We still laughing at you


>investing in assets to minimize inflation is bad
The absolute state of Keynesian hyperconsumers

>they think inflation is a necessary and intentional purpose of currency and not an unavoidable byproduct of valueless fiat money that bootlickers have been conditioned to think is good for them

And we’re still richer than you.

Just pay inflated prices like any normal person and stop complaining and trying to cheat the system. You butters need to learn a few lessons from us.

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>these "weird people" don't like it when their stuff is taken away
Gee I wonder why

lmao, there's actually a place dedicated to BTC hate? how salty must they be, RIP nocoiners

Pay your taxes

>implying I have a choice

>not ashamed of being a plebbitor

>being so buttblasted about being a poor nocoiner that you create an entire subreddit on plebbit to cope

Cryptodegenerates are the worst

Of course inflation has a purpose. Wether there are better forms of money is up for debate and BTC is an interesting experiment. Maybe sound money really is the better money, but we won't know until it's been tried in a real economy and not just as part of a model.

>ywn die alone and penniless F5ing bitter reddit threads demeaning the success of others

What is this feel?

Do you get something in return for the taxes you pay?

There are better forms of inflation than the current "airdrop the banks because they are the shareholders of the FED".

Monero has a 1% yearly inflation after the fixed number has been mined.

>mmmm yes government let me lick your boot. Heres my ass you can use freely so I can buy more percocet and live my useless life.

also this those Keynesian kikes got us good, they did a better job brainwashing than the Marxist types

>get raped in an underpass
>rapist leaves you with 100$
>"What's your problem, you got something out of it, didn't you?"

Another analogy would be you going into a supermarket and purchasing products vs you getting robbed as you enter a supermarket, and then someone gives you a certain bag of goods, the total value of which is LOWER than what you paid in. I'd be okay if any of the following would be true:
>taxation would be voluntary
>the only people who could vote would be people who pay more in than they get out (yes that would mean most government employees can't vote)

How's 8th grade going?

You still don't understand the point of inflation. If a company's $1m will be worth $1.2m in a year, why would they spend $500000 to grow the business to put in extra staff, if the return would only be $600000 (a 20% ROI is considered a great investment in an inflationary climate).
The money would stay in the bank, there is no longer as many jobs for the increasing population, you would not have a job, and you would not have any life savings.

No. I get literally nothing. IB roads. The roads are fucking shit.

Firefighters, police, schools, roads, hospitals, lightning

Let's ignore your poor analogies for now and move on to the argument.

If taxation was voluntary, how do you exclude people who don't pay taxes from reaping the benefits of rule of law, clean air and water etc?

>inflation is good

nice reddit pasta

Inflation Coin has no limit on negative value. It can literally drop to negative infinity

I am 100% positive that entire subreddit is a subtle attempt to shill bitcoin.

>clean air
Brilliant, let's push an air tax, if you're breathing, you're getting taxed! Let's tax livestock and birds for breathing as well. Don't be ridiculous.
>rule of law
Well guess who's not getting legal representation.
Please, I pay for my fucking water to the water companies already.

Any other great objections?

I'm assuming you're American, in which case I have to say: taxpayers are getting shafted in the US because your gobmint (doesn't matter whether republican or democrat) uses most of your money to wage useless wars, subsidise inefficient industries, pay for a shitty education system, pay for a shitty healthcare sysem and pay for pensions for boomers who've had it easier than any generation before or after them. So I can't really disagree with you there.


>If taxation was voluntary, how do you exclude people who don't pay taxes from reaping the benefits of rule of law, clean air and water etc?
Protip: the majority of Americans already contribute zero to the government in tax dollars. If you don't make $80k/yr or more, you're basically a leech.

I think you misunderstood the point. Taxes are used to maintain clean air and water by way of regulating industries, penalising pollution, and providing waste disposal. That is something that everybody benefits from, whether they want to or not. If people opted out of taxation, they'd freeride on the tax contributions of others, because they cannot be excluded from the benefits of those taxes. However, if nobody paid taxes, there'd be nobody to assume responsibility for maintaining clean air and water (and the environment at large).

>they want to have their wealth in a form which cannot be taken
Is there some reason this is bad?

So what are you complaining about then? You don't pay taxes, brilliant.

>hahaha how is society supposed to endlessly consume the goods we produce when the supply of money isn't constantly losing value

clean streets
road maintenance
public transport

i can go on all day

>clean streets
These streetshitting pajeets dont care about that

fucked i studied about this years ago in uni in some econ class, forgot about it already. esp focus on freeriders iirc

>not paying your lightning tax

You must have missed the fact that I was replying to someone who implied he didn't get anything in return for his taxes. It was a RHETORICAL QUESTION...

