BTC and MtGox bags

So they dumped their 30k+ BTC on us, and have 170k left in their bag.
What next!!?

market sell

might as well just fuck us in the ass right now, to the hilt, inside of just tipping us

Mt. Gox aren't the only ones lookng to dump; don't forget about Bitconnect, who likely still have many thousands of BTC to dump.

170k btc is what south american drug lords give their side-pussy for their 3 month anniversaries - fuck off.

Just sayin

Don't buy BTC in the next 3 years.

They won't be selling anymore, they sold enough to cover everyone's damages at the price of $500 BTC.

The remainder will most likely be returned to the original owners but that legal process will take more time.

they sit back and time dumps for the next few years. BTC will never be safe from random dumps. abandon btc and bch. go full alts or fuck off.

That's the part that's grey.
When the report says "plan to consult with the court and determine further sale of BTC and BCC"
Being optimistic, you're right and that BTC would be locked up for a while though.

I'd rather let bitcoin die and let another coin thrive than to let those investors profit on the new market. fuck them.

As long as this sword of Damocles hangs above crypto you can kiss institutional money goodbye

They're refunding prices during the gox hack? Not the BTC's?

omg kek

ahaha why do these fags only sell when it's crashing. if they weren't so fucking greedy they could have spread this out over 5 years and made so much more. just look at btc's natural growth when they aren't dumping their bags and crashing it

>altcoiner wants btc to die because he wants to see early investors suffer
newcoiners are all salty faggots

It's court-ordered m8. Court says they need to pay x amount of money come date y, they gotta start selling. No whale games for them

Court said sell BTC
Sell at each support level to make sure buyers buy the bags == crash

Yes but what gives them the right to sell the rest if they covered the damages? Who would they give me money to?
The remainder goes either to the mtgox fag(and he would still get sued) or to the people that got burned.

Those are the bankruptcy laws (they need to pay back assets at market price when the bankruptcy was filed), they would need to first pull them out of bankruptcy before distributing BTC.
But let's not forget that they have only 160k BTC left but 850k were stolen so everyone would only get about 20% of the original amount they lost to the hack.

Yes, African warlords give their side pussies 1.7 billion dollars. Maybe in Zimbabwe dollars. Even the trolls here are low energy now.

Nope sorry. The rest are being held by the trustee, and he said more sales will probably be coming. The company still faces lawsuits, fines, and still has unpaid creditors. The account holders were made whole with these sales, more WILL be coming, but it looks like he's waiting for the next meeting, which is in 6 months.

You really should read articles about what's really happening, and not just making up shit straight from your ass.

I gave my side pussies 1 TBC each
If you know what I mean

If you've been following the case at all it's not grey. They won't touch the remaining btc until after the next creditor's meeting which is 6 months away.

Also, it's highly unlikely that they'll sell the rest of the btc. It'll most likely be returned as btc to either the shareholders or to creditors if civil rehabilitation goes through.

Also, the drops could only be due in part to the trustee selling btc. The market was way overhyped/overbought and it'll likely have crashed almost as much without the selling.

The remaining BTC goes to the shareholder, which happens to be a company 100% owned by Mark Karpeles.

Only means a bearish market. Take note that he plans to sell further. Whatever the court decision maybe, if the proceeds go back to the creditors and investors without liquidation, it still means bearish in the long run as those creditors and investors have the tendency to dump and sell back as cash. Free money is free money.

Sorry boyos, gonna be realistic here. This is a shadow that looms over BTC. He managed to tank BTC with just a sixth of his coins. Imagine if the whole supply was circulated back to other people. It's the end of bitcoin as we know it. Expect drops back to triple digits if that were to happen.

they should dump all their fucking BCH first

Nothing for a while, as courts work really, REALLY slow...
They now paid off the creditors (priority #1) and the next, from what i've heard, they'll be dealing with refunding customers (rumor, at this point)

the reason why they sold only a small stack is because BTC being about 400 bucks when the Mt Gox shit happened...

That they, essentially, might actually hold a short- to mid-term killshot for crypto, overall, worries me a little, though...

In the long run, though... kek
no worries

1.3 billion dollars

Crypto market contains about 10 billion dollars. If you don’t count coins not in circulation

Then go ahead and short bitcoin. It's really not hard.

They sold enough to pay all the creditors back (both BTC and fiat).
Can you fucking read?

Yeah so the creditors would go after them in a civil suit if they don't distribute BTC back to original owners. There is hardly any chance that those guys walk away with billions worth of BTC after they lost 650k BTC.

Exchanges are probably aware of this possibility. Do they use this to accumulate more BTC or will they decide to abandon it as the defacto currency?

Wasn't it about $1000, dropping to $120 after

And he promptly gets sued to oblivion civilally

Why didn't they dump BCH and other shitforks first?

I would love bitcoin to go back under 1k$ only so I can buy it up and move it around but if it's going to hit under 1k$ it's already to late to make money.

got in late and now I cant win nor will I make it but im still trying and will continue trying for some time but alas I might have missed my "lambo" chances. So it goes

The court decisions and proceedings could take years though. What's more likely to happen is this is gonna tank to around 2-3k levels, sideways for months, people forget about the whole thing, moon back again, maybe even above 20k this time, Japanese courts finally come up with a decision, some of the proceeds are partially liquidated to pay up for costs and court fees and the rest distributed to the creditors and investors.

