability and zero fees too while decentralizing the internet, how can you not be all in? I know I am.

Yeah I know probably the #1 project right now in crypto

Skycoin is the smuggets coin and skycoiners will be the smuggest coiners

I unironically believe those “skycoin is next bitcoin” threads is a fud campaign against skycoin

Just fucking look at this shit

Thank you, I was genuinely curious and I don't visit link threads.

All of this is OP lol I can see them in telegram planning this and not knowing we can see the IDs