Are people realizing that this whole market is a big scam?

Are people realizing that this whole market is a big scam?

this is a zero sum game user

there are two sides to every trade

Except one side creates their tokens out of thin air and the other side pays real money.

ssshhhh just wait a few more months we're trying to scam people here

And I've done it too, I mined a million turtles and sold it to some anonymous sucker.

Tai lopez lvl. Knooowledd

Well done pajeet,now your family can live for a year with that 100 bucks and the goat may live another day, and fuck yea,maybe you throw in some TP too. Mastermind

yeah made .6 BTC and i got in kind of late. oh well newfags are just giving money away

It's not a scam, but everything is highly manipulated. Too risky now and rewards are shit. Last year no risk and huge rewards

Just go fuck your mother idiot,there was no 15M sell ever. Fucking sometimes i hate biz so mutch

It is a scam, but you can still make money in a scam


The market changed,also is not a fast method to get rich, you need to build a portfolio and be patient


Now for example i'm adding small coins with potential like skycoin, but on the long run


My god

started mining the second day i saw it on biz and dumped it right on time. got lucky.

Exactly my reaction. That ocean looks fucking filthy.
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Does anyone on this board even know a single thing about economics?

No,you are a liar and i’m not going to bother with you anymore,dear billy if there are 3 apples you cannot sell 15

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