Creditors and investors either sell it off at the exchange or OTC. Whatever the case, that's gonna crash the market all the way down if smart money (ie institutional money) hasn't come in.

you put into words better than what I was thinking. Basically I got in too late and now I missed some big chances and when it tanks to below nothing I will have a few more chances but got to be careful with them. Thats not factoring in the governments forcing their hands into all this to get "their slice of the pie" they didnt earn and thus push everyone out til they are filthy rich and well small windows of chance here for all but i'll still keep at it and try.

Dont really want that lambo dream and never did but I did want to be able to wake up and go IU dont have to work I have money. The next 2yrs in bitcoin/altcoins will be very interesting indeed.


already Index funds for btcs are about to come out and you think you will buy this up for 2k? LMAO

We all got in late bro but we're gonna make it when this market tanks. Too bad for those who bought at the highs tho.

Don't forget that he's being charged in japan with some pretty fucking serious charges, like embezzeling, and they don't pursue over there unless they're 99.9999999% sure they can convict - and if he's convicted, they could seize all of the assets of the company.

Then the Japanese government will be auctioning off those coins.

I think he's still facing charges here, too.

The fate of those coins isn't even close to being determined.

wow this is wonderful, tokyo cucked you faggots so hard youve been knocked into the past and are using the "logic" used at $200 lmfao

i realize none of you pathetic burger flipping barcode scanning cuckshits were around back then, and you aren't smart enough to have understood even if you were told exactly how this would play out so I figured i would let you know

I just said I missed out and you try to mock me for by repeating me. And no I dont think I will be buying up any btc under 2k cuz I dont have that kind of money nor will I anytime soon. Basically fuck off b/tard you're jokes are as stale as your cumsock

Agreed user I just accept I missed the big chances and now I am focused on getting those little chances in. coins arent my only investments im getting into but this one seemed the most promising to me out of all the things. I will continue to try at it and if I make it awesome if I didnt I can least have the pride I tried and failed. Most dont even get that in the end of this.

Thanks for the support fellow user I think this next year will be interesting for those of us late to the party since we're all getting ready for the smaller after party to further this. I wish you massive financial success in this user.

Already did. Have fun not making money faggot.

>fucks up your market in 2014
>returns to fuck up your market in 2018

What the FUCK is it's problem?

to think Mt. Gox would fuck us twice....

somebody's gonna get killed, that's for sure

This just mean the flippening from BTC to Eth is happening sooner rather than later and exchanges will slowly change their liquidity from Btc to Eth, Xmr and fiat.
Expect a steady rise in sat value for Eth and Xmr and a slow bleed for BTC or at least a stunted growth.
I really don't think btc will die but btc megawhales will always be a Sword of damocles hanging over all of crypto if alts cannot be decoupled from BTC value

So you're saying it's not CME futures that dumped bitcoin?

Wait, but Veeky Forums convinced me so hard.. What a lying cunt of a board


>he said more sales will probably be coming.


this is literally saying he has to consult the court to sell more. Considering he hasn't sold since the dip to 5k I doubt there's more coming.

you're literally illiterate

It would not have crashed as much. This idiot trustee triggered a rush to the door selloff. He outwhaled everyone and caused all the other whales to run sell.

he literally began a global recession/depression

guess it's all over for Crypto, eh ?

thanks for the past 1 year ride, it was fun while it lasted...

Well he potentially violated the law by selling his property while in bankruptcy proceedings. On top of that, hopefully tells him he was a retard not to sell it OTC and it doesn't happen again. Dumping your coins on a market just guarantees you get less money and makes millions of people very very mad at you, both of which are considered bad moves.

Do you understand it will take at minimum 6 months just to begin discussing what to do here? Everyone has absolutely no idea what the fuck they're talking about here. If you sold or are shorting because you think some guy with 160k btc is gonna dump in the next 4 years, you're a fucking idiot.

Stay salty you fucktard.

What if he shorts with 100x leverage .. neverending dumpatron. Yes I read the comments on consulting with court..forgive me if I feel this space is prone to unforseen circumstances

Shorting doesn't affect the price because you're selling contracts, not bitcoin. Stupid nigger

Yes, magic the gathering online exchange triggered a global recession

> (You)
>Shorting doesn't affect the price because you're selling contracts, not bitcoin. Stupid nigger

That was both educational and harsh. Thanks ...I think

I don't think you understand the slowness of bureaucracy.

>open 100x short on bitmex
>dump a gorillion coins on kraken

So a 500M cashout cut the market in half. Gox can do this 6 more times?

People saying losing 2.25 Billion in Tether won't crash the market are also BTFO by this. The untethering + GOX would end crypto.

Anybody have the wallet address where this is coming from? Seems like a good move to short Bitcoin when you see a withdrawal.

Fuck Bitcoins BTC BCH

God damn premined scams

Entire 2009, half of 2010.
A year and a half of premine.

Aww, someone is salty for being late to the party. Fuck you stupid fucking millennial.

start a movement to fork it away

they are the one causing the crash dumbo

New dump incoming, money just got injected, get ready for a large one this time.