They teach Econ in Amish school?


If OP is an SA oldfag, I want you to know that I laughed at every single one of you balding aids ridden manlet leftist "twitter comedian" faggot retards from the years 2011-2017

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>mfw they say "I still wouldn't buy butts even knowing what I do now"
>mfw the utter denial
>mfw buttcoin turned from comedy gold into an aids & bankruptcy support group
>mfw some of them have been in that thread since the beginning
>mfw most of them were too lazy to even try going short at any point
>mfw the greatest transfer of schaudenfraude in human history



The state of this board.

you're a tard

Why would anyone want to own a store of value that cannot be taken away? Silly coiners teehee

No one cares tbqh. We made money speculating on complete junk. Sorry you missed the boat

Government regulation could easily destroy the value of cryptos.

Just ban monero lmao

and gov employees shouldnt vote as the conflict of interest is massive
its like parliament voting of mep wages, wtf

he gave two options
the second has your "leches" taken care of by linking taxation to a vote
just like greece did back then

The vast majority of civil servants has absolutely no part in formulating legislation, so I don't see where the conflict of interest you purport lies.

Linking taxation to a vote would only marginalise those who are too poor to vote and exclude them from the political process. What's the purpose of that?

government workers still pay taxes.

you dont see why MEPs shouldnt be the ones to vote on legislation concerning their wages?
why a civil servant who is paid with other peoples taxes shouldnt really have the same decision making power as the people who pay him?

Why should every retarded loser get a vote? Why should a welfare scroungers vote be equal to the one of a successful entrepreneur?

oh come on you know thats just calculations, they are paid with taxes
it would effectively exclude those who dont put in money to decide how its spent

name a government employee that pays more in taxes than he receives in wages

sure but voting its not only about wages, its about law making too. Say you dont want X law to pass the wo you vote for the party that does not support it.
And voting for X does not directly affect most of the people employed by the government.

Those are two different things. MEPS are elected politicians, civil servants aren't elected.

And as for the right to vote: taxpayers pay civil servants to perform a service that offers a return for the taxpayer. Decision-making power, as you put it, or participation in the political process is separate from that. So no, I don't see why civil servants should have less of a day in this.

name one job that cost you more in taxes than you make in wages.

God damn man your 250 word. Ocabulary needs an update.

meant to reply to '

you should really try to write shorter sentences, it helps to structure your thoughts.

i believe its unfair to let people who receive welfare vote because they impose their political will on thos epaying their welfare. it takes away the spirit of charity, id prefer a country ruled by meritocracy to a country where the poor vote and are catered to by parties engaged in a bidding war, each promising a higher minimum wage and better welfare benefits
its retarded. prosperity and security are societies mortar, charity is its soul or some other hippie shit

How is that supposed to refute anything?

almost all business owners make less than their total sum of taxes. dude, otherwise it wouldnt work maaeeen

This is a very long philosophical debate that goes beyond what I am willing to type in a phone and I don't think there is a right or wrong side to this, just a question of how we, as a society and as human beings, want to organise our coexistence.

I believe that all humans are created equal (in then philosophical sense, not biologically) and that no human should be subjected to the domination of another. Otherwise he/she has the right to shake off that oppression, by any means necessary. So unequal voting rights based on wealth (something that is in most cases more contingent on when and where you were born rather than individual effort) is inherently unethical and those who are subjected to such oppression should revolt.

My view, you may disagree.

>Retards calling out someone who is right
>I was merely bamboozling you into thinking I'm retarded

It's schadenfreude you homo's


Inflation forces people to perform for the money as they cannot simply "make it" once by making a couple of millions and then just idling for the rest of their lives, and their children's lives, and their children's lives, since their money loses value even if they don't spend it. The same applies to businesses by forcing them to perform even for the huge amount of capital they already possess, since if they do not perform for it then it just simply melts away from inflation. Another perfect example (which I doubt that modern Veeky Forums has ever done else you'd know about it) is trading stocks - you're forced to make at least *X inflation for the year*% plus another couple of percents on top else you're actually at a loss - it's like the casual filter of the stock market where people who do not manage to perform better than what the inflation takes from their portfolio are taxed, even if they actually DID make a minor gain with their dividends.

