Fakeout confirmed

Failed to break through the ascending triangle in an upward movement. This now following the last wave all the way down to $3-4k. Have fun gentlemen.

My shorts are also ready. Feels comfy.

>This now following the last wave all the way down to $3-4k
Why are bears so fucking retarded.


?being this mad
Sorry, I can't hear you over my gains. Stay poor.

Bears are just like the bulls. They hope their outcome will be on top. Just like the bulls hope for the price to rise, bears hope for it to fall. There is money to be made on either side, just got to pick the right one

>trying to short something like bitcoin longterm

Enjoy getting dumped on by the Mr. Gox trustee

And Karpeles when he gets his coins back

And CW when the Tulip trust expires


Nice i read some entrails of a cat that got run over. Saw bulls stampeding

good luck on this lol

I don't trade on margin, I've held my coins for years now and I guarantee you I've made more than you and will make more than you in the future.

Shorting feels so wrong but so right. Am I going to make it bros?


It seems you're not very comfy with the truth

>Currently in a bear pennant
What a moron

I am tho. Who here also comfy with their shorts?

>shorting low

you do realize you're literally selling low right? BUY LOW SELL HIGH

jesus christ you people are fucking mental

how many times are you posting the same picture in this fucking thread you stupid fuck

shorting at a major support line
literally gambling

The what now?

If you say so user.

didnt see your entry lol

Nice gains. Death cross also forming on the MA. This shit is going down hard.

What are you currently holding?

His mom's tendies.


All these fucking drawings are incredible. Do any of you really believe any of this actually works? How far removed from sanity are you?

If it works, it works. Stay mad.

what leverage is this? x100?

probably 25

he better be fucking right because I just bought

March 8 is today and everyone looks as it is gonna go lower. Don't trust random faggots on twittter or me for that sake. Btw he has a consistency of about 5% on his calls. He just keeps saying he's always right, but he's always wrong.

>short Bitcoin after 25% decline in 2 days

A plan well vised only a true professional trader could come up with.

>Japanese trustee dumps 8k BTC because of legal case

you will be in for a surprise, young autist

Lol at the bulls posting their cope lines. It doesnt take a genius to know this is dropping to 4k.


If it works, it works. Stay salty. Better HODL user, it's gonna be a bumpy ride all the way to the bottom.

Holy shit that sell wall. Bye bye moneh

I'm considering a long here. We have big support in the area of 9k-9.4k, so if I can long at 9.6-9.7 the trade has a good risk reward ratio.

Very risky imo.

you should have done that at the beginning of the pennant (9300) right now the pennant is almost complete and longs aren't the smartest idea...
Just telling you what I think.

strong support at 9.3k

Don't short. Short is a leveraged position where you have to borrow coins. This is bad because you can lose all your money.

Just move over to tether, until it starts going back up again.

I personally do expect a green candles pushin the price just below 10k or just into 10k. Max is 10.15k though. But I'm not sure if we're going to see a price above 9850 right now.

btc of course, but mostly eth. I think eth will surge after all this mt gox shit. As for smaller positions- neo omg xmr nano.

Plus we're crossing the EMAs into a death cross which could spiral us down to 8k very quick.. don't just long because you think
>price is low
Cause those supports break quickly as we saw last time with the push down to 6k

estimated time on death cross?

I mean seriously: 10k for a memecoin?
RIdiculous. It will bounce back many times, but the destination is clear to everybody with a few braincells left.
WS will short the shit out of these cultists.

Even with moving averages, a cross is forming on the daily. It was fun while it lasted. You can make money even when the market is going down tho. If you feel confident enough, just short and put stop losses.

As soon as the bear pennant is done, you can see the lines are a nanocentimer away from eachother. If the pattern is right we should see a small push towards 9.9k-10.1k and then take a dive testing the 9.2k support, if that breaks we're in the low 8's and likely we will see a fast dip into 7k as 9.2k is one of the most important supports right now. Expect to see a result today

>you have to buy a whole coin
>$10k BTC is "expensive"

I bet you think ripple and tron are "cheap". Fuck off.

Its that the market is highly speculative but honestly in the long run. This is cheap. By the time society deems our age enough to retire we could have retired 20 years ago from that age by buying BTC at its current price.

But this is not how a market works since we want to make money now, not 20 years later. Simple psychology. Also you need to learn to look at marketcap, the marketcap of BTC is still a spic compared to the marketcap of Gold, USD and other financial instruments.

