What skills can I learn that are worth a lot of money?

What skills can I learn that are worth a lot of money?

Coding /thread

hacking exchanges

Hiring and managing coders.


blockchain programming goes for at least 1 million/year

muh blockchain development

Being a CEO of a multinational corporation

For all the potential coders who may see this thread: yes, getting the degree is fucking worth it. I'm sick and tired of doing phone screens on you app-academy fucks who can't code for shit. The industry is starved for talent, but there are TONS of really shitty coders.

Starting wages out of school is roughly 100K USD /year + stock options.


ya coders are like monkeys that just do what they are told. Learn system management or some managing degree with a good understanding of coding, so you can be in charge of a whole bunch of these smelly, autistic manchildren.

smoke selling

High tier companies in silicon valley typically only hire people with technical backgrounds as managers. In many cases software engineers will begin to transition out of coding into management. It is actually hilarious to see non-technical sales people and managers interact with the competent engineers during meetings. They basically become yes-men to the engineers.

wait I was in a thread earlier where I said I was in second year computer engineering and people said I was fucked. there's hope?


Who knows? What talents do you have, what fires you up? What are you potentially good at? You can't just pick something and go make a million dollars.

No there’s no hope. You are going to die and so will everyone you’ve ever loved.

Let me refine your comments - "coders" are dime a fucking dozen. Pajeets can code. IDEAS are where the money is, as in patents. Be the guy inventing and designing the project, not the grunt coding it. Or be the guy managing the project.

But, you can't learn talent. You either have it, or you don't. I'm betting most people around Veeky Forums...yeah, not a lot of talent around here.

To get to the top of any pile, you have to have talent, be motivated, be willing to take opportunities when they come up instead of sitting in a basement asking for advice on Veeky Forums, and things like charisma and leadership skills can help too. Bullshitting is half the battle - if you can get people to buy your bullshit, you can open way more doors for opportunity than getting a certificate in coding any pajeet can cheat for. Raw talent is one thing - refining it, and yourself, is another.


i agree in general but pajeets cannot fucking code. Contractors our company has used don't even have fucking software licensing for these shithawks and complained that we had to provide it.... and then we did. Fucking. Joke.

Anyone that hires these types of pajeet contractors can enjoy their web app designed with cracked dreamweaver.

Lol you fucking degree fags are pathetic. You couldn’t do max pooling on a one dimensional conv net to save your life.

I built a self driving car in my garage. What have you done?

Got laid

I have a job that pays money and provides insurance.

Also I made a system that tracks people and makes estimates to approximate GPS coordinates of buses with surprising accuracy, it takes advantage of the busses all having a shared ssid for the onboard WiFi.

An idea doesn't have to be complicated to be good and I sold mine to my student union for 5k, lived like a king while I was studying

How to use kneepads.

Dude, I'm an underwater welder making 500k per annum. I also used my welding skills to make the first working quantum computer to steal all your bitcoins and etheriums.

Get on my level noob.

I was working on becoming a self taught developer, I think that’s a valuable skill you can teach yourself and maybe even get a job. But I got sidetracked and now I’m in my late 20’s with no work history so don’t listen to me.



Lots of good advice in this thread actually.
Be the CEO. Shape the vision, build the team, manage the finances. That's where the money is. Required skills / talent are leadership, persuasion, risk management, communication skills, and imagination.
You see Anons, everything you've been fed by your parents and mainstream media is a lie. When you go to school to develop one autistic skill and become an expert at it, you become a spoke in someone else's wheel. The Chad CEO is a jack of all trades, expert in leadership. He knows just enough about every aspect of the business to know that he has the best wagecucks where he needs them and that they aren't fucking it all it up.

photonic communication specialists, orthotists and prosthetists, embalmers...

I love how tentative this suggestion is among the other posts.

the suck

truth, but the problem is I'm not a leading person at all.

unironically this. all the self-help books blogs podcasts posts will lead you to this reality. though the "smart" thing is to stay in the system for a while to learn/accumulate capital then start something of your own.

95 mph fastball and a good breaking ball. You should be good to go. Even better if you're left handed.

coding? to compete against billion coders? kek. AI will kill coders in 5 seconds. coders are ants bro. they do what we tell them to do.
yes you can make it big by coding something genius sure. just like you can win the power ball. school ain't teaching you that though.

op you want a skill that is worth a lot? networking and social skills.


scamming people on twitter