Plz be true plz be true plz be true

Everything he has said for the last month has been wrong, he then changes his mind, gives new reports...sells it to normies, they eat this shit up and lose money...if you listen to this idiot, you deserve to stay poor...

>he didnt say what year
>March 2020

I'm still bullish for the next few months but that guy is a complete fraud.

Lol at this shit he posted.

This guy has been correct a lot lately.

heard btc will pump around the 25th march

funny because i heard btc will dummp on the 8 march

The bogdanovs have other plans.

You're always correct when you delete when you're wrong

>this ignorant pajeet claimed to know our plans
>he tethered up
>initiate BTC golden bull run for the remainder of 2018

It would appear that 8-10 March would be a CRITICAL period for Bitcoin.

nice, just bought 100k

Stop listening to scammers you stupid cucks. Why do you think he goes out of his way to block all the 'trolls'? Because he wants to minimize fud and sell more shitty reports to you dumb people


dude is a fucking larping idiot

Just sold 100k. Bear run starts now guys.

>this guy is the human personification of Opposite Day

Lol what a tripper.

he is always wrong and claims to be always right. the fact alone to know the exact time of a bull run...lmao...this guy needs to get hurt.

Only TA worth anything

Some kind biz bro posted his top 20 alts for 2018 report here. It was basically a collection of Haejin charts from November.

All Elliot Wave projections with all the coins projected to go from 10-30x current prices.

No mention of 3 little pigs, ponds or dragons though.

when NANO announcements come out today, the subsequent pump will ignite the bull run.

I figured as much. gonna be hard to crash btc with so few sellers left.

That was actually me, you can join his crypto friends page for free with password "bitcoin"

You're welcome user.

Buy XRP.

wasnt this the fucker who said bitcoin was gonna crash a week ago

It crashed yesterday

>second valley and pond
is this jokes

500 bucks is not a crash

1500-2000 point dip in less than 48 hours I believe it was.

Muh 'data says'

Data doesn't SAY, INDICATE or SUGGEST anything. Data just sits there and you can interpret it how you like. Clif High is worse. Simpletons are impressed because they confuse data with information and imagine these guys are being objective. They aren't.

what a fucking faggot



this guy is a complete whackjob

Veeky Forums literally proved he stole his marius persona from some paid trump shill, who stole his persona from some aussie not even a week ago.
And you dumb niggers still follow this conman