What the actual ... that is a lot of volume

what the actual ... that is a lot of volume.

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More mega dumping I guess. Get used to it. Hopefully the market will continue absorbing.

That nigger is dumping again. Million dollar market orders triggering margin calls. What an absolute retard throwing his money in the gutter



The relatively low drop is encouraging.

Indicative maybe of a healthier market than previously which was overdue for a correction.

I think people should get comfy, 9-12k is where the price will trade for the next 3 months more than likely.

Didn't he sell enough already to pay back the creditors?

"it will never drop below $10k again"

Yes but the market isn't bouncing the way it has before. Right now there's no buying power unlike previous times where BTC went on nice recovery runs after the big dumps.

And what if ETH flips bitcoin by then? I’m genuinely worried. These ETH fags might be on to something

If you have a big dick in real life then eth is for you my man. Once I realized I had a huge cock I made the change and it feels good.

You sure?

Ofcourse they are, ETH is actually good and a safer hold than BTC.

>BTC goes down: Fiat/USDT>ETH>BTC
>BTC goes sideways: ETH>BTC=Fiat/USDT

He sold 1/6th of his stack afaik. Still a fuckton of bitcoin to liquidate

Are you retarded? ETH drops like a rock whenever BTC shits its pants. In case you didn't notice ETH lost equal percent of ATH than BTC and behaves completely symmetrically, like 99% of all other coins.


get educated please you fucking nigger. His sell orders are court ordered. Next potential sell is in 6 months, if they decide he has to sell more

crash incoming

Looks like the retard sold again, and he sold to force it through support again. Judging by the spike he might have sold another 18k? Leaving him at around 145k

why can't this asshole just sell BTC OTC? there has to be a fucking bulk buyer out there somewhere, one that doesn't use these markets. unless this faggot is trying to deliberately slam the price.

Wouldn't this mere fact scare away potential investors?

it adds liquidity to the market for sure... as far a stable prices....?

Think about the market absorbed a hack and news of a dump in one day and didn't drop into 8k. I'm still very bullish for 2018 as a whole, I think this maybe stopped it for 1/2 to a full month

>bitcoin is the future of money

Look at when he sells, each time he forces the price through support. He’s deliberately crashing for whatever reason.

to make more money.
>crash market with absurd amount of BTC
>slowly buy up BTC and build confidence
>crash market again
>repeat forever

>>Yes but the market isn't bouncing the way it has before.

Mmmm mmm mmm no no no