Why is everyone so worried about a potential dump of 160k bitcoin...

Why is everyone so worried about a potential dump of 160k bitcoin? Today the 24 hour volume of bitcoin is almost 1 million coins? 160k BTC is nothing.

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>market sell 160k bitcoins
>suddenly worth 0
>this is a real possibility

brainlet...the whole crash was caused by 18000 btc...imagine 160000....gtfo

In the long term, this can only be good. One less mega whale.

How can 18000 BTC crash the market when 1 million are traded daily... brainlet...

I agree user... this is nothing to be concerned about.

Why the fuck would they sell the coins at market you imbecile? They'd trade them with a VP algo or something.

Thing is, the top exchanges "only" do around $500m BTC/USD a day each, which is 50k BTC. You'd have to split your order across 4 or 5 of the big exchanges and trade out of the position over a period of about a week, but it's totally doable and the liquidity is there. You'll obviously see some price pressure but the OP is mainly correct that it's not like you're trying to get rid of 50x the ADV overnight.


>The price goes down when a lot of bitcoin are sold.
The absolute state of Veeky Forums

no shit...so imagine 160000 btc market dump, fucking retard

Who is this semen demon?

Why would they sell all at once though?

>Volume massively lower on the way down than on the way up
>This somehow means that low% ADV sells of BTC spread out over a period of weeks were crashing the market instead of buyers evaporating due to lack of confidence in the market.

I'm guessing you have no professional experience in economics or trading.

oh now u click...god why do I bother...the fact that this whale literally owes has his shareholders intrest at heart...doesnt give 2 fucks about BTC...


Next time you decided to be a big boy in a small pond...think before you type...faggot

>implying bots are not buying and selling to themselves

Yeah, Economics and Trading means fuck all when you are the market...I bet you TA'd your way out of that dump at the top...fuck off

Are you retarded?

with 1k usd i can create 1 million of volume.
There are shittons of bots in the market, 160k btc is a shitton if it al gets sold at once or in a 24h period.



>almost 1 million
>160k is nothing
its more as 10% of its daily volume... any whale dumping more as 10% of the daily volume is something to stress about


10% is not that much...

hahahaha, k im done, you're fucking retarded...stay poor...

I traded professionally for the best part of a decade, so yeah, I eat normie cunts like you for breakfast. I've been absolutely having it off with this volatility.

Even in established markets like NYSE, HFT algos churning stock (i.e. "synthetic liquidity") don't account for much more than 50% of the trading volume. Also, you're a fucking idiot if you think a market sell of 160k would happen (why would the seller basically guarantee they get an absolutely shit price). It would be done over a period of days. The market could absorb it.

If you knew anything about professional trading, you'd know it's extremely common to have program traders use algorithms that buy or sell stocks at a percentage of the volume, like 10 or 20%, without smashing the price. This is particularly true even in highly fragmented markets where consolidated volume (including the MTFs) is much larger than the primary exchange volume.

If you are using coinmarketcap's 24hr volume, that includes all altcoin trades.
Just click on Bitcoin on CMC and click "markets" and you'll see all BTC/alt pairings are included.

So for example, a daytrader uses 0.1 btc to buy/sell several altcoins, and does 50 trades in a day (maybe he has a high-frequency bot).
That's 50x0.1 = 5 btc trading volume
Even though it was just 0.1 btc being traded back and forth.
Imagine many bots doing hundreds of trades per day.
They're probably bloating that volume, even though only a small amount is actually in the market being traded.

But all the BTC/alt volume doesn't matter here.
This guy is just cashing out.
All that matters is liquidity on the buy side of the order book.

Well, if you click bitcoin on Coinmarketcap, top volume BTC/USD market is Bitfinex (excluding outliers).

Pic related.

See how far down the book you'll crash the price if you dump say 6000 btc (what the guy was usually dumping). Or 18000 btc (which is what he dumped at the end at $6000). Or the whole 160,000 btc.