In fact, the universe operates in the exact same way - there is a passive decay of matter (or rather structured matter) which is called entropy, and the point of life is to fight that entropy. That struggle to perform against it is the very reason why consciousness exists in the first place, and without it there would be no point in being anything higher than a randomly-scattered soup of particles perpetually floating without any limits whatsoever

I sort of agree but relapse poor with stupid and you fine. There needs to be some sort of literacy minimum for voting.

any one job.
that is legal and taxed
give a specific example

bullshit people don't do things that are not profitable

What in the fuck are you even trying to say

Go back to Something Awful, faggot.

so i can revolt if im born in a country where the organised majority decides i owe them 55% of the fruit of my labor? is that what you mean?
i dont think you do, i think you have a very specific definition of "subjected to the domination of another"
you believe that someone who owns something you dont is dominating you, right?

Ever heard of communism?


Everything in that top comment is completely reasonable and rational... who the hell would want to be taxed or lose money to inflation if you have a choice? Fucking hell

oh my god, youre comparing MONEY to the UNIVERSE huurrrr
my grandpa grew up in portugal during fascism. he never hoarded the fascists money because he knew it would fall with the government. know what he hoarded? gold. doesnt decay, accepted everywhere. in fact, he is still hoarding it today! smart man, and sure, if hed tell people that he paid cents for a gram of gold back then, the idiots among them would get mad and yell how unfair it is that they lost everything and he didnt. thats the way it is, because its much easier to be mad at someone else for figuring out something you didnt that accept that you were wrong.

I'm starting to think the Keynesians have something going for them after all

what are you even saying here

just like age
in germany, something like 8% work for wages
ALL major parties want a minimum wage because they know that workers gobble it up
there is no economic thought behind it - its just a bidding war and its frustrating to see
it creates a people who look to the sky (government, and thus tax money of productive citizens) when they are in need of something

>so i can revolt if im born in a country where the organised majority decides i owe them 55% of the fruit of my labor?
reminder that those ripe fruits are being squandered on lazy niggers, fat spics, mudslimes, and other assorted human garbage

okay my friend
if you have a company that has a turnover of millions, do you think that your income as ceo is more than the total tax paid by that company?

I don't quite follow you, but I don't believe what you want me to believe.

Being richer than someone else is not domination, excluding someone from the process by which the rules of our coexistence are determined certainly is.

If you disagree with the amount of taxes you pay, you should be free to campaign for lower taxes. If you can convince enough people that you've got a good point, the rules should be changed accordingly. That's how a democracy works.

If the majority thinks you should contribute more to the common good, then you will either have to submit to the will of that majority or incur the penalty.

What's that 8% you are talking about?

nice selfie, fag

Perfectly possible. Corporate taxes and personal income tax are two different things, you know?

i'm not your friend buddy
retard logic

the problem with inflation when talking about the US dollar is that very few people who have their own motives are able to control the inflation.
Inflation isn't necessarily a bad thing, if chosen in a decentralized manner (voting mechanism in staking) but when you put the power of it in just a few peoples hands that is the problem.
You cannot deny people can be evil/greedy and the only way to safeguard that is decentralization. Not to say that crypto isn't rampant with greed and evil just that there are forms of currencies which address the problem of things like inflation and control of the currency in general.
Also, when you shit on BTC, no one cares. Very few people actually give a shit about bitcoin as a currency. I understand you guys probably don't know much more about crypto than BTC or Ripple and thats probably why you hate crypto so much.
You wouldn't even know how to argue about most cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin, no matter what side you are on.
Also, you're a fag

>oh my god, youre comparing MONEY to the UNIVERSE huurrrr
I am comparing the dynamics of a system to the dynamics of its parent system, brainlet. If it's how the parent system operates then *surely* every single system under it will operate at maximum efficiency with the same rules. This universe promotes progress through passive decay and there's literally nothing you can do about it no matter how hard you whine about it

Oh yeah I agree, Apple and Google should just convert their entire cash assets to GOLD and only accept GOLD as payment for their services or only offer GOLD to their suppliers. Wanna buy some cloud storage from Google? That's great just haul the physical GOLD directly to their fucking HQ on a monthly basis

Welfare is a meme. Most of it goes to old people. Old people should not vote.

still profitable

thats the problem i have with democracy
its basically oppression of minorities by a majority. in ANY other context than wealth, this would be unthinkable. the "rules of our coexistence" you refer to are very much voncerned with how tax money is spent. its all fair game until you have a crisis and 50% of a generation are unemployed. given the power and enough retardation, they will raise taxation, or have different percentages of tax applied to different incomes, effectively dragging down those who were able to remain productive. why? because they had the power to do so.
i know the world isnt fair but if you live in a country where the "just tax the rich more to pay for shit" thing goes out of hand there will be no more rich people because they went to friendlier jurisdictions. thus, the parasite kills the host, and it does so waving flags and chanting about oppression.