Shill doggo your 3 best icos that aren’t coinmetro

Shill doggo your 3 best icos that aren’t coinmetro.

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unironically unsless you get early for bonus.
4.8/5/0 on IcoBench, no point shilling - just DYOR

It’s on my list. Anything else? Will check out the IcoBench

>Anything else
Not much imo

Seems like the well has dried up for the moment with all the scams and the sec looking at everything.

If you dont buy VeChain sir you are one mental idiot!
find one better

I have some vechain. Only 31 of them because I’m a poor fag. How high will that go?


Do they even have a whitepaper?


Back to rebbit you fucking faggot.

Neck yourself m’dude. I’m an oldfag here.

And yet you use a 15 year old newfag term like doggo

Nigga who knows

I just like dogs, man.



Don't buy into ICOs now. With bitcoin going into a long term bear market all of these will trade to 0

There’s a couple I want to get in on but generally I agree. How long is the bear market going to last Sempai?

PoWH3D. Unironically.

Get doggo on that!

And please remind the audience what the state of bitcoin was during the time of the ETH ico? Perhaps it was dropping from $600 to $450 to eventually settle at $250?

Newb plz

U are a good Boy

Holding tight to 96k. If ETH keeps shitton itself I'm about to get more untill it's early

State of Veeky Forums.

Go away pleb. Nobody fells for this meme anymore...

Jesus I miss the 2016 Veeky Forums

Thanks user. :)

>proof of stake and passive income are a meme
Well you sure do hate money, don't you?


This telegram is doing a pool so us poorfags can swim with the whales.

tme GainsPreICODiscussion

Pool closes in one hour

Get in or stay poor faggots

I’ve been looking into
Seems like a promising ico to give mom and pop crypto investors the same tools as the big guys.

CoinLion. You kinda missed the boat on it but I'll make a stack

I have made over 6 figures from ICOs, I'm not talking out my ass. 85% of my portfolio is in ICOs, I am absolutely fucked when tokens release. No one is buying bags cause ICOs have become pump and dump

I’ve seen that one pop a lot.

Wow, no US restrictions on this

It’s nice when they actually let us burgers in on the profits.

How is this not a scam? It's too good to be true so it must be scam right?

good lord I wanna get up in dem gruts