Its here to stay and a lot of people don't realise how conveneint BTC actually is in comparison to gold and USD. And no I'm not talking about illegal stuff.

Its stupid to both short and long near a major support level. Its basically a coin flip. It either holds or breaks.
Dont be stupid and wait for a confirmation of the direction before doing any trade.

>the virgin wait vs. the chad coin flip

there's a lot of fear in the hivemind at the moment. Which means now is the time to be greedy and buy buy buy. If you chose wisely that is

longed at 9400 plus shorts paying me interest
beat me OP

double checked. I cant believe biz retards are want to gamble with their 2017 gains.

what is stop loss

21 million x 10k for a dinosaur meme, ripple is expensive, trx should be 0

I understand, but why should it be bitcoin?

>that filename
the irony

Bitcoin has a lot of unique features no other coin has:
>first mover
>Anonymous creator
>Main player in the market and position, everything depends on it
>continual development, although slow, reassures market position.

You can't deny BTC of its rightfull place. Its like saying why shouldn't silver be gold? Why shouldn't platinum be gold? FLIPPENING?!
No, it just doesn't work that way. No other coin will ever have what BTC has.

I'm pretty sure some coins will still hold their heads above the water in a full blown crash but when things start picking up again, all eyes on BTC. This explenation might not be satisfactory but there's a sublte truth to BTC you can't deny. Plus I'm pretty confident that just like with the internet which was unscalable untill early 2000's that Blockchain/BTC will experience the same.

Every feature you hear about coins are just excuses for price movement. News is bullshit aswell, its just an excuse for market makers to push the price where they want it to be. Same applies to any financial market.

sorry to burst your bubble but this shit isnt crashing its going to break 11k

I know it's time to increase my positions when people who draw memelines are fudding.


t. sold at 6k

What makes you say that?

remember remember always do opposite of omegafag says
omegle always wrong never right
cya at 6k

Huh. Fakeout was confirmed indeed.

Cue instant flip with a 500 btc market buy into 11k. Wouldn't surprise me in this fucking insane market

How long will this be your boogie man? I pleaded with Veeky Forums to tether Tuesday night with Cohn resigning and the tariffs looming. Nobody listened.

trying to predict btc price with triangles kek

>omegamale calls crash for weeks and it never happens
>finally calls pump and a huge red candle appears

What is the current BTC price, by the way? I heard it just hit 9250.. Could be rumors, though

fuck, this is funny but i don't like it

Did your triangles predict the January/February FUD news too?

Pump in a month then


>le China FUD
>le January dip
>le Wall Street futures
>le Mt. Gox money
Are you going to come up with excuse after excuse for eternity?

>the marketcap of BTC is still a spic compared to the marketcap of Gold, USD and other financial instruments.

Coping this hard. Why the hell would btc ever come close to competing for gold or the usd?

>Muh Elliot Waves
Looking forward to your editing on this in a few weeks time.

Coping? I'm bearish as fuck, this is a rational fact considerd for longterm. Fucking dumbfaggot.

How long will the 200 EMA hold?

Here, take the high res version, with added shading.

You literally have a better edge playing blackjack without card counting. Good luck with your gambling addiction though

Are you going to avoid the question for eternity?

lol @ the mad permabulls itt
stick to reddit, kids

Nigger, I you were in crypto longer than three months, you'd know that FUD happens all the time, any time, and even worse things than just FUD, retarded December buyer


if you numales cant realize that red candle was just a shakeout for the weak handed cucks like yourselves. I stand by my prediction

implying the term "weak hands" has any sort of weight in the finance sector, invest with your fucking brain not memes.

Anyone believing in TA is a retard.
A single jap has been dumping the market for 3 months straight. TA faggots B T F O

Wall Street futures, don't forget about Wall Street futures!

no shit FUD happens all the time, and it usually has a noticeable effect on the price. My point is your gay little triangles can't predict the future of the market. TA fags definitely didn't predict events like Mt.Gox or the other news that helped drive the price down.
Fucking brainlet i swear.

Bitcoin price based on transactional volume should be between 7K and 21K - anything lower than this is oversold, anything higher than this is overbought

8700 soon.

oh jeez, it's this guy

we're going to 8K, aren't we?

Thanks just shorted 100k

1 hour chart looks vicious.

And my point is, you come with fancy gay explanations literally EVERY FUCKING MONTH to justify your misery and inability to fit in the market. Last time it was CME futures, remember?

nice memelines

Ta fags are unbearable. See you at 1 mil per coin cucks.