When you see this picture, you have to tell the truth about a coin/token or the market in general. I'll start:

>those who control crypto have been conditioning us to think we know how the market works
>BTC goes up, alts drop, BTC sideways, alts moon, BTC down, market down
>they have realized that BTC is indeed a shitcoin and are organizing to move their money out of it and into a new lower cap coin with functionality
>this "Mt. Gox" selling situation is designed to get you to believe that's why the price is dropping/remaining stagnant
>nobody actually wants or needs BTC anymore
>the massive volume on NANO out of nowhere was whales buying in, and they'll keep doing so gradually
>once NANO's roadmap is released they're going to market buy it and transfer all BTC wealth

your turn

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TRX only starting on its platform AFTER shilling is super shitty but Mr. Faggot Justin Sun will build it into something big

Monero is the only truly valuable cryptocurrency due to its anonymity, and that is precisely why the price will continue to rise steadily. However, owning any in the coming years at some point will be grounds for felony money laundering charges.

How are you sure about that?

It does seem to make sense. Classical conditioning and all.

There are many other privacy coins. The only coin that has something unique is Bitcoin due to it's first mover advantage that cant be duplicated


Be me, saw XRB at $0.70 on mercatrox, didn't bother to buy because didn't want to sign up to a pajeet exchange see it 50x literally the week after.

IM NEVER BUYING NANO, KNOWING A 100$ worth back then is worth what now

Will it ever recover? I’m beginning to think I wasn’t GOOK’d


first mover advantage is a myth you jackass. first movers have to expend huge resources and produce solutions that others can copy for free especially in open source decentralized tech. the only reason btc is where it is? "network effects" "first mover advantage" "superior to fiat" "money of the future" "store of value (mega LOL at this one, it only sprung up as a retcon once the game theory started to fall apart and the real world economics started to kick in)

god fucking damn this community is shit for brains to the extreme

My turn

My truth

I have no clue what I am doing cant read the charts for shit cant understand the charts for shit and I cant seem to retain anything I try to learn and thus I am not going to make it

But I keep trying. I have almost no money im a joke and a broke loser but I keep trying. I am trying to turn 80 into 160 into x2 but im stupid and cant do anything right.

Sitting on a few coins I heard will be good soon but that's it. I cant get in on a good cheap and flip it properly cuz I suck at this and never get my sales and I will ultimately just end up killing myself when my parents pass in about 10yrs.

But I keep trying.

The truth is I cant give up not anymore at my age im past the salvage point for life and this and a few other investments are my last shot at not being a complete failure in life and I know already I will screw this up. I picked out where I end it already. It's a nice quiet pond deep in the woods that gets maybe 2 people a year at it. I'll be swinging from a tree there for a long time before I am found. I have accepted this ending to my life.

But I keep trying and I will keep trying til I know it's broken beyond fixing.

To my fellow anons in the same boat i'll see you all on the other side in a few years when I finally cross over.

Shitty truth but it is the truth im a loser who is too stupid to do anything in life except mooch off everyone around me and being a patheticexcuse for a human. Least if I made3 good money I could retire out of the public eye and just slowly die but least my bills will be paid.

I dont know where this was going I just needed somewhere to let this out. Stupid blogpost and all. I wish you all financial success anons cuz statistically some dont make it and I am one of those who filled your slot so make something of it and dont end up like me

Fck me

I’ve been holding Monaco since June waiting for the cards and the app

I’m 99% certain that it will come next week but there is always that uncertainty.

My truth is that I have fuck all clue about money management, I’m flat out gambling right now and just hoping I’ll make it

I’ve started trying to learn about Elliot wave analysis and to an extent it’s helping but I can’t bro g myself to sell or trade any of my precious Monaco (which comprised about 90% of my folio for fear of missing out on what really and genuinely will be game changing if they can achieve what they have set out to so.


>ITT conspiratards
Occams razor fags

Listen up faggot

Read this cover to cover, twice, three times.

Congrats, you are already better at trading than 90% of crypto ‘investors’

People think i am an investment guru for turning 1k in 10k in 2 months. I just got in before the bull market in december lololol

Forgot photo of course

>I have no clue what I am doing
>I have almost no money im a joke and a broke loser but I keep trying
Lol dude maybe try something other than get rich quick schemes?
There's no skill in this, just close your eyes and hope to not get stood on by OG whales.

>they have realized that BTC is indeed a shitcoin and are organizing to move their money out of it and into a new lower cap coin with functionality
Stopped reading here

everyone has an agenda, and no-one has overshight

this is true. NanoPay is going to blow up. NANO $50 EOM