Although apparently, you need only 16000 btc to dump it to zero on Bitfinex.

>Veeky Forums doesn't realize they legally aren't allowed to sell because there's a ton of people who want BTC not fiat

Because they don't want Tether and there's only so much fiat that wants in. Fuckface is saturating those channels instead of trading OTC.

In simple words, we do not collectively have 1,600,000,000 fiat money to throw at him so that we can keep playing our game. There are large players who could buy these in batches and use them to add liquidity and control to that 24 hour volume, but he is not trading with them.

>Because they don't want Tether and there's only so much fiat that wants in. Fuckface is saturating those channels instead of trading OTC.

yeah, its completely fucked really.

He could be selling OTC to whales that would no doubt gladly buy from him. It seems extremely bazaar to market sell such a huge amount of coins.

That‘s the thing, they market sell. They don‘t care about the money, they just want to get rid of BTC, you drooling retard. The whole 3 months of crashing was caused by a single guy gradually market dumping

I just wanna know when he dumps next and have all my money ready.


yup... and that one guy has lots more wrench to throw at the BTC price spokes.

Not sure if this is bull or bear flag for me.

Bitfinex has hidden buy and sell limit orders though.

Short term maybe bear. Long term very bull

Read the article on zerohedge. It crashed to 6k then they panic sold. We survived that.

Agreed OP. Jesus, why are people STILL talking about this. It's very bullish news if anything. The Bitcoin were sold to cover expenses mandated by the court. The next creditors meeting isn't until another 6 months and they're likely not be paid for several more years.

This is BULLISH. The catalyst for our last 3 big dips of 2018 is confirmed GONE and DONE for a good, long while. Why are you all so worried about a dude that will not be able to sell that btc again for several more years??? Get this worthless FUD OUTTA HERE

There isn't gonna be a dumping if 160,000, btc you fucking morons.

>This is BULLISH

>Didn't read the rest of the post
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Also this guys are just trolls. Think of them as the flat earthers of Veeky Forums

I read your whole post and this is not bullish at all. Even though they would dump slowly it would cause selling pressure but they will keep market selling when btc tries to recover.
Also there will be more crashes this year, we still have tether ahead of us.

just wait until bulgaria dumps their 200k btc


He will not touch the Bitcoin for years. Why are you looking 3-4 years into the future. Do I need to be specify this is "moderate-term bullish" for you to get it?

Also, tether has nothing to do with this discussion. The point is this is FUD that will not have to be dealt with until btc is worth several times more, several years in the future. The fact that we know that this guy dumped and cannot do so for years? This singular, piece of new news/knowledge is b-u-l-l-i-s-h. I am not discussing about any other fud or strawman that you want to counter with but this piece of news, that this thread is based on.

This guy gets it A lot of liquidity comes from bots trading among themselves and every BTC in existence is traded a million times a day back and fourth creating a lot of volume. If someone would just sell a small amount at once on market all the buyers would be eaten up and volume would suddenly drop to zero within one transaction

for those thinking that they were selling this to cover how much they owe investors you need to understand they are only planning on refunding them at $400 USD per 1 BTC, the people who lost their money will never get it back. It is currently being hoovered by the courts and legal system

To be honest, this is a cover story, this whole Mt Gox fiasco has the fingerprints of state meddling written all over it.

All national states are worried over blockchain and crypto. It threatens their monopoly. Look at China and Venezuela where their draconian governments straight up jailed people for holding bitcoin. Western countries cannot do the same thing so openly, instead they do it through subterfuge and obscurity (a la Mt. Gox """"hack""""")

what they are doing is dumping the market to buy more for cheap and increase their stack to keep a hold on the market. whatever stories theyre reporting in the """""news""""" is the same old story of feeding the rubes bullshit stories while executing their strategies behind the scenes

>1 person decides to sell 160k bitcoins
>then everyone else collectively and automatically agree it's worth 0 for some reason
>even all the people that actually bought those 160k coins
>this makes sense