LINK will solve the oracle problem

>LINK will solve the oracle problem

link is literally scam

>sergey is /our/ man

>i am uniroincally all in on Chainlink
>LINK $1000 by EOY

Will I make it with 1k links?

I feel like I'm gonna regret not unironically buying 100k. Sorta like when I didn't invest in ETH at ground level.

LINK is like anorexia
Never enough

will it solve all crypto coins volatility?

That’s what I’m thinking right now. “How much can I buy right now that I’m not going to regret later?”
>ah I could’ve bought 1000 more back then
>ah I shouldn’t have bought all that LINK

When is it the right time to FOMO on link

hey biz, chad here, whats the oracle problem lol k tnx

$5, $20, $50, $150

>he doesn't know


Why we have an oracle problem?

just got off skype with sergey
he those who are patient will be rewarded with solved oracles and gains

Oracles are mean gypsy fortune-tellers. They scam us upstanding citizen and send OUR money to their worthless brood. Chainlink will provide the funds to 'solve' that problem for a long time.


Here's a quick rundown

>OMG will make billions of profit to it's token holders by solving payments at McDonalds

Are you niggers aware that AKA will have oracles too ?

Shhhh still mining